The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 74 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 74 (Sun Moon God Codex)

“Milord …”

Yinn Changkong quickly visited unknot the rope for Chen Yang with anxiety and nervousness.

It seems like this sword comes from a big shot, as well as this big shot has a big history. Yinn Changkong’s action is the best proof.

Simply when he boiled down to untie the ropes, Chen Yang decreased his voice and also claimed, “Keep a low profile, do not expose my identification!”

Chen Yang’s words made Yinn Changkong much more positive. The person in front of him was the epic Eastern Sword King. He did not intend to reveal his identification, so he must be privately checking out something!

I can not mess up Master Eastern Sword King’s plan.

After unknoting the ropes, Yinn Changkong quickly called two challenging guys over and led Chen Yang out of the hall and also into a brightly lit rock room.

” Do your words count as anything?” I currently spent 20 million, rush and let me go! ”

Yinn Changkong’s actions stunned Cao Bao. Really did not they say that they would initially cut off their fingers before entering fatality row?

Why really did not he cut his finger rather than getting rid of the other party’s bindings as well as taking him away?

Cao Bao, that really did not understand what was taking place, could not help yet yell.

Yinn Changkong didn’t claim anything as well as simply blazed at him.

Picking up the killing intent in Yinn Changkong’s eyes, Cao Bao right away closed his mouth in scare.

” Hmph, watch the two of them. Whoever dares to shout will pull out his tongue.” After eying Cao Bao coldly, Yinn Changkong left the hall after claiming that.

Not long after Chen Yang went into the stone room, Yinn Changkong went into.

” Subservient Yinn Changkong greets Lord Eastern Sword King!” As quickly as he went into the rock room, Yinn Changkong bowed respectfully to Chen Yang.

He very carefully raised his head as well as grinned, “Sir, it was all a misconception. I practically made a huge mistake as well as annoyed you. I hope you will certainly be generous and also not trouble with me.”

Master Eastern Sword King?

What type of placement was that in the Sunlight Moon Holy Cult? To assume that it might make this Hall Lord, Yinn Changkong, so horrified!

No, that’s wrong, this sword belongs to Lee Hu, isn’t Lee Hu’s Immeasurable Sword Sect?

Why is this Yinn Changkong, from Sun Moon Holy Cult, so worried of me?

At this time, Chen Yang was additionally totally puzzled, he still did not know real connection in between Immeasurable Sword Sect and also itself.

Because he couldn’t figure it out, Chen Yang determined not to consider it any longer. He waved his hand and also said, “Forget it, it’s not our fault if you don’t know.”

Hearing Chen Yang’s words, Yinn Changkong’s face brightened, however he rapidly concealed it.

” Thanks, milord.” Yinn Changkong bowed deeply to Chen Yang as well as claimed, “Please take a remainder. I will certainly accompany you with some food and also white wine. I will certainly ask forgiveness to the lord for the wine later and also reduce your shock.”

Chen Yang rubbed his stomach. Formerly, in the exclusive area of the Great Empire Hotel, he didn’t also eat a mouthful of food.

” Go.” Chen Yang responded.

Yinn Changkong nodded as well as after that disclosed a meaningful smile. “After you have actually had your fill, I will certainly send that woman, Yu Lan, in right here to accompany you.

” Alright, hurry up and also go.” Chen Yang trembled his head and also informed him to rush and prepare some food.

Yinn Changkong didn’t claim anything else, reversed and also left the rock area.

The moment he left, Chen Yang promptly stood. When he got in the rock area, Yinn Changkong’s guys offered him the antidote, or else, he wouldn’t have the ability to muster up any toughness.

As soon as Yinn Changkong left, Chen Yang’s thoughts began to mix. He rapidly left of the stone room, searching for the departure.

The guards outside did not quit Chen Yang when they saw him. Rather, they respectfully acquiesced him.

Seeing this, Chen Yang’s guts raised.

However, he was afraid that Yu Lan might believe him, so he really did not go back to the hall from previously. Rather, he complied with the paths in all instructions and began discovering.

If he discovered the exit, just how would he rescue Yu Lan?

From Yinn Changkong’s tone just now, he didn’t mean to let Yu Lan go. If he doesn’t conserve Yu Lan, she will definitely suffer a vicious torture.

As he strolled, he took down the path. Not long later, Chen Yang discovered himself in a restricted location.

It was a big rock area as well as there were no guards at the entrance. Nevertheless, there was an indicator at the entry that claimed: “Those that enter the prohibited location will certainly pass away!”

