The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 518 (Read free online)


The Level 3 distributor’s selling rights started at 1 million Top Grade Primeval Stones. This price shocked many people!

Of course, it was just a scare.

The Boundless Sea had trillion Cultivators. The Cultivators didn’t know Fan Fan. Any large area could fill their bowls with food.

“One million and ten thousand!”

“One million and ten thousand… one million and three hundred thousand!”

After several bids, the price rose to three million Top Grade Primeval Stones!

Finally, the first Level 3 dealer was sold at the price of 5.8 million Top Grade Primeval Stones!

At first glance, it did not seem like a lot. But there were 500 Level 3 distributors. Big sects and large chambers of commerce didn’t think much of them, but small sects with weak strength didn’t think so.

Moreover, the further they went, the more prosperous the area became!

The price also rose steadily.

Six hours later, all five hundred Level 3 dealers were successfully auctioned. The average price of one Level 3 dealer was around seven million. In other words, the Nahai Sect had earned 3.5 billion Top Grade Primeval Stones!

With so many Top Grade Primeval Stones, it was enough for the Nahai Sect to spend for a hundred years!

Furthermore, every sect and power that obtained the distribution rights had to settle the accounts on the spot. Chen Yang had even specially asked them to set up a batch of distributor licensing arrays for the refinements. There was also a time limit for the authorization!

That’s right, you’re not mistaken. This authorization has a time limit, and the time limit for the authorization is ten years.

In these ten years, if you haven’t made any mistakes, then you only need to pay a certain amount of contract renewal.

Chen Yang displayed the true nature of a profiteer to the fullest.

After resting for a while, the flame and Viper both felt that they were breathing the air of happiness.

3.5 billion Top Grade Primeval Stones, this was a huge amount of wealth. Even if they sold it, they still wouldn’t be able to gather so many origin stones.

This was a genuine cultivation resource.

Next were the second and first tier distributors. It was said that Chen Yang had prepared an even bigger surprise. It was said that he could start a revolution in Cultivation Realm!

Chen Yang did not say what the surprise was, and they did not ask.

Who cares? Anyway, they would definitely benefit from it. On one side, as long as they firmly followed Chen Yang, everything would be over.

After resting, Chen Yang walked onto the stage once again and cleared his throat, “Alright, let’s begin the third round of the auction. Now, we will auction off the second-tier distributor rights. The starting price is ten million Top Grade Primeval Stones, and each increment will not be less than one million Top Grade Primeval Stones. The bidding starts now!”

When everyone entered the stage, the Nahai Sect sent a manual to each of them.

Of course, it was only limited to the upper echelons of the company. In other words, only the leaders of the sect could read it.

The manual clearly stated that a Level 1 dealer supplied goods to a Level 2 dealer, a Level 2 dealer supplied goods to a Level 3 dealer, and a Level 1 dealer managed the sailing route. They were responsible and obligated to protect the lower tier dealers, and the Nahai Sect would provide assistance from the side!

Just this point alone tied up all the sects together!

Most importantly, once the trade route was opened, the Nahai Sect would lead the establishment of a protection association. They would protect the dealers and provide services and help to the consumers at the same time.

This was a novelty and attracted many people’s interest.

In the Boundless Sea, those small sects did not have a sense of security. All year round, they had to spend a lot of effort and energy, as well as Primordial Stones to beg for the help of the big sects. The resources they spent every year were also very terrifying.

And now, with the policy issued by the Nahai Sect, on average, it would only cost a few hundred thousand Top Grade Primeval Stones per year. Moreover, they would also provide Video Players, which were good stuff that could be earned without paying. Only an idiot would not rob them.

What? You said that Video Players would be copied?

Wake up. If it was really copied, would the Three Great Sage Sect send someone over?

They had already secretly produced the Video Player a long time ago.

No one was a fool, and no one was more stupid than others!

“Twelve million!”

Astral Vault Sect raised the plaque in his hand.

“Thirteen million!”

Their old opponent, the Seven Treasures Glazed Sect, would never yield!

Wind Thunder Pavilion You are all younger brothers, fifteen million!

…… “”

The top ten sects had been established in the Boundless Sea for tens of thousands of years, and they had huge businesses. A few tens of millions of Top Grade Primeval Stones were nothing to them. Every year, they would collect protection fees of a billion. Why would they care about such a small amount of money?

“Fifty million!”

The Yellow Springs Devil Palace made their move.

Chen Yang was a little surprised. This was only a Level 2 distributor, why did they make their move?

But after thinking for a moment, he understood. There were only 100 Level 2 distributors. For the top ten sects, this was more like the division of regions and competition. It was a good opportunity for their forces to infiltrate the other region. Of course, they wouldn’t miss it!

Not only the Ten Great Sects, but also the first-rate sects, as well as the first-rate Chamber of Commerce, the competition was quite fierce.

“Sixty million. This is the first second-rate distribution right. My Puji Temple wants it!”

“Shameless old bald donkey! My Starry Hall offers sixty-five million!”

The Seven Divine Sect, which had never had any sense of existence, spoke up, “70 million Top Grade Primeval Stones!”

The ten great sects were in a fierce fight. Seeing that the price was fixed at 70 million Top Grade Primeval Stones, the First Rated Sect’s Grand Elder raised the token in his hand, “71 million Top Grade Primeval Stones!”

In the next second, the people of the ten great sects looked over at the same time. The Great Elder’s expression was the same as usual, but in fact, he was extremely nervous.

“Seventy-one million Top Grade Primeval Stones, is there anyone who can bid a higher price than this?”

Chen Yang swept his eyes across the crowd.

The ten great sects were not stupid. There were a hundred Level 2 distributors, and the first price was already so high. How were they going to bid later on?

