The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1508 Skykissing wolf

Florian impatiently walked over right at that moment and could not help but urged, “Luca Moonlight! Please recite your poem!”


Darryl let out a sigh of breath before nodding and said, “Alright, I’ll start the recitation with my first poem!”

That was right. Darryl did not open his mouth for a long time because he noticed Yvette’s emaciated looks and was inspired to write another poem due to his broken heart.

There would be a total of two poems including Pang Tong’s poem.

“What? Luca Moonlight is reciting two poems?”

The entire crowd was instantly in an uproar as they looked speechlessly and stunned at Darryl.

They initially thought he could not even come out with one, but had not expected he would have written two in such a short time.

At that moment, both the audience and the Royals on the high platform were showing strong interest in him.

Kilenc also furrowed his brows before looking at Darryl and smiled. “Coming up with two poems in such a short time? Don’t tell me it’ll be doggerel?”

Kilenc was still smiling when he said that, but his tone was a little sarcastic.

‘If even I can’t come up with a good poem in such a short time, how can Darryl?’

Kilenc secretly thought. Although Luca was the champion of the martial arts competition, he was nothing but a rough cultivator and was nowhere near him in terms of literary skills.

‘F*ck! Kilenc already thinks he’s the champion?’ Darryl muttered to himself but could not be bothered with Kilenc.

He slowly paced around and recited his poem.

“Everyone who crosses over love,
“Turns into a Spider Lily.
“Romance sweeps its old place,
“Where can I find love!”

It was Pang Tong’s five-word regulated verse. Pang Tong was aware of Darryl and Yvette’s relationship as one of Darryl’s men, so he used his interpretation and wrote them out.

Especially the last two lines, ‘Romance sweeps its old place, where can I find love!’ The meaning was obvious. Darryl had previously caused huge chaos in the Royal City but currently came back using another identity to attend the martial arts marriage tournament. He came back to the old place.


The surrounding crowd turned silent upon hearing his poem with many repeating the poem in their hearts while savoring its meaning.

“Romance sweeps its old place, where can I find love…”

“It’s amazing! Although it’s a five-word regulated verse, the meaning is profound…”

“My! Who knew Luca Moonlight would be so talented! He’s amazing!”

The audience came to their senses a few seconds later and started looking at Darryl differently.

“Not bad!”

Florian silently repeated the poem once at that moment and nodded his head in approval. “What about the second poem?”

At the same time, the New World Emperor on the dragon throne also nodded in approval while concurrently looked hopefully at Darryl.

Darryl smiled and calmly scanned the surroundings before reciting,

“Where the idle sorrow is,
“It fills the sea and fills our words.
“One dare not meet at this time,
“As everything reminds of love!”

Darryl could not hold back the emotions in his heart as he recited the last line and gazed at Yvette with his moist eyes.

The second poem was indeed written personally by Darryl.

After listening to Pang Tong’s poem in addition to seeing how thin Yvette looked, Darryl was heartbroken and inspired to personally write a completely new poem based on Pang Tong’s and his own emotions.

The first two lines, ‘Where the idle sorrow is, It fills the sea and fills our words.’ represented how depressed Darryl felt for the past few days.

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