Chen Yang strolled in without believing.

Inside the rock space, there were a couple of wood racks, upon which were some medicine as well as a few bottles of medicine.

Chen Yang strolled to the medicine rack as well as looked for the remedy, however he could not discover the antidote regardless of exactly how hard he looked. He had discovered an intriguing medication among these medications, and that was the Apothecary Medication!

He put the bottle of sweat medicine into his pocket. When he was consuming, he would place the medication into the red wine and also turn the medication over.

Chen Yang computed the moment. Yinn Changkong’s food need to prepare now, so he had to go back.

Just as Chen Yang turned around to leave, the rock underneath his feet instantly rose. He moved his center of gravity and also nearly dropped.

He lowered his head to look and found that the stone pieces on the floor had already been elevated. This wasn’t great, the rock pieces were too apparent, one appearance was enough to inform that someone had gone into the rock chamber prior to.

He rapidly bowed down as well as wished to relocate the stone back to its initial location, but Chen Yang was stunned the following second.

Eh, there appears to be something pushed under the rock piece!

Chen Yang raised the stone slab as well as found something wrapped in kraft paper pushed against the bottom.

What is this?

Chen Yang extended his hand to pick up the item. When he opened it, he was surprised.

The kraft paper was wrapped with the words “Sunlight Moon God Codex” written on the cover of the Secret Scripture!

F * ck, what type of book is this, daring to use the name of the Divine Grimoire ?!

Nevertheless, time was of the essence, and he did not have the time to check out guide currently.

He maintained the Secret Bible and also laid down the stone tablets, after that returned to the stone room quickly.

Chen Yang went into the rock area with his front foot and Yinn Changkong with his back foot.

In his hand was a box containing a couple of fragile recipes and also a jar of red wine.

This wine jug was extremely ancient, and there was even mud at the top. It was evident that it had just been removed from the ground.

” Sir Eastern Sword King, your junior does not have anything special to do with you. I just obtained a few side dishes. Please forgive me, Sir Eastern Sword King!” Yinn Changkong smiled apologetically as he set up the meals in the box.

Chen Yang nodded, picked up his chopsticks and also started consuming.

Yinn Changkong initially wanted to go along with Chen Yang to eat, yet when he thought of Chen Yang’s ethical condition, it appeared that he was not yet certified to rest as well as consume with him.

Sunlight Moon Holy Cult were rigorous degrees, and if others were to know that he, a simple Hall Lord, had eaten with Lord Eastern Sword King over the hr, would not that mean …

Thinking about this, Yinn Changkong a little bowed and also said, “Sir, please appreciate, I’m right outside the door. If you require anything, simply call me.”

Chen Yang recognized and then disregarded him.

Seeing this, Yinn Changkong believed to himself: I don’t require to chat or eat, this Lord Eastern Sword King is indeed really certain.

After Yinn Changkong left, Liu Connection breathed freely. He plainly recognized in his heart that he wasn’t Eastern Sword King. If he let Yinn Changkong see some hints concerning him, after that he would certainly be doomed for sure.

He quickly secured the camouflage powder and opened up the white wine container. He poured himself a cup as well as placed the powder within, shaking it equally.

After doing all this, Chen Yang began to compromise his 5 viscera holy place.

He consumed extremely promptly as well as was able to load his belly in a couple of minutes. He intentionally waited for ten mins before he called Yinn Changkong in.

” Master, what orders do you have?” Yinn Changkong claimed respectfully.

Chen Yang purposely burped and said with contentment, “This container of a glass of wine is pretty good. Take it down as well as allow us siblings have a taste. Tell them I invited it.”

Yinn Changkong took a look at Chen Yang with some trouble, “Sir Eastern Sword King, you are also familiar with the regulations of our Sun Moon Holy Cult. You are not permitted to consume alcohol in the main hall.”

” Hmph.” Chen Yang banged the table as well as stated with a displeased expression, “This is the very first time This King has come to your hall, and you aren’t also offering This King this much face? Or is it that This King’s words are ineffective? ”

Seeing that Chen Yang was unhappy, Yinn Changkong fast shook his head as well as described, “No, no, no, Sir Eastern Sword King misconstrued your staff. Because you asked, just how could your subordinate ruin your mood?”

After claiming that, he rapidly carried the jar of wine and also left.

Seeing Yinn Changkong run away in fright, Chen Yang could not assist yet laugh.

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