The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1501 Skykissing wolf

Florian broke out into a cold sweat at that moment.

‘F*ck, thank goodness it was just a scare and nothing serious.’

Florian was not worried for Luca Moonlight’s safety of course but was afraid he might be dragged into it.

No one realized Luca Moonlight hid his true powers. This was considered the adjudicator’s inadequate supervision.


The surrounding audience also secretly let out a sigh of relief for Darryl at that moment. They also concurrently changed their impressions of Darryl and currently looked at him in a different light.

“‘This Luca Moonlight is an other-worldly master’s disciple. No wonder he’s so strong and did not want to expose his identity.”

The New World Emperor returned to his dragon throne and flatly said, “Let the competition continue!”

Florian immediately nodded before walking out and loudly said, “Ok! We will now compete for first place. The three of you will draw lots with the two winners competing and fighting against each other for the right to compete for first place.”

Darryl, Matteo, and the other person then went to draw lots. In the end, Matteo and the other person had won the drawing of lots.

‘Woo! I can finally take a rest for a while.’

Darryl let out a sigh of relief and went back to the resting area at that instance. He did not win the lots, so he only had to wait to compete for first place.

The fight between Matteo and the other person soon started with Matteo winning as everyone expected.


Florian quickly walked out right at that moment and excitedly said, “The final match begins now. Let’s see for ourselves who will be the champion between Matteo and Luca for the martial arts competition today!”


The audience erupted into cheers upon hearing his words. The surrounding crowd stood up other than the New World Emperor and the other royal members on the platform.

The Deputy Sect Master of the Incandescent Sect against the other-worldly master’s disciple, Luca Moonlight.

It was a battle of the century.

The crowd instantly became extremely spirited and a little impatient as their blood boiled with excitement.

“Let’s guess who will win?”

“It’s hard to tell. Luca Moonlight is smart and has been hiding his powers from the start, while Master Hanson is reserved, stable, and his powers aren’t weak either…”

“No matter who wins, it’s worthwhile for anyone’s lifetime to witness a battle of the century!”

The crowd erupted into an exciting discussion.

Sloan who was seated there also got excited at that moment. She smiled at Yvette and said, “Look, Princess. Luca Moonlight is no ordinary person as I’ve mentioned…”

She was halfway through when she noticed Yvette’s emotionless face before smartly shut up.

‘Sigh, the Princess is too infatuated and can’t seem to let go of Darryl.’

Matteo and Darryl slowly walked onto the battle stage being accompanied by the audience’s cheers at that moment.

“Dude!” Matteo’s burning gaze looked at Darryl condescendingly. “You’re going to lose!”

“Is that so?” Darryl chuckled lightly with a relaxed look. “Deputy Sect Master Hanson, you seem to be confident with your strengths.”


Matteo’s expressions instantly turned ugly.

Others respectfully refer to him as Master, yet Luca Moonlight intentionally called him Deputy Sect Master before him. It was clear that he was not taking him seriously.

Matteo sneered with that thought in mind, “Dude, don’t think you could win this competition just because you hid your powers. It’s nothing, but a little trick smarty pants like you employed.”


A violent aura then erupted from Matteo’s body which enveloped the entire crowd and instantly reverberated the entire air in the competition square. The clouds started changing as the initially sunny and bright day instantly turned dark!


The crowd’s expression changed as they could instantly feel a suffocating force and could not help but gasp!


Darryl was tense and extremely stunned too.

‘Matteo…hid his true powers as well?!’

Darryl could clearly feel that Matteo’s powers were obviously much stronger than previous at that moment!

He had leveled up from Martial Emperor to Heaven Ascension level!

A Level One Heaven Ascension!


The entire crowd erupted in cheers at that instant with all of the officials standing up while thousands of onlookers yelled out!

“A Level One Heaven Ascension! Matteo Hanson is a Level One Heaven Ascension! A Heaven Ascension!”

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