The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 343 (Read free online)

“I do not want you to feel, I want me to really feel.”

Although Xu Xiaorou was generally extremely gentle, she was mild on the outside however hard on the inside.

Whatever she chose to do was worthless to anyone.

” I …”

Chen Yang was rendered speechless by her.

” You dare to claim that you do not like me?”

” I …”

Chen Yang grinned bitterly and said, “It’s not that I don’t like you a great deal of the time. Yes, I admit that I simulate you, but …”

Prior to he finished, Xu Xiaorou leaned in and also claimed, “Your marital relationship to Su Miao currently exists in name. Why do not you separation her earlier? We can stay together.”

” Who told you that?” Chen Yang stated, “We have actually resolved the misunderstanding from before and we have actually already determined to have children.”

In order to make Xu Xiaorou surrender, he had no choice but to use his complete toughness.

” I can likewise offer you kids.” Xu Xiaorou said with a serious expression.

” I still have a lot of lovers!”

” That means I have good eyes. Nobody suches as males that aren’t impressive.”

F * ck, how am I intended to address that?

” Chen Yang, I have actually never ever done such an insane point in my life. If you risk to decline me, I’ll locate someone to wed and make you regret it for the rest of your life!”


Hearing this, Chen Yang took a deep breath.

Seeing her significant expression, it was most likely true.

If he truly refused, she would certainly find a person to marry.

F * ck you, he was really intimidated by a girl.

Thinking of this, he metaled his heart. Regardless, he currently had sufficient financial debts, so he wasn’t worried of her.

He suddenly placed his hand on her shoulder as well as met her eyes.

Xu Xiaorou’s heart was beating quickly. She seemed to have sensed something, as well as her hands were tightly squeezed. She was indescribably nervous.

” Then do not regret it. You will not have the ability to get off my ship as soon as you get on my ship.”

As he talked, he progressed and covered his red lips.


Because split second, Xu Xiaorou’s body froze, as well as she really did not attempt to move an inch.

Her brain crashed as well as went space.

Yet quickly, her body softened as well as her hands unconsciously hooked onto Chen Yang’s neck.

After an unknown period of time, she seemed like she was suffocating.

Chen Yang ultimately let go of her.

Hu hu hu!

Xu Xiaorou took in deeply, her face was so red that it appeared as if blood would drip out at any moment.

This was the first time she had actually kissed, as well as the sensation was truly weird.

” Allow’s go, I’ll take you residence.” Chen Yang began the automobile as well as drove the auto out of the below ground parking lot.

Seated in the front seat, Xu Xiaorou looked at Chen Yang in a daze. Currently, she was filled with happiness.

Half a hr later on, Chen Yang’s cars and truck stopped in front of Xu Family Manor.

” Would certainly you such as to come in? My papa isn’t home today.” Xu Xiaorou stated shyly.

Chen Yang trembled his head: “No, I still have to pick her up later.”

” Alright after that.” Xu Xiaorou claimed in dissatisfaction.

” Then will you be mosting likely to the fighting styles competition tomorrow?”

Chen Yang stated, “I have something to do tomorrow, yet I will certainly be there the day after tomorrow. Additionally, I have a competition that day. Keep in mind ahead and also see me.”

” The day after tomorrow?”

Xu Xiaorou nodded. “Then drive slower.”

After claiming that, Chen Yang smiled as well as left in his car.

It was only when Chen Yang’s automobile went away around the bend that Xu Xiaorou reluctantly withdrawed her gaze.

He had lastly accepted himself, however how would certainly he have the ability to pass his papa’s trial?

Xu Xiaorou was stressed.

At the same time, on the third floor of the restaurant …

As the reception remained in full speed, Mi Xue’s aide went to her ear and whispered a few words.

” What?” “The head of state of Scorching Sun Technology is here?”

Mi Xue was surprised and asked, “We sent out an invite to Fiery Solar Modern Technology?”

The aide shook her head as well as said, “No.”.

” Rush, rush. Supervisor Ding, please come in.”.

After offering a description, Mi Xue fast claimed to Su Miao, “President Su, Supervisor Ding of Scorching Sun Technology is right here.”.

” You imply Ding Jie?”.


Mi Xue nodded.

