The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 458 (Read free online)

Chen Yang started to cultivate without any distractions. The three Demons also started to cultivate obediently after eating their fill.

The battle that happened today was simply too shocking for the three of them. They didn’t even have the qualifications to watch a battle of that level.

If not for Woo Mudao’s magical equipment enveloping them, they would have been injured a long time ago.

Furthermore, they also felt Chen Yang’s protective fist intent. Chen Yang was already that strong, and he was still working so hard, so what right did they, as beast pets, have to not work hard?

At the same time, the news of Taoist Qian Yu, one of the offerings of the City Lord’s Mansion, being killed by the new reverend had also spread.

Moreover, the news became more and more intense. Later on, there were even rumors that City Lord Wu had won over a super strong expert of the late stage of Implication God.

If they could not reach the Deity Stage, then who would dare to offend Implication God who was the strongest on this ocean?

Woo Mudao actually spread this news intentionally. He wanted to warn those people that didn’t have good intentions to hit him, so he had to consider whether or not he was qualified.

This matter became more and more heated under the influence of the people who wanted it, and caused a heated discussion throughout the city.

No matter where the experts were, they were the focus of everyone’s discussion.

“Lieutenant, what should we do?”

A medium-sized man said.

“I have to find out whether the news is real or fake. If it’s real …” So we can only temporarily stop our actions. ”

The man didn’t need hair on his face, his voice was sharp and shrill … It was a eunuch!

“Master, I will go over there and tell him. You don’t have to worry.”

The Great Zhou Empire, with a population of trillions, was one of the largest empires in the entire Beihu Prefecture. Its land area covered an area of millions of kilometers, and Seaside Holy City had always been a city under the jurisdiction of the Great Zhou Empire.

However, fifty years ago, after Woo Mudao got on stage, he suddenly announced to the outside world that Seaside Holy City had broken away from the control of the Great Zhou Empire, and was not worthy of paying tribute to.

This was the first bridgehead of the Boundless Return. Its daily wealth was more than trillions. Just this city alone was equivalent to hundreds of cities.

Not to mention the disciple recruitment event that was held here every year, where the cultivators from all over the Southern Sea and North Sea were gathered.

What a huge power this was.

Would the Great Zhou Empire have the ability to capture the Seaside Holy City?

Of course there were, but the consequences of capturing Seaside Holy City was not something they could bear.

Or it could be said that the Great Zhou Empire could not afford it, so they could only plan to kill the bandit leader, which was Woo Mudao.

They had originally planned to fight in the next two days. Even if the other party had won over two Early Period of Implication God, they were confident that they could kill Woo Mudao.

But the difference between them was too huge at the late stage of Implication God.

The further one cultivated, the harder it was for one to advance every small realm.

However, once he increases his strength, his strength will increase significantly.

Eunuch Wu Hua was extremely vexed. You are only at the late stage of Implication God, why are you gathering here when you are not observing the movements of the heaven and earth in the air or comprehending the mortal world?

Other than the Great Zhou Empire, there was also the leader of the Yellow Sand Bandit, Wu Sha Dao, who was also coveting the position of City Lord!

In fact, Wu Sha Dao’s real name was Wu and he was Woo Mudao’s brother in robes. His Yellow Sand Bandit transformation was also something Woo Mudao had instructed him to do.

This was also the reason why Yellow Sand Bandit were so rampant but not destroyed.

He spent fifty years before finally being able to raise his Implication God.

He did not want to show off his skills anymore, and everyone would shout about his Yellow Sand Bandit, because Woo Mudao had promised him that the moment he advanced into Implication God would be the day he would regain his true body.

A few months ago, he went to find Woo Mudao and brought up this matter. Woo Mudao was very perfunctory with his request.

It was impossible for him to give up his position. He had originally agreed that the two brothers would take turns to take the seat of the city lord, but now, his brother had gone back on his word.

Did he know what sort of life he had lived in the past fifty years?

He didn’t know, so … He wanted to regain his rightful place.

He had received the news that Woo Mudao had roped in the late stage Implication God, which made him even more jealous. It should have been his.

This vile person was a hypocrite.

The better Woo Mudao was, the more painful it would be for him. He vented all of his discontent and anger on the woman.

“Bring in a few more women for me!”

With that, he turned the dead woman into dust.

“… …”

A few days passed by in a flash. With the help of the divine rank Primordial Stone, Chen Yang successfully opened the number of acupuncture points to 3600.

Inside his mind, the small, fiery sword had also turned from three inches to nine inches.

Even today, Chen Yang still did not know what this small sword was.

An alternative pill?

Chen Yang did not dare to test its power. What if it was damaged?

The yard was very quiet. He scanned the yard with his Divine Sense and found that all three of them were focused on their cultivation.

Chen Yang was very satisfied. These three guys finally became sensible.

“The disciple recruitment event is starting, let’s go out for a walk!”

As the voice faded, the three doors opened almost at the same time.

“Master, you’ve finally come out. I’ve been very diligent in my cultivation these past few days.”

