The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 493 (Read free online)

The three top sects didn’t have any points at the Lo Jia mountain. When Chen Yang came to the Pure Yang Sect Residence, he was guarded by a drowsy old man. When he saw Chen Yang, he immediately became spirited. “Who’s there?”

“I am the head disciple of Infinite Sword Sect, Diao …”

Halfway through his words, the old man’s eyes suddenly lit up, and looked at Chen Yang from head to toe, “You are the disciple of Infinite Sword Sect? Do you have any proof? ”

Chen Yang thought for a while and took out a token. The old man took it and looked at it, then hurriedly bowed, “As expected of a disciple of Glory Sect, please enter.”

Pure Yang Sect and the origin of Infinite Sword Sect were profound, to put it bluntly, the lice on the bald man’s head were obvious.

“My name is Wu Junzi. May I ask for Fellow Taoist’s number!”

“I am Diao Dian Tian. Fellow Taoist can just call me Taoist Diao!”

Diao… Explosion?

Jian Zhenzi gave an embarrassed smile, “Fellow Taoist’s dao name is really unique.”

Chen Yang smiled and did not say anything more. Under Jian Yangzi’s lead, Chen Yang met the administrator of the station, True Lord Lie Jian of Early Period of Implication God!

As the head disciple of the Heavenly Sword Pavilion of the Upper Sect, Chen Yang was Spiritual Origin True Monarch’s disciple.

With a nod, True Sovereign Fierce Sword said, “Little friend, what are you here for?”

Chen Yang didn’t hide anything and directly stated his purpose of coming. He wanted to enter the forbidden area to train.

He could sense that the Heaven Returning Spiritual Fire should be in the forbidden grounds.

True Lord Fierce Sword frowned, Infinite Sword Sect coming here to gain experience?

After eating your fill?

He could feel that the cultivation level Chen Yang revealed was only at the peak of the Core Formation stage.

True Lord Fierce Sword did not think that Chen Yang had truly reached the Core Formation stage, so he said: “Little friend, you do not know, this forbidden area requires the entry of Primordial Spirit s and below. If you hide your cultivation, you will be killed.”

It would be better to be clear about this matter. If the disciples of Glory Sect died here, then things would become troublesome.

Who knew if he came alone or if he was the one leading the sect’s team to gain experience.

Chen Yang smiled, “Thank you for your reminder, True Lord. I will save it.”

“My cultivation is only at the peak of the Core Formation Stage, just a step away from the Primordial Spirit. I should be fine.”

It really was a Core Formation?

True Lord Fierce Sword stroked his beard. Ah, that’s not right, was Heavenly Sword Pavilion’s chief disciple at the peak of the Core Formation stage?

This did not make sense, but the order badge was indeed part of the Heavenly Sword Pavilion.

Could it be that this Tough Heaven is the head disciple of the latest generation in Heavenly Sword Pavilion?

It was also possible that they heard that the Infinite Sword Sect had been conducting some sort of sport of geniuses. They gathered all of the young, talented, and talented Sword Cultivator together, allowing them to compete with each other.

The Glory Sect was indeed the Glory Sect. How could it be like them? There was a hidden genius who was afraid of hurting himself.

After thinking it through, True Lord Lie Sword handed the command medallion back to Chen Yang, “Fine, since that’s the case, then I still need to ask little friend to rest here for three days. The forbidden area will only open three days later.

“Thank you, True Lord!”

Chen Yang saluted and left.

Along the way, Jian Zhenzi brought Chen Yang to the resting area and met many Pure Yang Sword Sect disciples. Most of their cultivations were Core Coagulating Stage.

After finding a quiet courtyard for Chen Yang, Jian Zhenzi said, “If you need anything, you can come find me at any time!”

After knowing that Chen Yang was from Core Coagulating Stage, his title changed from Fellow Taoist to Little Friend. Although Chen Yang was a disciple of the Upper Sect, no matter what, he was still a middle stage Primordial Spirit.

He still had to have some face!

“Thank you, senior!”

Chen Yang said with a smile.

Chen Yang entered the courtyard and spent three days in peace. After eating, he slept, he ate, he was very happy.

If he was given another game machine, he would still be able to sleep for a month.

Three days later, Jian Zhenzi knocked on Chen Yang’s door, “Little friend, it’s time to go to the forbidden area.”

Chen Yang opened the door and changed into a handsome Taoist robe.

Her eyebrows were like swords, and her body was covered in sword qi. Of course, Chen Yang had purposely faked all of this.

Sword Cultivator, you have to act like Sword Cultivator.

A Flying Sword appeared on his back, but it wasn’t Scarlet Blood. It was a top-grade spiritual equipment that he had randomly found from the Storage Ring.

After being refined for a bit, it was used by him to put on an act.

“The man on the sword is like jade. Little friend’s bearing is indeed extraordinary!”

Jian Zhenzi praised.

“Senior is too kind.”

Chen Yang bowed humbly.

Without saying much, hundreds of disciples had already arrived at the entrance, and all of them were new and new to the Pure Yang Sect.

Unlike the three great Saint Sects, their disciples could enter the Inner Sect once they reached Core Formation. That was the difference!

Hundreds of people watched as Swordsman walked out with Chen Yang. They were all very unhappy.

“Who is it? Why is he so arrogant?”

“I heard that it’s a disciple from Infinite Sword Sect!”

“Oh, so he is a disciple of the Upper Sect. I don’t think his cultivation is that high compared to ours!”

Hearing their words, Jian Zhenzi opened his eyes wide, and all of the disciples shut their mouths.

“Little friend, they …”

“Senior, it was my fault this time. I caused everyone to wait for me here.”

Chen Yang smiled as he tried to help. It was not a big deal since they had been waiting here for too long, so naturally, they were impatient.

