The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1506 Skykissing wolf

Kilenc Dokko had been called a child prodigy since young who knew how to write poetry at the age of seven! Although improvising poetry was hard, it was not a problem for Kilenc!

‘F*ck! Poetry?’ Darryl by the side secretly communicated with Pang Tong in the Pagoda, “Pang Tong, I’ll be relying on you later!”

“Master, don’t worry. Poetry improvisation is a piece of cake for me. You just prepare to win this competition!” Pang Tong laughed and confidently replied!

“The literary competition final official begins now!”

Florian smiled right at this moment under the New World Emperor’s instruction and loudly said, “The first contestant, Kilenc Dokko!”


Everyone’s eyes immediately were on Kilenc while many women could not help but cheer as well.

“Ah…Mister Dokko!”

“Mister Dokko is the first to go on, how cool…”

“Kilenc, good luck!”

The New World Emperor smiled upon seeing this scene with appreciative eyes before praising, “Looks like Kilenc is receiving a lot of cheers.”

The Empress beside him then gazed at Kilenc and could not hide the appreciation in her heart. “He’s good-looking and suave with exceptional literary skills too. Kilenc is the perfect Prince Consort candidate…”

The Empress then turned to look at Yvette before smiling and asked, “Yvette, what do you think about Kilenc?”

In truth, the Empress did not like violence, so she disliked those martial arts competition contestants earlier whether it was Matteo or Luca. She only had her eyes on Kilenc Dokko as her favourability toward him increased upon further observation.


Yvette only shook her head and flatly replied, “He’s only mediocre…”

Kilenc was talented, but was just a scholar and lacked a cultivator’s aura.

More importantly, he could not replace Darryl.

The Empress smiled bitterly with a helpless expression upon hearing her daughter’s reply. She was just too picky.

At that moment, Kilenc slowly walked up the stage under the audience’s gaze.

He then bowed at the New World Emperor before clearing his throat and slowly recited.

“I’ve since met a beauty who loves the North,
“As beautiful as the frost and snow.
“Who knew that love’s such a bitter romance,
“For an inch of love is so far away!”


The entire crowd yelled in cheers when he finished with many young girls going crazy over his poem.

Kilenc smiled and looked at Yvette romantically as he recited the final verse.

The poem had profound meanings and was clearly his confession to Yvette!

‘I’ve since met a beauty who loves the North,
‘As beautiful as the frost and snow.’

The North was obviously referring to winter which was the current season transitioning to spring, hence the poem’s first two lines fitted the current situation.

‘Who knew that love’s such a bitter romance,
‘For an inch of love is so far away!’

Especially the last two lines were the highlight and finishing touch of the poem, a confession of adoration to the Princess. Brilliant!


The entire audience instantly gasped and praised him while those officials standing behind the New World Emperor could not help but applauded with praises as well.

“Great poem!”

“Such profound meanings! It’s a brilliant poem!”

“Who could write such a deep and profound poem in such a short time? I bet only Kilenc Dokko could do that in the entire literary competition!”

The New World Emperor nodded his head in approval as well at that moment and could not hide his appreciative feelings. He looked at Kilenc and praised, “Great! Great! No wonder you’re Middle Terra’s famous scholar. It’s a great poem!”

Many looked at Kilenc with envious eyes at that moment.

Even the New World Emperor praised him. It looked like Kilenc was going to win the literary competition!


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