The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 54 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 54 (One Billion Dollars) 

“What? He’s the Chief Executive Officer of Scorching Sunlight Innovation?”

” It can’t be, this is means as well young!”

Everyone said loudly in appreciation.

Old Madam Su likewise stood from her chair and considered him with a psychological expression.

Fiery Solar Innovation was a leading venture in the field of science and modern technology. This young man was really the Chief Executive Officer of Fiery Solar Technology. This was merely as well unthinkable.

A terrific number like him had really come to the Xichuan City, as well as also came to visit on his independency.

This … What was taking place?

Ding Jie did not respect the voices of conversation originating from the Su Family.

Su Family was only a third-rate household. If it wasn’t for President Chen asking him to come right here, he would certainly not be able to engage with such an unranked household in his entire life.

” Oh, so it’s Director Ding. It’s better to see than to listen to. As anticipated of a young hero.” Old Madam Su enhanced him. Although she didn’t know what Ding Jie was doing right here, she didn’t strike a smiling individual. No matter how great Ding Jie was, he would not make things difficult for her for no factor?

After she finished talking, Old Madam Su remained to talk, “I question why Director Ding is seeing us at Su Family?”

When she said this, her tone was annoyed. Also for a manager of a big corporation like Ding Jie, she didn’t have much confidence.

The people from Su Family likewise took a look at Ding Jie carefully. They didn’t recognize why such a big shot would involve Su Family.

Could it be that this Ding Jie was right here at Su Household?

That’s wrong, his company had never cooperated with Fiery Solar Innovation before. For a huge firm like Fiery Solar Technology, they didn’t also have the credentials to bargain and also comply, so how could they have cooperated before?

At this time, both bodyguards behind Ding Jie moved a feces over. Ding Jie sat leisurely on the chair, looked at Old Madam Su and also claimed: “Old nana, I came this time around to go over a participation with your Su Family members.”

What? To negotiate participation with the Su Family?

Hearing this, everyone from the Su Household couldn’t help but look with broad eyes as well as mouths agape, as if they had actually seen a ghost.

From their preliminary nervousness to shock to their existing enjoyment, their moods were like a roller coaster trip.

This was the CEO of Scorching Sunlight Technology, if he can work with this kind of leading enterprise, the troubles Su Family members would encounter today, it definitely wouldn’t be an issue.

Old Madam Su was extremely thrilled. Who would have assumed that the head of state of Scorching Sunlight Innovation would personally involve work with her? Haha, he was absolutely at the end of his rope.

She restrained her upset mood and also asked: “I question just how Supervisor Ding wish to work together?”

Ding Jie grinned, and claimed any which way: “This partnership is very simple. I recognized that the funds in your Su Family members were broken, so I brought a billion.”

F * ck, one billion simply speaking. This Ding Jie is indeed a big shot in the field of science as well as innovation. Claiming one billion is like claiming ten bucks.

Just how much was his Su Family well worth?

Presently, the Su Family s all looked at Ding Jie with melting gazes.

With these one billion, Yu Hongming and Zheng Hao’s cash would certainly be paid back, and also Su Household Team could also additionally increase its range.

Currently, no one in the Su Family might keep back their excitement.

Without you, Yu Hongming and Zheng Hao, and now that Ding Jie is here, also the heavens are assisting Su Household. With the support of this excellent older, Su Family members will quickly soar to the paradises.

” Excuse me, however does Mr. Ding provide us all the one billion Su Household?”

” Heh heh, certainly I am.” Ding Jie stopped briefly for a moment as well as claimed, “Nevertheless, I have a condition.”

When Old Madam Su heard Ding Jie’s affirmation, she was extremely excited. With no doubt, she claimed, “Mr. Ding, please talk.”

” The conditions are extremely straightforward.” Ding Jie increased a finger: “I desire fifty-one percent of the shares in all the businesses under Su Family!”


You desire 51% of the shares in the Su Family members?

Old Madam Su’s smile froze.

Everybody in Su Household was additionally surprised.

This … Isn’t this equal to giving over business in the Su Family members to another person? Fifty-one percent of individuals below had absolute authority.

Not all the shares of Su Household are controlled by Su Household people, there are additionally a few small investors, if Ding Jie covertly acquires their shares, he can kick Su Household out of the business within mins.

