The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 338 (Read free online)

Bao Xinying moaned as well as concealed in Chen Yang’s welcome shyly, not bold to check out him.

In the area, the environment was a little bit uncomfortable.

” Thank you.” “Thank you …”

Bao Xinying worked up her nerve and claimed to Chen Yang, “Don’t fret, I won’t hold you liable.”

Checking out the red mark on the bed sheet, he understood that she was a good woman. He sighed and claimed, “Things have actually pertained to this factor, and also I will not shirk my responsibilities.

You recognize, I’m already wed. I can not give you the title of love, the only point I can do is to shield you for the rest of your life. ”

He felt that he could not simply see Bao Xinying being together with other men. This was possibly a guy’s all-natural weakness.

” Actually?”.

Bao Xinying was thrilled. She looked at him with enamored eyes as well as stated, “I do not need a title. I just want you to treat me well.”.

” Allow’s go, we can’t remain below any longer.” After claiming that, Chen Yang brought Bao Xinying to the bedroom to take a shower and also place on her garments. He asked, “Exactly how is it? Can you stroll?”.

” Yes …” “I can stroll.” she responded, blushing.

” Right, what should we do around Jia Sound Chuan?”.

Chen Yang chuckled and said, “Don’t fret, I will get someone to deal with it.”.

Keeping that, Chen Yang dialed Kui Zi’s number, offered him his address, then left with Bao Xinying.

Chen Yang, Jia Ping Chuan couldn’t be dead, right? Shall we call an ambulance? “.

” Don’t stress, I will not pass away. I simply have a few damaged ribs.”.

Chen Yang was really certain in his control of his own toughness: “Do not stress, he will not appear again in the future.”.

” Mm …”.

Chen Yang’s words had a persuading force behind them. That sort of irrefutable aura was not something that a regular person can have.

” Where are we going currently?”.

” We’ll understand when we arrive!”.

Fifteen mins later on, Chen Yang drove to the Heavenly Desire Yard. Aside from the suite for his parents, he likewise had a couple of other vacation homes.

Bao Xinying didn’t even attempt to think about living in such an excellent suite.

Even the most affordable suite in the Heavenly Desire Garden had over ten million.

She had simply considered the number by the door: 88!

With such a fortunate number, this villa was at the very least 20 to 30 million RMB.

” You can live below from now on. In 2 days, I’ll obtain a person to move your house to your name.” Chen Yang would never be stingy towards his woman.

” This … “This is also valuable, I still do not want it.” Bao Xinying shook her head and stated, “This residence is so large, I can’t feel risk-free by myself. I’m still utilized to living in my own house.”.

This was too valuable. She did not risk to approve it, neither can she approve it.

She hesitated that if she accepted it, Chen Yang would certainly feel like she was worshipping him for cash, and thus, she decided to copulate him because she had her eyes on his money.

” Why not?” Chen Yang considered her in surprise.

” There’s no factor. I just feel that it’s as well precious, which I have not paid any kind of rate, yet I have actually received such a present. This isn’t also excellent.” Bao Xinying stated, “Although the residence is little as well as not elegant, however I’m utilized to living there. I still like to live there.”.

” I’ll go back after a couple of days when your house over there prepares.”.

Seeing her persistence, Chen Yang didn’t claim anything. He nodded and claimed: “Rest well first, I’ll go back initially.”.

” Alright, drive gradually.”.

She really desired Chen Yang to remain with her, she understood that Chen Yang accepted her as his responsibility to tie him up.

She had actually satisfied Su Miao prior to. She was a woman whose charm might relocate even her heart.

This was currently the best result. What more could she anticipate?

” En!”.

Chen Yang nodded. Just after taking two actions, he really felt that something had not been right. He reversed and also stated, “I haven’t tasted your cooking for numerous days. Can you cook for me tomorrow at noon?”.

” Of course.”.

The two of them grinned at each other.

Heading residence, Chen Yang obtained a telephone call from Lee Lin, saying that she wanted to offer him a ceremony to become her disciple.

Chen Yang rejected without assuming.

It was too over the top, Chen Yang really did not like such a high profile.

” I appreciate your and Xiaohu’s generosity. You two must focus on upgrading your alchemy abilities first.”.

After hanging up, Chen Yang drove back house.

Before going into the bedroom, he smelled his garments to ensure there was no fragrance before entering.

Beyond, within the Chateau of Su Family.

Old Madam Su gathered all the devotees of Su Household together.

” Granny, why did you call us here so late in the evening?” Su Hai asked.

Yeah, it’s so late and also they’re still holding the family members conference, yet they’re not in the mood at all.

Grandmother, allow’s begin once again tomorrow. I’m too drowsy.

Everyone in Su Family members was lethargic, yawning continually, exactly how can they have the spirit to pay attention to her speak.

” Hmph, what time is it? You are still sleeping!” Old Madam Su stated resentfully, “I need to have called you here because I have something important to say.”.

” Grandma, do not be angry.” Su Hai forced himself to maintain his spirits up as well as claimed, “We haven’t awakened yet, so we remain in bad spirits. Do not be angry.”.

Listening to Su Hai’s words, the old lady relaxed a lot and said, “I just got the information, the president is transforming for fun again.”.

” What?!”.

Great change of CEO?

The brand-new CEO had only remained in office for less than half a year.

After the people from Su Family members heard this, they all returned to their detects, had not been this a joke?

Constant changes in senior leadership are damaging to the firm’s influence. Even if you’re having fun with cash, you should not be so willful.

” Tomorrow night, Huanyu Team will certainly hold a welcoming celebration at the Realm’s Grand Resort. During that time, every one of the popular figures from all walks of life in Xichuan will certainly go to. This is a great chance, we can not miss it.”.