Tieh Tou held his head high with a face full of pride, as if to say, “Hurry up and praise me, praise me!”

Chen Yang glanced at him and ignored him. He looked at Liang Wan and asked, “How did you adapt to the sixth stage?”

“Master, I’ve gotten used to it.”

Alright, I’ll open up the seventh slot for you now.

Chen Yang raised the threshold.

The spiritual energy within a radius of 70 meters was continuously absorbed into Liang Wan’s internal organs, as well as into his bone marrow and flesh.

The feeling of cultivating on his own was simply too great. He didn’t have to do anything, and even if he fell asleep, he was constantly absorbing spiritual energy.

Therefore, Liang Wan’s cultivation level had risen very quickly. At this moment, he had already reached the late stage of Wu Steel. At most, six or seven days later, Beast King’s completion was not a dream.

Guan Tu was also envious. He had trained for dozens of years and had worked so hard to cultivate to his current state.

This brat, one month ago, he was still a Vicious Beast. One month later, he will step into the Great Circle of Beast King.

He wanted to pry something out of Liang Wan’s mouth, but the little guy kept his mouth shut.

Actually, even without Liang Wan’s words, Guan Tu could more or less guess that Chen Yang definitely gave twenty thousand yuan to open the small range.

Walking with Liang Wan, Ye Zichen could feel an endless flow of spiritual qi drilling into his body.

He expressed that he was very tired and wanted Chen Yang’s special care.

The moment Chen Yang came out of seclusion, Woo Mudao received the news immediately.

“Fellow Taoist Diao, I wish you victory at the start. I’ll wait for your good news!”

Woo Mudao did not accompany Chen Yang because he had a more important matter to attend to, which was guarding the city wall.

If there were any mistakes in the disciple recruitment event, he would definitely feel cold. Of course, those people who were causing trouble would also have a bad ending.

They were afraid that they would die together with Chu Feng, so for safety’s sake, Woo Mudao personally guarded the city wall.

As long as these few days passed, he would be safe.

“Thank you for your blessings.”

Chen Yang cupped his hands and left with the three demons.

At this time, the entire Seaside Holy City was already boiling.

On the south side of the coast, there were already thousands of training halls erected.

Of course, the three Sacred Sects had the most cards up their sleeves.

Penglai Immortal Sect, Infinite Sword Sect, Moko Cult.

Chen Yang even suspected that they brought the sect over.

The three great sects occupied nearly a third of the sea’s surface.

One third of the top ten sects were in the top ten, and the rest were second or third rate sects.

As for those who were unpopular, they didn’t even have a training hall. A group of people were on the shore, and when they saw someone, they said, “Fellow Taoist, we are fated to have you. You should join our Gods Sect.”

Deceiving others and coercing them into doing so was of no use. Furthermore, the effect was quite good.

As long as he signed his name on the entrance book, even if he regretted it, it would be too late. Changing the residence would be taboo everywhere.

This was also the unspoken rule of each and every sect in the Boundless Sea.

Of course, the three Saint sects and the top ten sects were not part of the rules.

They were the people who made the decisions according to the rules. When they met someone with exceptional talent, they would immediately snatch him away without saying a word. How could they … You don’t want to? I’ll have to do it.

Fight? How do I fight?

Should he go fight with his life?

Large sects had deep backgrounds, high cultivation bases, and countless treasures. How could small sects compare to small sects?

It was already quite good that they could drink some soup and water. Occasionally, they would pick up a few fish that had slipped through the net. It was all because the sect had burned incense.

Talent meant the future of the sect, and it was related to the teachings and teachings of the sect.

As long as it was related to the dao, it was a matter of the utmost importance.

So, the disciple recruitment event was not only a battle between disciples, it was also a battle between schools.

On the shore, the small sect was swarming with people. They were constantly painting big cakes at those people, just like the salespeople on Earth.

Chen Yang found it funny.

These were all small sects and small sects, Chen Yang was not interested at all.

He could even set up a sect whenever he wanted to.

Only those who had the ability to set up a training hall on the sea would have the ability to do so.

It was exceptionally stable to step on the floating planks. This formation was truly miraculous.

This was the first time the three demons had seen such a spectacular scene, and they also looked around curiously.

“Young man, I see that your bones are quite strange. A beam of spiritual light is surging out from the top of your head. You’re a cultivation genius, why don’t you join my Beggar God?”

An old Daoist in ragged clothes held Chen Yang’s hand.

God Summoner?

Chen Yang had a strange expression on his face as he looked at their disciples. Each of them was dressed in rags, “You beggars, don’t tell me that you are all beggars?”

“Young man, you are really smart. We, God Begger, have been living for five thousand years, and there is nothing in this world that we, God Begger, could not ask for.”

“Regardless of whether it is a rare treasure or a cultivation technique beauty, they are all easy to obtain.”

F * ck, if a cultivator doesn’t want to be a beggar, then no matter how powerful he is, isn’t he still a beggar?

“Don’t tell me all of your cultivation resources are come from you begging?”

With that, the slovenly Daoist stared with wide eyes. “You …” How do you know? “

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