” Where is he?” Su Miao asked.

Then, a guy in a blue fit walked over quickly. As soon as they met, he passionately extended his hand as well as said, “Sister-in-law, we meet again.”.

” Hello, Supervisor Ding!”.

” Sister-in-law is going to kill me. You can just call me Little Jie.” Ding Jie said respectfully.

Right now, the person close to Ding Jie acknowledged him as well as said loudly, “Paradises! Ding Jie, the president of Scorching Sun Technology is likewise right here. “.


In the next second, everybody’s eyes got on Ding Jie.

He actually was the head of state of Scorching Sun Innovation!

Heavens, this was an actual employer!

The company is valued at more than 100 billion prior to it went public, and numerous investors are anticipating it.

Some equity capital companies also anticipate that the market capitalisation of Sunscorch will surpass trillions of bucks after it goes public.

” Hello everyone, I am Flaming Flames Innovation’s Ding Jie. Thanks for pertaining to my sister-in-law’s party. I hope you can enjoy a great deal of benefits from this banquet.”.


What did he simply claim?

He claimed this was his sister-in-law’s reception?

Everybody was surprised. How did Su Miao end up being the sister-in-law of the one in charge of Scorching Sunlight Technology?

Su Miao smiled but didn’t claim anything.

It was since Chen Yang had said that Fiery Solar Technology was also her family members’s business.

Ding Jie had actually called her his sister-in-law, so she could bear with it.

” Mi Xue, quickly put Little Jie a mug of white wine.”.

” Oh, oh.” Mi Xue broke out of her shock and hurriedly put Ding Jie a glass of sparkling wine.

” Supervisor Ding, here’s your red wine.”.

” Thank you.” Ding Jie said with a smile.

” Wow, so good-looking, so polite.” Mi Xue seemed like she will fall in love.

The girls that had involved participate in the reception were also staring at him without blinking. This was real Prince Charming in their hearts.

” Sister Xue, a person’s returning.”.

Right now, the aide ran over to Mi Xue as well as murmured.

” That is it?”.

” Muse Hotel’s Chief Executive Officer, Zhao Heeqiu!”.

Equally As Mi Xue remained in a daze, a middle-aged male wearing a Chinese tunic suit walked over.

” Madam, please forgive Zhao Heeqiu for being late.”.

That was this?

Everybody checked out Zhao Heeqiu. When they saw Suen Qiang behind Zhao Heeqiu, someone screamed, “My god, isn’t that Muse’s Suen Qiang? Any person that can make him obediently adhere to behind have to be his godfather, Zhao Heeqiu! “.


The minute he stated this, everybody was stunned.

Zhao Heeqiu?

The King of Night!

This was the King of Night, Muse Bar was among the leading 10 bars in the entire nation, as well as Zhao Heeqiu’s wealth was not less than ten billion.

Zhao Heeqiu was the only one that could make it to the night stadium with 10 billion yuan.

Various from Fiery Solar Technology, most of those doing nighttime remained in cash money.

A person as soon as saw Zhao Heeqiu accompanying 1 billion money to the financial institution to deposit it. Also the police wagon was sent off, which showed how abundant he was.

” Zhao …” Manager Zhao, do we know each other?” Su Miao was additionally stunned.

Zhao Heeqiu chuckled and stated, “Madam, before you and also Young Master Chen’s marital relationship, I really did not go. This moment, I listened to that you took control of the setting of a fool, so I specially prepared a charitable present for you.”.

Stating that, Suen Qiang walked up behind him with a book in his hands. “Madam, this is the possession of a Muse’s Bar in the Eastern Area of Xichuan City. godfather has actually already transferred the ownership of this location to you.”.


Ownership of the Muse Bar in the East Area?

Su Miao was stunned. It was stated that bench had actually set you back eighty million to remodel, which was too expensive.

” Supervisor Zhao, this gift is also valuable. I can not accept it …”.

” Madam, you can call me Little Zhao or Zhao Heeqiu. This is a gift from me. It isn’t a lot, I hope you can approve it.”.


When the crowd saw this, they all trapped a breath of chilly air.

Just How could Su Miao be associated with Zhao Heeqiu?

He provided her a bar that deserved greater than 100 million yuan.