” And I got the information that the brand-new head of state of the Fantasy is a stunning lady, and women are absolutely much easier to take care of than men. “Formerly, we had a short cooperation with Dream, and now, we can utilize this opportunity to deepen our teamwork between the two families.”.

” I’m afraid you don’t know yet, yet Huanhuan has currently purchased the World Entertainment Group.”.


With this, everyone was stunned.

Globe Enjoyment was a presence rated in the leading three of the domestic enjoyment companies, yet it was in fact acquired by amusement business.

This information was simply also shocking.

” Doesn’t that imply that Huanyu Group is more powerful than Globe Amusement?”.

” Nonsense, even if World Entertainment supply goes down, buying a few hundred or twenty billion is still feasible.”.

” Oh my god, isn’t this home entertainment means too rich!”.

Every person might not help yet wheeze.

When the resources of World Entertainment were integrated right into entertainment, the leader of the residential show business would certainly become enjoyment.

If their Su Family members could work together with the Fantasy once more, after that … Aren’t they mosting likely to send it?

Su Hai offered, “Granny, I’ve engaged with dream prior to, let me participate.”.

” Grandmother, I intend to go as well.”.

” Let me go, I’m good-looking. If the brand-new CEO takes an expensive to me, our Su Family will be released.”.

Old Madam Su tapped the ground with her crutch as well as said, “Quit saying. There are three spots per household this moment and their names are limited. Let me make a decision.”.

” Hai, Su Yu, the two of you go.”.

” Grandmother, there’s still one more spot. Let me go.” Su Ming stood up and stated.

” Grandmother, I want to go.”.

Currently, Su Ling’ emergency room walked up to the old woman and stated coquettishly, “Please, can you please let me follow you to expand my horizons?”.

The old girl looked at Su Ling’ er benevolently. She couldn’t define just how she doted on this granddaughter of hers who had actually been living overseas for more than 10 years.

” Thank you, Grandma!”.

Su Ling’ er happily gave the old woman a kiss on the cheek before going back to her mom’s side.

” Ling’ er, don’t associate Brother Hai tomorrow.” Cui Yanjing claimed with a smile.

” I recognize, Mother.”.

Su Changhee was also extremely delighted. He thought that the old lady would certainly deny her, however the reality was totally different from what he had actually expected.

In the whole Su Family, besides Su Hai, Su Ling’ emergency room was the one the old lady doted on the most.

Seeing the mommy as well as daughter pair being approved by everyone in the Su Family, he breathed freely in his heart.


I question how Flavor Jing and also Miao are doing.

” … …”.

At the same time, outside the Chen Household Commissioner.

Two men in black robes stood outside the door.

The Chen Family guard looked at the two of them and also asked, “What are both of you doing? Slipping about in the middle of the night, trying to swipe something? “.

Just then, the man removed his hat and also the guard was so scared that he let out an “Ah!”, “You …” “You’re the Third Youthful Master?”.

” Uncle Fu, promptly unlock, I’m back.”.

” Aren’t you dead?”.

” That informed you I was dead?” Chen Bouquet grinned and stretched out his hand: “Feel it, it’s warm.”.

Uncle Fu waited for a moment before he connected to touch it. It was cozy.

” It’s truly the 3rd young master!”.

Uncle Fu right away opened up the tiny door, permitting Chen Bouquet as well as his kid to go into. He excitedly screamed towards the Chen Family Great House: “Everyone awaken! Third Young Master is back! Third Youthful Master is back …”.

Complying with which, the lights in the rooms illuminated, and numerous heads peeked out of the home windows to have a look.

Someone asked, “Uncle Fu, did you see a ghost during the night? 3rd Sibling is already dead. Don’t talk nonsense.”.

” It’s true, the 3rd young master truly did return …”.

Currently, Chen Bouquet strolled up from behind them, checked out the familiar faces as well as said, “Sibling and siblings, I, Chen Bouquet, came back active.”.

Hearing that familiar voice, every person in the Chen Family members was alarmed for a moment, then quickly shouted out: “It’s really Third Bro’s voice, it’s really …”.

” Lei really did not die, Lei really did not die …” Go and also educate the principal! “.

10 mins later, Chen Tianzong brought all the adherents from the Chen Family members to the Chen Family Hall.

Looking at the skinny Chen Bouquet, Chen Tianzong destroyed, “Child, you’re lastly back. We thought you had …”.

” Papa, thankfully we did not fail our objective. I have actually effectively gotten in touch with the Mystic Dragon Cult, and will send out carriers over to our Chen Family members soon.”.


truly handled to get in touch with the Mystic Dragon Cult?

When the people of Chen Family heard this information, their faces revealed delight.

” Bouquet, are you severe?”.

” Truly.” While talking, Chen Lei indicated the black robed male close to him and said: “Daddy, this is heaven Dragon’s Mystic Dragon Cult, envoy, Yuan Zhen, monk!”.

” Mr. Chen, long time no see.”.

Currently, Yuan Zhen removed his hat as well as disclosed his real face.

Looking at the familiar lengthy brows, Chen Tianzong exclaimed, “Master Yuan Zhen.”.

” Hey, Mr. Chen’s words are incorrect. Yuan Zhen chuckled and stated, “Mr. Chen has actually passed away.

” In order to offset my pity, this time around, I brought 3 Obstacle Breaking Tablet for Chen Family.”.


Three … Three Obstacle Breaking Tablet?

Every Person in Chen Family was stunned, after all, Ding Ding’s Public auction had sold out one Obstacle Damaging Tablet for five billion five hundred, would not 3 of them be five billion?

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