The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 61 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 61 (School Reunions)

After leaving Lee Hu’s elite private vacation home, Chen Yang didn’t return to the business, but to his house.

Recalling his brother Chen Bouquet’s marital relationship, he could not help but think about his own better half.

Su Family members individuals and Su Miao had both looked down on him for the past 2 years, Chen Yang recognized that in Su Miao’s heart, she still had feelings for him.

When he obtained residence, Chen Yang discovered that both his moms and dads were not in the house.

Su Miao was the just one sitting on the sofa anxiously.

When she saw Chen Yang return, a hint of happiness blinked across her face. She right away reduced this joy and also said, “You’re back?”

Chen Yang responded and will take off her shoes when Su Miao stood up from the sofa as well as said anxiously, “Do not take off her shoes. Accompany me to an area where my auto is eliminated by a buddy.”

Chen Yang really did not ask any kind of further and simply responded and adhered to Su Miao outdoors.

Only after that did Chen Yang recognize that Flavor Jing as well as a few of her schoolmates were having a meeting. Seeing that all of their schoolmates were with their own youngsters, she called to ask Su Miao to come over and have a seat.

” If I’m not his partner, after that what am I supposed to do?” Chen Yang asked in confusion. Tang Jing believed he was ill of her.

” If you do not intend to go, then forget it. Go house anywhere you need to send me.”

Su Miao believed that Chen Yang really did not want to opt for her, so she said this madly.

Unbeknownst to Chen Yang, she was most certainly acting coquettishly in his eyes. He grinned yet really did not state anything. Rather, he concentrated on driving.

Quickly, both of them got to Tang Jing’s celebration hotel.

As quickly as both of them entered the personal area, they saw Flavor Jing as well as a few of her classmates chatting enthusiastically.

Tang Jing’s schoolmates were still doing fairly well, but compared to Tang Jing, they were still far off.

The kids of her schoolmates were additionally existing, talking lazily.

Seeing Su Miao, Flavor Jing quickly disclosed a smile. Just as she will stand up, she saw Chen Yang at the side as well as her expression quickly collapsed.

Why did this garbage come along also?

Wasn’t this embarrassing?

Tang Jing was really unhappy. Considering that they had actually currently gotten here, she couldn’t perhaps kick them out. That would be the ugliest thing on the planet.

” Ah, isn’t this your daughter, Su Miao? Beautiful. ”

” I heard that your child stands for Su Family and also has actually formed a partnership with Huanyu Team. Lately, she has additionally been accountable for product packaging that very prominent celeb, Liu Rui, right?” The classmate next to Flavor Jing commended, “She’s truly attractive and also qualified.”

Hearing her classmate’s words of appreciation, Flavor Jing felt really satisfied in her heart. The joy in her eyes will spill out.

His little girl had actually truly given him encounter.

” You individuals are really praising me too much. Miao still isn’t young enough to should have so much appreciation.” Flavor Jing stood up and also claimed, “Miao, why aren’t you greeting your uncles and aunts?”

Su Miao responded somewhat at the crowd. “Hey there, everybody. I am Su Miao.”

Keeping that, she took a seat.

Chen Yang rested aside with an expressionless face.

After Su Miao introduced herself, Flavor Jing and the other classmates likewise started to present their kids along with their son-in-law.

Amongst them, by the senior executives of the company, a few of the business’s chief executives, the worst of it is the hospital doctors and also the employees of the institutions.

After everyone introduced themselves, they all became much more accustomed to each other. Among the beautiful females pointed at Chen Yang and asked with a smile, “This is?”

Her name was Shen Qin, and she had actually always suched as to take on Tang Jing in institution. From her grades to her appearances, the two of them got on the same level.

Since she saw Tang Jing’s child was so exceptional, she normally had the same thoughts.

In fact, she had already guessed Chen Yang’s identity long ago. Residence Son-in-law, that doesn’t know the whole Xichuan City?

That was what she had asked on purpose, in order to degrade Flavor Jing.

As anticipated, when Shen Qin asked this concern, everyone’s gaze counted on Chen Yang.

Tang Jing’s smile iced up. It was unpleasant as well as filled with temper. She understood that Shen Qin asked this intentionally to shame her.

” His name is Chen Yang, he’s my spouse.” Su Miao stood up and introduced the crowd with a smile.

” Oh, so it’s Flavor Jing’s son-in-law.” Shen Qin suppressed her giggling as well as asked, “You look quite handsome. I question exactly how high you can obtain?”

” Working at the firm.” Chen Yang stated delicately.