This was also overstated.

In addition, they could inform that Zhao Heeqiu was pleading Su Miao to approve him.

” No, it’s also pricey …”.

Seeing that Su Miao was determined on not taking it, Zhao Heeqiu likewise came to be nervous: “Madam, if it wasn’t for Youthful Master Chen, Zhao Heeqiu of today would not have actually been below. Compared to Youthful Master Chen’s assistance to me, my gift is absolutely nothing.”.

” CEO, take it.” Mi Xue pulled Su Miao as well as said.

Su Miao assumed for a moment, then nodded as well as said, “After that I’ll be ill-mannered.”.

Currently, a smile showed up on Zhao Heeqiu’s face once more.

After the gift, Zhao Heeqiu stated to Su Miao, “Madam, if somebody asks you what I provided you in a while, please keep it a key for the time being.”.


There was somebody else coming?

Su Miao was practically to say something when Zhao Heeqiu took a look at the door and also giggled, “Look, tell me the fuck, it’s here!”.

” Madam, please forgive me for being late!”.

Everyone looked towards the resource of the voice and also they were all shocked.

The person who came was none besides the president of the State Property Company, Liu Guobahn.

” Hello, Manager Liu!” Su Miao rushed over to invite him.

This person was the head of Xichuan City, with a total assets of around twenty billion. This twenty billion was his total assets after doing away with the immovable property.

” Oh, ma’am, you’ve destroyed me.” Liu Guobahn swiftly bowed in the direction of Su Miao.

Su Miao went to a loss regarding what to do because of his activities.

Seeing this scene, every person was so surprised that they really did not recognize what to state.

This … Isn’t Su Miao as well well-connected?

Looking at Liu Guobahn’s respectful perspective, those that really did not recognize what was going on would certainly think that Liu Guobahn was a staff member functioning under Su Miao.

” CEO Liu, what are you …”.

” Madam, please call me Old Liu, or call me by my name. I don’t dare to be addressed as Supervisor Liu.”.

” Old … Old Liu, do you understand my other half? “.

Liu Guobahn responded and also claimed, “Certainly I know. If my parents offered me life, after that Young Master Chen is my reborn moms and dads. Without Youthful Master Chen, Liu Guobahn wouldn’t be here today.”.

” Old Liu, okay. Your flattering skills are getting better as well as better.”.

Liu Guobahn was stunned. He reversed as well as saw Zhao Heeqiu. He chuckled and also stated, “Old Zhao, you are so rowdy. You actually obtained below prior to me. You’re not also near being a bro!”.

Zhao Heeqiu stated, “Cut the crap. It’s Madam’s brand-new meeting today. What gift are you intending to offer Madam?”.

Liu Guobahn checked out Zhao Heeqiu and also asked oddly, “Then let me ask you first, what did you provide to Madam?”.

” About this, I can not state!” Zhao Heeqiu chuckled and also said, “Do not maintain me thinking, just tell me what you want to give to Madam.”.

Liu Guobahn twitched his mouth as well as walked in front of Su Miao, stating, “Madam, I don’t know which gift to provide to you is much better. I lately developed a new one called the Heavenly Imperial City.


It was a building, as well as it was still a Lou Wang!

When they heard this, they seemed like having a cardiovascular disease.

He had actually seen individuals give away residences, however he had actually never seen them hand out homes like this.

Check Out Liu Guobahn, send him the gift by constructing!

Su Miao felt lightheaded when she heard this.

” Madam, the quality of the houses Old Liu makes is likewise extremely risk-free. Nonetheless, this Heavenly Regulation Royal Residence is not a premium house. According to the 20 floors, 2 homes for each flooring, the existing cost has to do with 80 million yuan.”.

Zhao Heeqiu jerked his mouth as well as stated, “Old Liu, I’m not talking about you, can you feel a little brand-new? If you offer your property to your partner, how much can you spend in addition to the price of selling the land? You have no genuineness! “.

Hearing Zhao Heeqiu’s words, Liu Guobahn laughed and punched him on the breast: “You speak too much!”.

Both of them looked like they were playing.

Every person might not aid however ingest their saliva.

Paradises, Zhao Heeqiu had such an excellent connection with Liu Guobahn!

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