The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 336 (Read free online)

“Jiangnan Television Station’s Clarification Video.”

‘ The picture of World Entertainment Group’s CEO’s Below ground Policies Musician was revealed.

‘ Lise, the women artist, exposed her intimate bed.’

‘ Jee Qingqing: Are they not terrified of power, or are they just pengci? ‘

‘ What’s wrong with the amusement circle? ‘

‘ Penguin Group sells Globe Enjoyment stock in large amounts.

” Jiangnan Tv Station: Huanyu Team is a good venture with social responsibility!”

‘ Huanyu Team will establish a Destitution Reduction Foundation, which will aid a thousand inadequate students up until they graduate from university.’

‘ Huanyu Team, Rice Movie and Tv, Kanda Film and also Television, the tactical participation between Penguin Group … ‘

Jee Qingqing was numbed.

What … what was taking place?

She quickly opened the top setting as well as found a clear message on Jiang-Nan TV’s main internet site. The video of Jee Qingqing being molested was untrue, many netizens were really hoping that nobody would certainly pay attention to them.

At the end of the message was a video clip that lasted for 10 minutes.

It was the video clip of Jee Qingqing bringing her aide to run into Chen Yang and also attacking back at Chen Yang.

She can not birth to see the start.

It’s over, it’s around currently.

She opened a few other headlines, which were all pictures of Zhen Jian and Lisa’s bed, as well as Lisa’s grievances concerning World Amusement.

She also pointed out Jee Qingqing, claiming that she played the function of a secret weapon, pushed out her coworkers, by force took sources as well as had an event with Zhen Jian.

No, that’s not real. Other than the employment relationship in between her and also Zhen Jian, there’s nothing else relationship in between her as well as Zhen Jian.

She promptly dialed the two entertainers as well as discovered that her phone was no longer attached.

Beep, beep, beep.

Her cellular phone vibrated constantly.

They were all messages sent by the netizens that had found out that they had been fooled.

” Jee Qingqing, you phony, you’re so bad.”

” She turned black as well as securely resisted a phony woman’s civil liberties like you.”

” You’re so horrible. I’m really callous consider you as my idol.”

One message after one more created her to collapse.

Her Weibo account had actually dropped 2 million in simply 10 mins from 20 million!

No, I have to find a way to repair it.

Jee Qingqing right away called her supervisor, senior sis Chun’s number.

At this moment, she was completely rattled.

” Hey, elder sister Chun, what should we do? What should we do now?”

” Exactly how would certainly I know where you would certainly die if you wished to. Don’t implicate me …”

With a click, older sister Chun hung up.

It’s over, it’s throughout currently …

Beyond, Su Miao successfully took over the enjoyment from Chen Yang, while Chen Yang additionally moved from the front of the stage to the rear of your house.

Today, entertainment has actually experienced the greatest dilemma of all time.

Nevertheless, in the blink of an eye, the crisis went away with the Jiang-Nan tv terminal’s description.

In the CEO’s office, Chen Yang kept scrubing Su Miao’s feet.

” You, why are you fighting with your life on the line?” This type of point, simply allow individuals listed below do it! ”

” I just took up my post, so naturally I need to do it myself.”

Today, Su Miao was exhausted. She took control of the amusement in the early morning, and also in the mid-day she reached a critical collaboration with Rice Movie and also Tv, Kanda Film as well as TV, and Penguin Team.

In the past, she didn’t even attempt to think of such points.

She was so excited that she began to feel unreal.

In the blink of an eye, she had actually come to be the head of state of a unicorn business, and also this structure was hers.

” Spouse, thanks.”

Su Miao couldn’t help but give him a kiss.

After a warm kiss, Chen Yang assisted her put on her footwear and also extended. He then claimed with a smile, “Lastly, I can properly eat my fill.”

He crossed his legs and also raided the couch with an inexpressible sense of ease.

This was a dilemma and a possibility for enjoyment.

Through the maliciousness of World Enjoyment, Huanyu Team’s structure was raised on the program. While letting even more people know concerning the enjoyment, it likewise developed the picture of a firm, as well as the influence of the business would substantially boost.

This was something that no quantity of money could acquire.

At the same time, some of the artists under Dream Intrigue likewise leapt bent on clear several of the hidden dangers.

As for both artists who leaked the information, they would absolutely comply with the firm’s agreement to discredit the firm, make a lie, and wait for the penalty of the legislation.

” … …”

Following the reversal of the situation, the whole home entertainment circle took off.

When the issue of the World Amusement Chief Executive Officer’s Underground Tunneling Technique artist was revealed, it caused an extremely bad influence.

Obtaining Lisa’s encouragement, several of the C-list woman artists, D-list female musicians as well as even a few of the netizens all came out to slam Zhen Jian. Obviously, they would additionally take the chance to reject Jee Qingqing.

Countless telephone calls pertained to Jee Qingqing’s phone, scaring her so much that she really did not risk to touch it.

” Bang bang bang!”

Currently, someone knocked on the rental property’s door. It was particularly loud.

Jee Qingqing looked at the door in shock. Could it be that the paparazzi had come knocking?

She took off her shoes as well as walked over to the peephole. There was a man using an actually peaked cap and a mask on his face.

She covered her mouth to avoid herself from shrieking out. Equally as she was about to call the authorities, the man talked: “Jee Qingqing, quickly open the door. It’s Zhen Jian.”

Hearing this acquainted voice, she was stunned for a moment, then quickly unlocked and asked: “Old …” Employer, why are you clothed such as this? ”

Zhen Jian grinned bitterly. He had actually become a street rat that everyone wished to beat. Without making believe, he wouldn’t have the ability to leave the company.