At this moment, the method every person looked at Ding Jie altered.

It was as if the calm and also accumulated male in front of him was not a human, but a hungry wolf rather.

The most vital point was, Ding Jie had actually come at the perfect time, and had virtually realized the 7 inches of Su Household. Whether it was to declare bankruptcy or to sell the shares, there were only these two choices in front of the Su Family people.

” Ding …” “Director Ding, this problem is actually a little bit extreme!”

Ding Jie as well as Ren Rann still had a face filled with smiles. He considered Old Madam Su and also said steadly: “Old gran, I think you know the circumstance with your Su Household even much better than I do. I have no relationship with your Su Family members, and otherwise for Head of state Chen, I would not have come below directly! ”

Head of state Chen?

Hearing Ding Jie’s words, the people from Su Household all disclosed appearances of shock.

What was the partnership between this Head of state Chen and Young Master Chen? Or were they the same individual?

Old Madam Su was distressed. This Young Master Chen and also Head of state Chen was surnamed Chen. Was they the exact same person?

Seeing Old Madam Su frown without a word, Ding Jie came to be a little impatient: “Old lady, do you agree or not? I did not provide you a reply within 3 mins.

Old Madam Su sighed in her heart. This was akin to chasing away a wolf and a tiger.

Now, her Su Family had currently reached completion of the line. If she refused, after that all the effort of a number of generations of Su Family would be gone. This was not something she can withstand.

If the Su Family members dropped from her hands, just how would she have the face to see the Su Family’s ancestors after she died?

The conditions he placed ahead were hard to accept, at the very the very least, his Su Household would not go insolvent.

Additionally, after cooperating with Scorching Sunlight Technology, the Su Household had genuinely climbed an imposing tree.

Old Madam Su blurt a lengthy sigh as well as nodded at Ding Jie, “Director Ding, I agree to this problem.”

” Granny, hesitate.”

” Yeah, Grandmother, I can not accept that.”

” If you concur, then Su Family Team will not be surnamed Su, and will be surnamed Ding.”

” Grandmother …”

When Old Madam Su agreed to Ding Jie’s conditions, the Su Household individuals could not rest still anymore and also began to try to convince her.

” Sufficient, stopped talking!” Old Madam Su stood as well as angrily ticked off everybody, “You guys are making a commotion in front of our prominent guests. What regarding your upbringing? This issue is decided. Whoever risks to speak any longer will certainly be expelled from the Su Family, as well as from now on, forget about my Su Household disciples. ”

Old Madam Su was thrown off balance. If it wasn’t for these unfilial descendants, how might she have actually made such a choice?!

Given That Old Madam Su had also said the words to eliminate Su Family members, maybe seen that she was really outraged. For a moment, everyone was quiet like a cicada, no longer bold to object.

Ding Jie a little grinned. After authorizing the share transfer arrangement with Su Family, he transformed the cash over in front of Su Family’s individuals.

Twenty mins later, outside Estate of Su Family Members, Ding Jie called Chen Yang’s number in a Bentley.

” Head of state Chen, the Su Household issue has actually been worked out.” Ding Jie reported pleasantly.

” Good, you did well in this matter. I have absolutely nothing left for now. Little Jie, you go ahead as well as active on your own.”

” Yes, Head Of State Chen.”

After hanging up the phone, Chen Yang’s face disclosed a completely satisfied smile.

Currently, he was flipping through The 8 Trigrams: Wind and Water Ascension. This book was as well intriguing. The content within it opened up an entire new globe for Chen Yang, and also he was entirely brought in to it.

When it comes to the various other Thousand Gold Prescription, Chen Yang really did not wish to chat any longer. The Obstacle Damaging Pill that he refined according to the records in guide was in fact totally ineffective.

From this, it could be seen that this Thousand Gold Prescription was completely deceptive.

Equally As Chen Yang was sputtering to himself, his phone suddenly called.

He obtained his cell phone and saw that it was in fact Yu Lan. She really said that she was right here just like that.

The minute he got the phone, Yu Lan’s fired up voice came out: “Chen Yang, what’s the name of the Pill you provided me? “After I ate that Tablet, I efficiently appeared to the Xiantian world. I am currently a beginning Xiantian farmer.”

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