Exactly how could he not see through Shen Qin’s thoughts? It was simply that he was also careless to make a fuss about it.

” What firm? What setting do you keep in the company?”

” Just a small worker.”


I believed it was some amazing individual.

I didn’t anticipate him to be a tiny staff member.

Hearing this, everyone had a look of antipathy on their faces.

Seeing the expression on the others’ faces, Shen Qin felt really satisfied. She grinned as well as stated, “A tiny worker is tolerable too. It’s not a big deal even if you don’t most likely to function. Miao is so superior, it’s not a large deal to support you.”

These words were rather unpleasant to listen to. Had not been he simply pointing at his face and abuse that the other party was a pushover?

Flavor Jing’s expression transformed awful also.

It’s all this garbage’s mistake, what type of identification does he have as well as why he doesn’t have any kind of factors? He in fact felt ashamed and followed over, entirely ridiculed.

Su Miao’s expression was a little abnormal and also she was a little regretful in her heart.

If I had actually recognized this would certainly happen, I wouldn’t have actually brought him right here.

After shedding Tang Jing’s face, Shen Qin’s heart really felt exceptionally comfortable. She increased her a glass of wine cup and also said gladly, “It’s uncommon to see many old classmates congregated today. I have great news to announce. My little girl is about to obtain married. This is my son-in-law, Xie Feng.”

As quickly as she completed, a guy sitting next to Chen Yang stood up and also claimed politely, “Hey there uncles as well as aunties. I’m Xie Feng, as well as I’m currently the basic supervisor of Ju Ding Firm’s branch.”


Large Cauldron Team?

Everyone present can not aid however say loudly.

” Is it that Giant Cauldron Group that focuses on international profession? That’s a huge business. ”

” Yeah, I heard that it’s mosting likely to be on the marketplace quickly, and it’s going to be a huge business with branches throughout the country. From what I can see, if this large cauldron firm goes on the marketplace, it would definitely be a unicorn business.”

” That’s right, that’s extraordinary. To be able to end up being the manager of a branch of the Titan Team, that’s not easy whatsoever!”

” I heard Shen Qin’s intro just now. Xie Feng seems to be returning residence, right?”

” Tsk tsk, exactly how excellent, to have actually found such a great son-in-law.”

Shen Qin was pleased to listen to the applauds and also praises of the group.

She couldn’t help yet raise her head and also check out Tang Jing.

So suppose your child is exceptional? Although my little girl isn’t as exceptional as your daughter, however my daughter has good taste. She selected a gold son in legislation, and is often times stronger than your House Son-in-law.

Hearing everybody’s appreciation, Xie Feng grinned humbly and said, “Everybody, you’re all praising me. “Isn’t it excellent to be paid?

At this point, Xie Feng said to Shen Qin, “Well, in a few days’ time the wedding will certainly be held. I simply booked a Porsche McKay as my wedding event vehicle for the day.”

Porsche McKay?

Hearing this, everyone exclaimed once again.

The Porsche had not been affordable whatsoever. Shen Qin was lucky to have found such a good son-in-law.

” Porsche, is this auto pricey?” Shen Qin made believe to be shocked.

” Not too bad, just 7 or eight hundred thousand.” Xie Feng said as he talked.

” 7 or 8 hundred thousand.” He was smiling so hard that he couldn’t maintain his mouth closed. “Alright, considering that you’re the ones who are buying it, you can do it on your own.”

Xie Feng nodded and also said, “Really, to me, cars and trucks are just transportation tools. There’s no demand to purchase them also well, but I need to confess, the a lot more expensive the cars and truck is, the much more comfortable it will be.”

As he stated that, he turned his head as well as checked out Chen Yang with a smile, “Are you right, Brother Chen?”

Prior to involving the event, Shen Qin had actually told him that during the get-together today, besides giving himself face, he would likewise offer Flavor Jing a great beating.

How could he miss out on such a great chance to please his mother-in-law?

This Chen Yang was just a thug Home Son-in-law. Whether it was his social status or economic condition, he had totally smashed him.

Chen Yang was surprised for a moment, after that smiled as well as nodded.

” Without a doubt, heroes believe alike.” Xie Feng’s eyes blinked: “I question what type of vehicle Sibling Chen is driving?”

At that instant, everybody cast their gazes back at Chen Yang and a buffooning smile hung on their faces.

At this moment, Flavor Jing, that was resting sideways, had a dark expression on her face.

What type of car could he drive? With his poor electric cars and truck, how could he have the nerve to say it aloud?

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