They would give way first. Anyway, it was not a very prosperous place!

They only needed to control the most prosperous area.

“71,000,000 Top Grade Primeval Stone going once, going twice… going thrice, congratulations to the Ultimate One Sect for obtaining the first level 2 distribution right. We will provide special management services for the Ultimate One Sect!” “71,000,000 Top Grade Primeval Stone going once, going twice… going thrice, congratulations to the Ultimate One Sect for obtaining the first level 2 distribution right, we will provide special management services for the Ultimate One Sect!”


Special management services?

Everyone was stunned and looked at Chen Yang in confusion.

The Great Elder of the Ultimate One Divine Sect was also very surprised. There was such a benefit from being the first to bid for the distribution rights?

“May I ask, what kind of service is the special management service of a sect?”

The Great Elder asked.

Chen Yang smiled, “It’s a secret for the time being. The management service provided by the Nahai Sect is worth millions of Top Grade Primeval Stones. It can increase the cohesiveness of the sect and make it easier for everyone to manage the sect!”

The Great Elder chuckled. The service that was worth millions of Top Grade Primeval Stones sounded very high class!


“If I had known earlier, I would have added a million more!”

The elders of the ten great sects thought in unison.

“Alright, let’s continue with the auction!”

The crazier they became, the happier Chen Yang became!

Because the Nahai Sect would be the ones who profited in the end.

Time passed quickly, and soon all 100 second-grade distributors were sold. By the time the final 10 distribution rights were sold, the price had already exceeded 200 million Top Grade Primeval Stones!

The ten great sects were about to go crazy.

They couldn’t possibly let the other party do business in front of their own doors, right?

Then, how could they still have the face?

Finally, after an intense price war, all 100 Level 2 distributors were sold, and the profit exceeded 10 billion Top Grade Primeval Stones!

The ten great sects took half of the second grade distribution rights, and the rest were taken away by the other First Grade second-rate sects and First Grade second-rate Chamber of Commerce.

What followed next was the highlight!

The first-grade distribution rights!

As long as he could grasp one, he would be able to grasp one of the business paths.

Not only the Video Player, but also the channels.

The big sects also had to eat. No one would complain about their own sects getting stronger and stronger.

The Three Great Sage Sect, Seven Treasure Building, and Myriad Treasures Pavilion who had been watching the show all this time had their spirits lifted.

The five sects divided the ten great sailing routes equally, but how could the Three Great Sage Sect be so easy to get along with?

Although the strength of the Seven Treasure Building and the Myriad Treasures Pavilion was formidable, the Three Great Sage Sect still had the final say in the Boundless Sea.

Therefore, the goal of the Seven Treasure Building and the Myriad Treasures Pavilion was to protect one and two, and their vision was much longer than the Three Great Sage Sect.

Boundless Sea was enough for them to digest for many years. But what about land?

That was their true home ground!

They did not believe that Chen Yang was such a short-sighted person. Boundless Sea was just a springboard. Sooner or later, he would do business on land.

How much wealth was that? How could Chen Yang not see it?

Therefore, after figuring out what was going on, Shen Zifang and Hu Xue Tang also sat steadily on the fishing platform.

After resting for a while in the middle, Chen Yang also recovered a little strength. The work of this auctioneer was really tiring. It seemed like he had to nurture a batch of disciple with business talent. In the future, this kind of small matter would be left to them.

How could there be a sect’s Great Elder personally doing it?

“Next, it will be the highlight of this auction, ten Level 1 distributors!”

Chen Yang scanned the crowd, “The starting price of a Level 1 distributor is 100 million Top Grade Primeval Stones, and each increment is no less than 10 million! And the first distributor to bid for the distributor rights will have a mysterious surprise! ”

As his words fell, everyone started looking forward to it.

The Ultimate One Divine Sect had obtained a ‘special sect management service’. What kind of surprise would a first-class distributor be able to squander? Everyone was very curious!

Chen Yang’s words immediately aroused everyone’s curiosity.

Yang Guangcai praised, “He is indeed a business genius. With just a few words, he can manipulate people’s hearts in the palm of his hand!”

Shen Zifang also nodded, “If he isn’t the Nahai Sect’s Great Elder, I even want to hire him to be the Ten Shopkeepers!”

The Manager of the Seven Treasure Building’s main store had a lot of authority. He was even comparable to the Sect Master of a top sect, and he had a lot of money!

“Alright, let’s not talk anymore. Let’s start bidding now!”

“200 million Myriad Treasures Pavilions from the Myriad Treasures Pavilion!”

“300 million Seven Treasure Buildings from Seven Treasure Building!”

“400 million Pure Yang Sects from Pure Yang Sect!”

They increased the bid by 1100 million. After a few bids, the price instantly soared to 600 million Top Grade Primeval Stones!

This was simply too crazy!

Everyone was shocked by the price!

The ten great sects also joined in the crazy bidding.

Everyone understood the benefits behind the dealers. In fact, at their level… The Primordial Stone was just a number, and it couldn’t increase their authority.

However, becoming a Level 1 dealer was possible!

“Yellow Springs Devil Palace, one billion Top Grade Primeval Stones!”

Yellow Springs Devil Palace’s Second Elder’s eyes were scarlet red, devilish energy overflowing. It was normal for him to have red eyes when bidding, but what were you angry for?

“Minor Holy Land, one billion and fifty million Top Grade Primeval Stones!”

“Pure Yang Sect, one billion and a hundred million Top Grade Primeval Stones!”

The price continued to rise. At this time, the price had already exceeded 1.5 billion Top Grade Primeval Stones.

At this time, the Three Great Sage Sect had joined the battlefield.

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