” Come, you come with me to a place now.”

After saying that, he connected as well as ordered Jee Qingqing’s hand, walking out without stating a word.

” Boss, let me go, where are you taking me?”

” Go apologize to a person.”

” Ask forgiveness to whom?”

” Do not ask so much.” Zhen Jian got annoyed as well as compelled her right into the vehicle.

” I will not sit in public. Let me down!”

This silly female, at such a time, she still assumed that she was a big shot?

His Rolls-Royce is also evident to clear out of the firm. This Jetta, as well as this is the automobile he got from a junior of the business. ”

Twenty minutes later on, Zhen Jian’s car dropped in front of a building.

” Director Zhen, why did you bring me to the Fantasy Structure?”

Zhen Jian got out of the car as well as claimed coldly, “Say sorry to the boss for his entertainment!”

” What?” Why should we say sorry to him? ”

” Pah!”.

Zhen Jian directly slapped her in the face and also said viciously: “If you do not desire to die, after that do not be long-winded. Do you understand that in a single day, all of the partners and also networks in Globe Enjoyment have transformed traitor?

” If you still want to stay in the amusement circle, after that seriously say sorry to me.”.


The enjoyable manager had such world power?

Jee Qingqing was totally stunned. If she recognized earlier that she should not have paid attention to Zhen Jian’s nonsense, she would have consumed lard to cover her heart and face the huge employer.

This moment, he had actually wrecked himself right into smithereens.

Without a word, the two came to the Huanyu Team, as well as wanted to enter, but were come by the security personnel at the entrance.

” I am Zhen Jian from World Enjoyment. I want to fulfill your CEO.”.

Our Chief Executive Officer is really active. The security guard at the door curled his lips and disregarded the 2 of them.

” What’s your perspective?” Do you know who I am? “I’m a prominent little flower in the nation, Jee Qingqing.”.


The safety guard scoffed and also said, “I recognize. How could I not know?

The guard patted his clothes with an appearance of contempt on his face.

” You …”.

Zhen Jian gazed at her as well as stated, “Rush up as well as say sorry to the safety and security man. He’s blocking us from entering.

” Big Brother Security, do not reduced on your own to her level. She simply does not have any kind of minds.”.

” It’s worthless even if you speak kindly. You’re not a good person either.” The guard took a look at Zhen Jian with ridicule and also stated, “Now the whole net is loaded with pictures of you and the female celeb, how can you still have the face to come out? “Pfft, you want to meet our CEO? No chance!”.

Zhen Jian didn’t anticipate that a security personnel would make things challenging for him, yet he didn’t attempt to claim anything.

” What are you talking about?”.

At this moment, a burly security guard walked over.

” Sibling Xiong, these two people intend to see the Chief Executive Officer.”.

Sibling Xiong looked at the two of them as well as said coldly: “You 2 bastards intend to see the CEO? “Rush as well as f * ck off, the Chief Executive Officer has currently said that if you people come as well as say sorry, after that defeat your escape.”.

They were in fact participants of the Sun God Security Team. Since Lu Xianhua’s event the other day, Chen Yang had actually altered the guard to his own.

How risk he mount the Holy Boy?

If it wasn’t because of Chen Yang’s pressure, they would have fought their method to Globe Home entertainment long ago.

” Brother, please, please allow us in. We did something wrong, so let us say sorry to President Chen before him. I’m begging you.”.

” You don’t understand what I’m claiming, do you?” Brother Xiong’s expression turned chilly. “Let me educate them a lesson.”.

” Yes sir!”.

Both security personnel rolled up their sleeves and walked over. With their middle Houtian world cultivation, dealing with 2 ordinary people was not a breeze.

” What are you doing?” It protests the regulation to beat somebody up! “.

The scrawny young people’s face turned pale with shock.

” Offense of the legislation? Rushing right into the business, so what happens if I hit you? “.

Equally as they will make their relocation, a voice called out to them, “Quit.”.

Sibling Xiong looked in the direction of the instructions of the voice and also rapidly bowed, “Hello there Chief Executive Officer, hey there Madam!”.

Chen Yang said that every person would certainly call him CEO when they remained in the firm.

” Hey there CEO, hello there Madam!”.

Both guard additionally quit and also bowed towards Chen Yang and also Su Miao.

When Zhen Jian heard this voice, he was tickled. He instantly strolled to Chen Yang and also stooped down with a ‘putong’: “Head of state Chen, I ultimately fulfill you.”.

” Ya, Manager Zhen, why did you right away greet me so courteously? I can not accept this kind of thing. Swiftly rise.”.

Chen Yang drew Su Miao and also took a step sideways.

” Head of state Chen, I was wrong. Please be magnanimous!” Claiming that, Zhen Jian submitted 3 times towards Chen Yang.

Jee Qingqing, who was standing at the side, was numbed.

She had believed that Zhen Jian was only drawing her to apologize. That would certainly have thought that he would in fact stoop on the ground and kowtow to Chen Yang?

” F * ck you, what are you still standing there for? Rush and stoop down and submit to Head of state Chen and also confess your misdoings!”.

After submitting and seeing that Jee Qingqing was still standing there in a daze, Zhen Jian was furious. He pulled her over and also pushed her to the ground.

A shudder.

Jee Qingqing involved her detects. Zhen Jian was among the top figures in the home entertainment circle, yet such a person really stooped on the ground as well as submitted to Chen Yang.

What did this mean?

This suggested that this safe looking boy before him was not a person he might anger.

Could he be the heir to a top household? Or was he the third generation? Or the second generation?

Thinking about this, she could not aid yet shiver in concern.

How strong was she to dare to anger such a person?

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