The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 51 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 51 (Barrier Breaking Pill)

“You don’t know?” Yu Lan checked out him in silence for a moment. “Are you playing foolish?”

Chen Yang touched his nose: “Can you clarify it a lot more clearly?”

” Then I’ll ask you this. Recently when you defeated those individuals, what approach did you make use of?” Yu Lan asked.

” You indicate that?” Chen Yang damaged his head. “I’ve practiced Baji Fist before.”

Yu Lan revealed a trace of doubt. She right away drank her head and also said with a confident face, “That’s not.

Chen Yang said with a wry smile, “Although Baji Strike is powerful, there were a lot of individuals back then that I couldn’t care less concerning the relocations. I could just play around with it. Which sect you’re talking about, I truly don’t know about it. I’ve only heard of hand techniques. ”

Seeing Chen Yang’s stupefied expression, Yu Lan asked hesitantly, “You actually don’t know?”

” I actually don’t know.” Chen Yang drank his head as well as claimed.

Yu Lan sighed, believing that he most likely really didn’t recognize, she stopped briefly for a moment, after that said: “There are six big sects in this world, specifically Shaolin, Wu Dang, Emei, Hua Shan, the Cuisine Gang, and Immeasurable Sword Sect. What they practice is totally different from what we normally recognize concerning Inner Martial Arts. ”

” These six big sects utilized to be extremely thriving, however with the advancement of modern-day innovation, these sects have actually ended up being tales. Most of the disciples also started operating, and also some of them also ended up being celebrities and business owners.”

F * ck, are you genuine?

Why does it appear like a martial arts unique?

When Chen Yang heard this, he felt that Yu Lan was just teasing him. Or else, when he was still the Young Master of Chen Family, why hadn’t he became aware of these sects prior to?

Seeing the disbelief on Chen Yang’s face, Yu Lan claimed, “I’m not lying to you. Actually, I’m Emei, the vulgar First Senior Sister.” As she spoke, Yu Lan got a jade token.

Chen Yang looked closer and also saw the word “Emei” engraved on the jade token.

Currently, he felt that the sight of the globe that he had developed over the past twenty years had entirely broken down.

F * ck, so what was written in Master Jin’s fighting styles stories was true. There really were these sects in this world!

He looked deeply at Yu Lan. No wonder a woman like her could defeat many individuals in an instant.

Regular ladies couldn’t fight against 10 by themselves, so Chen Yang believed that what she claimed held true.

” Adherents of the six major sects are additionally referred to as farmers. The worlds of growers are specifically: Postnatal, Innate, Purging, Going Back To Real, as well as Last Celestial Human Improvement. And each world is more divided right into the very early, middle, late, as well as complete phases. ”

Chen Yang had the illusion of turning from a real life into a fighting styles globe. He drank his head and asked, “After that what is your present realm?”

Yu Lan’s face reddened, and also stated rather embarrassedly: “Mentioning which, I just got to the Obtained Excellence a few days back, so I’m just one action away from Innate.”

” According to the category in the novel, your degree is a little low.” Chen Yang thought about Master Jin’s novel and also subconsciously claimed it.

Yu Lan’s face immediately flushed red, and also claimed: “Do not believe that farming is a very easy task. Some people that sign up with the 6 Significant Sects, and also are not able to also go into the entry, my strength is currently taken into consideration high among my peers. I have currently reached the Acquired Excellence, and if I were to take one more action, I would certainly become a Xiantian.”

” To ensure that’s just how it is.” Chen Yang responded. It appeared that this training wasn’t as very easy as he thought.

Seeing that Chen Yang approved her words, Yu Lan’s expression loosened up a little. “I saw you effortlessly beat them down. How did you do that?”

” I don’t recognize either. It could be innate divine toughness.” Chen Yang said in anger.

Yu Lan provided him a cleansing eye and made an assumption. “If I’m not wrong, you must have eaten some Pill that reinforced your figure, right?”

Chen Yang was surprised.

Eating Tablet s that enhanced their body?

Could it be … Was it the pill Zhao Heeqiu gave him prior to?

He thought again, ‘It must be it. I’ve exercised the 8 Level Hand Method, so managing two or three strong men will not be a trouble. Versus more than ten individuals …’ That’s believing as well a lot.