Exclusion existed everywhere.

When he had just entered the Heavenly Sword Pavilion, wouldn’t he only be safe after violently beating them up?

Jian Zhenzi smiled and was very satisfied with Chen Yang.

After everyone was gathered, True Lord Fierce Sword took out the treasured vessel. He tossed it into the air, and the treasured vessel expanded several hundred times over. It came to a stable halt in the air.

The flying ship, fifteen thousand Li per day, was also a high-grade Tao Artifact.

The first to board the ship was naturally True Lord Ardent Sword, then the next was Jian Zhenzi, Chen Yang.

After them were the disciples.

The forbidden area was actually three thousand miles southeast of the island.

Therefore, within three thousand kilometers, there were very few living creatures. Even if there were, they were only ordinary, sparse animals.

Two hours later, the flying ship stopped, and together with it were the Underworld Immortal Palace and the Small Holy Land.

The ground was filled with people. Those were the disciples of the small sects. There were around one to two thousand people.

Inside the Sun Moon Shuttle, True Lord Longevity from the Underworld Immortal Palace stroked his beard and said with a smile, “Strong sword Fellow Taoist, how have you been?”

True Lord Fierce Sword glanced at him but did not say anything. He hated this old thing to the extreme.

Within the golden cymbals shrouded in buddhist light, the Bodhisattva had a look of pity, “Amitabha, you two Fellow Taoist, I haven’t seen you for a year. Your cultivation is even higher than before.”

“Hmph, old bald donkey!”

Fierce Sword and Longevity humphed in unison.

Regardless of whether it was the Little Light Holy Land or the Moko Cult, their cultivation system was different from others. Sha Mi, Bi Qiu, Kong Kim, Dishi, Jia Lan, Arhat, Bodhisattva, Buddha!

Bodhisattva corresponds to Implication God.

A palace, a sect, and a holy land slowly descended onto the enormous empty space in the middle of the forbidden area.

All this was reserved, as if it had been rehearsed hundreds of times.

In reality, this was indeed the case. The Forbidden Area was formed a thousand and five hundred years ago, and if it was five hundred years earlier, it would be hard for even a Deity to enter, much less a Implication God.

Roran Mountain was a forbidden zone within a ten thousand kilometer radius.

It was only because the three sects had sent out a large number of experts that the forbidden area had been sealed with formations.

These thousands of miles were more than enough for them to overstep their boundaries.

Without much communication, the three of them took out their respective talismans and formed a jade pendant. A crack appeared in the air and a vortex appeared.

No matter if one was alive or dead, no one would steal anything that they obtained from entering this place, even if it was a Divine Artifact.

The trial period was one month, they had to stay inside for one month!

The first to enter were naturally the disciples of the three Sacred Sects.

“Little friend, if you can, please help my Pure Yang Sect disciple more!”

True Lord Fierce Sword sent a mental message.

Chen Yang looked at True Lord Ardent Sword and smiled. He nodded slightly in agreement.

Pure Yang Sect people were not bad, there was no harm in saving more of their disciples.

It was only when the three Saint Sect disciples entered that it was the second and third rate sects’ turn.

The originally noisy atmosphere instantly quieted down.


Dark clouds covered the sky, lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled.

“It’s going to rain!” True Lord Fierce Sword raised his head to look at the sky.

“… …”

Entering the forbidden area, the sky was not as dark and the ground was dark, clouds were rolling, lightning was crackling and thunder was roaring.

It was as if he had entered a fairyland.

Birds chirped, flowers blossomed, mountains flowed, and rivers flowed. A cool breeze caressed his face. This was a forbidden area?

“Wow, this place is so beautiful!”

“Is this the land of evil that teacher spoke of? It doesn’t look like it! ”

The two female disciples held hands and plucked a flower.

All sorts of disciples would not be together, but would instead be randomly sent to other places on the island.

Chen Yang thought that perhaps they were lucky enough to be sent to a fairyland.

At that moment, his temples throbbed, and a wave of cold air rose from the bottom of his feet.

“Ah …”

Suddenly, a scream was heard. A tentacle swept up a disciple and quickly dragged him into the forest. Soon, there was no sound.

This scene frightened everyone.

“Quick, gather everyone, don’t run around!”

The disciple leading the group this time was Xu Xiu. He was at the middle stage of the Core Formation stage, and was the most prestigious amongst them.

Upon hearing Xu Xiu’s words, they hurriedly ran back.

On the way back, two more disciples were carried away; it was unknown whether they were alive or dead!

Damn, where did these tentacles come from?

Something was not right!

Chen Yang felt that something was weird. The wind was indeed very comfortable on his face, but why didn’t the surrounding leaves move? It seemed like there was no sound from the flowing water at all.

His heart sank as he thought of a possibility!

Illusion, they had been hit by an illusion!

“First Senior Brother, senior brother Shaoyang was taken away. Should we just let them be?”

Xu Xiu gritted his teeth, “Of course we have to save them. Ten of you, leave with the rest.”

As the saying goes, a young man doesn’t fear a tiger when he has just emerged. These youngsters were quite bold. Immediately, dozens of people stood out to greet him.

“Don’t go, we’ve been hit by an illusion!”

Chen Yang stopped him.

Illusion Techniques?

Xu Xiu frowned. “You’re talking nonsense. Are we still unclear on the difference between the truth and illusion techniques?”

“We have so many people here. What kind of powerful illusion techniques would be able to confuse us!”

Chen Yang frowned and told the details that he had observed. Xu Xiu snorted, “How powerful is it that I am a disciple of Infinite Sword Sect? So I was just talking nonsense!”

“Right now, there’s a fierce wind blowing. The leaves are rustling, and the spring water in the stream is gurgling. It’s not like what you said!”

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