The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1502 Skykissing wolf

‘A Level One Heaven Ascension?’

Matteo had also hidden his powers! Darryl took a deep breath before suddenly becoming much more cautious and spirited!

In truth, Darryl would not even bother to pay him any attention if Matteo Hanson was just at Martial Emperor level.

However, it was different if he was at the Heaven Ascension level as he would become one of the most powerful individuals among the Nine Mainlands.

Gonggong and Zhu Bajie from the North Moana Continent were both Heaven Ascension cultivators!

“My God, Master Hanson hid his powers as well?”

“It seems that Master Hanson has the upper hand! I’m sure Luca Moonlight didn’t expect this at all…”

“Interesting! This competition is getting more and more interesting!”

The surrounding crowd broke into a heated discussion at that moment while bearing through the huge suffocating force.

The New World Emperor smiled and nodded on the high platform. “So, Matteo Hanson hid his powers as well. Nice! I’m even more looking forward to their battle.”

In Yvette’s heart, Matteo and Luca’s little tricks of hiding their true powers were not something worth praising.

On the battle stage at that moment.

“Luca Moonlight!”

Matteo looked at Darryl coldly with an arrogant face. “There’s still time for you to admit defeat. Punches have no eyes. Don’t blame me for not warning you when I accidentally hit you dead later.”

No matter how strong Luca was, a Level Five Martial Emperor was not a match for Matteo was already at the Heaven Ascension level! Although it was only the difference of one level, the gap was gigantic!

Darryl coldly said, “Just bring it on.”

Although Matteo’s powers were terrifying, he had to win the competition no matter what as he could not let Matteo have Yvette!

“You’re seeking death!”

Matteo did not bother to further as he swiftly moved and directly attacked Darryl. He lifted his right hand before a Purple Red flame erupted!

This Purple Red Flame Ball was Matteo’s Purple Cloud Enchanted Flame which ranked seventh among enchanted flames. Only Matteo possessed this enchanted flame throughout the entire Nine Mainland!

Matteo had a tough personality. The Incandescent Sect was destroyed by Darryl and his brothers seven years ago. His Purple Cloud Enchanted Flame was restrained by Darryl at that time before he and his sister finally lost the battle which resulted in the Incandescent Sect’s destruction. Matteo had always felt humiliated by that incident ever since that day.

A few years later, Matteo kept practicing and cultivating the Purple Cloud Enchanted Flame.

Three months ago, Ambrose managed to get hold of many elixirs which cured Matteo’s old injuries—allowing him to fully regain his powers and managed to make a bottleneck breakthrough into the Heaven Ascension level.

Matteo’s understanding of the Purple Cloud Enchanted Flame then improved by a whole new realm upon reaching the Heaven Ascension level. It could be said that every attack would have the Purple Cloud Enchanted Flame’s effect if Matteo strike at full strength!


Everyone who witnessed that was bewildered at that moment upon seeing Matteo’s Purple Cloud Enchanted Flame erupting and burning up the surrounding air.

“Is this Master Hanson’s Purple Cloud Enchanted Flame?”

“I’ve only heard of it! Seeing it today proves those rumors are true after all!”

“Looks like Luca will lose this competition.”

The results of the fight were clear in everyone’s eyes.

Comments kept coming from the surrounding crowd. Darryl smiled without any hint of panic as he fought against Matteo in mid-air.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Both of them were fighting each other non-stop in mid-air within moments as the aura they emitted shook the earth.


The surrounding audience cheered in exhilaration upon witnessing this scene.

Witnessing such a great battle for cultivators of the Nine Mainlands was considered a lifetime of fortune, let alone the ordinary folks.


The two of them were still fighting intensely in mid-air without a winner even after half an hour.

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