Seeing Chen Yang lost in thought, Yu Lan did not say anything even more. Today was not just a big fight, but she also consumed a Spreading out Toughness Tablet. She was too exhausted.

Closing his eyes, he slept in a moment.

” Hearing your words, it seems to be true …”

Chen Yang looked at the sleeping Yu Lan and also grinned helplessly. “This female truly trusts me. Is she not terrified of my system?”

As he thought about this, he covered her with the blanket as well as left the space.

Sitting on the couch in the living room, Chen Yang got his phone as well as dialed Zhao Heeqiu’s number.

” Youthful Master Chen, what can I provide for you?”

Chen Yang leaned on the couch as well as asked: “Do you still keep in mind the Pill you offered me last time?”

” I keep in mind.” Zhao Heeqiu asked, “Youthful Master Chen, did you take it?”

” Yes.” Chen Yang responded and also asked, “What is the name of this Pill?”

” Let me think for a moment … “I think it’s called the Dragon Tiger Tablet.” Zhao Heeqiu scrubed his chin as well as claimed.

Dragon Tiger Tablet?

Never ever heard of it!

Chen Yang informed Zhao Heeqiu that everything was great as well as hung up the phone.

He had simply found 2 books on Baldy’s body. Among them was called “Thousand Gold Prescription”. He didn’t understand if it had any records.

He took out The Thousand Gold Prescription as well as skimmed a few web pages. Quickly enough, he located the summary as well as description for “Dragon Tiger Tablet”.

” Tablet of Dragon as well as Tiger”, after consuming it, has the impact of getting rid of eight remarkable meridians, increasing one’s physique as well as toughness.

Not surprising that his stamina had increased so much. It actually was due to the fact that he consumed the Dragon Tiger Pill.

The even more he read, the extra captivated he came to be.

Not only did “Thousand Gold Prescription” have records of all type of unusual as well as strange medicinal solutions, it additionally had records of a lot of medical formulas, in addition to the medical ingredients and also methods to improve the Pill.

As an example, this publication also had a type of God Power Lotion. If utilized for an extended period of time, it could turn one’s body right into steel.

There was also another sort of Turtle-Breath Tablet. It was said that would certainly fall under a deep slumber after consuming it. Even if one did not eat or consume it for a month, they would not die.

The Pill was merely also mysterious.

There was likewise one more kind of creature tablet. As long as an individual consumed it and also had a special method of regulating it, they would have the ability to make him listen to their orders.

” F * ck, is that genuine? Isn’t that a bit too mysterious?” When he saw the Puppet Pill, Chen Yang rethinked at the products required to refine Tablet, that made him exceptionally shocked.

Creature Turf, Extreme Frost Spirit Water.

What was this? Existed truly something in this world?

An unreal feeling climbed from all-time low of his heart, causing him to really feel a headache.

He continued to turn back and also discovered that the products needed to fine-tune Pill were either exceptionally unusual or were points he had never heard of before.

There was an exemption to these dishes. The ingredients required to refine this Pill were rather common.

This Tablet is called: Barrier Damaging Pill.

Although the products required by Obstacle Damaging Tablet prevailed, they were very helpful.

This was due to the fact that the Pill can help cultivators break through their current traffic jams.

Take Yu Lan for example, a great deal of individuals in the 6 large sects couldn’t even get in the entryway, so if they had this Barrier Breaking Tablet, wouldn’t they have the ability to easily get in the entrance?

If it was really as magical as the Thousand Gold Prescription records, after that wouldn’t he be succeeding by refining this Barrier Breaking Tablet and also offering it to cultivators?

Although the products needed by the Barrier Breaking Pill were not tough to find, he did not have them by his side. He checked out the materials needed to improve the Pill: “Iron Dendrobium, Zeran, Angelica …”.

It seemed like he had to make a journey to the medication hall. He got his phone as well as switched on the navigating device. Typically, drug stores would certainly sell Western medicine, but he required Chinese medication.

Soon, he saw the Chinese Medication Hall on his phone. Checking out the range, it was less than 500 meters away from him.

He didn’t anticipate that there would certainly be a medication hall near Yu Lan’s residence. This was great. He picked up the secrets to Yu Lan’s home and quickly left the room.

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