The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1511 Skykissing wolf

Yvette forced a smile upon hearing that and seriously said, “In that case, I’m not picking Luca Moonlight!”

What? The audience was in an uproar upon her words as everyone was bewildered!

“What is going on? Luca Moonlight is the champion for both competitions. Why is the Princess not picking him?”

Darryl’s face instantly tensed as he felt as though his heart was being crushed by a huge hammer while his entire brain was buzzing.

He was stunned for a few seconds before he came to his senses and looked almost tearfully at Yvette in a daze.

‘Yvette, you can’t do that even if you’re still thinking of me. I’m Luca Moonlight. Luca Moonlight is actually Darryl Darby.’

Darryl wanted to rush in front of Yvette and tell her that he was Darryl Darby and that Luca Moonlight was just a fake identity. However, held back upon recalling there were many powerful cultivators around.

‘Haha! This Luca Moonlight tried playing silly tricks by hiding his true powers. I guess he must be baffled now.’

On a side, Matteo could not help but sneer upon seeing this scene. However, he did not do it too obviously since his injuries have not recovered fully after all.

On the other side, Kilenc Dokko could not help but laugh as well as he mockingly looked at Darryl.

‘So what if you won both competitions, it’s still a waste in the end since the Princess doesn’t like you.’


The New World Emperor was confused at that moment before frowning and looking at Yvette. “Why? Luca Moonlight is great at both literature and martial arts, why didn’t you pick him?”

Yvette calmly replied determinedly and unquestionably without showing any expressions, “No particular reason. I just don’t like him!”


The New World Emperor smiled bitterly upon hearing this as his expression darkened a little before seriously looking at Yvette. “I know what you’re thinking. You still can’t forget Darryl, right?”

He understood his daughter well. Luca was the perfect candidate and she had no reason to dislike him, yet she intentionally did not pick him. She clearly was still missing Darryl. Luca Moonlight reminded her a lot of Darryl, whether his height, body shape, or talents.

However, the Emperor became livid the moment he thought of Darryl.

It was clear to the Emperor upon seeing Yvette’s sparkly eyes despite her lack of reply.

‘Yvette…’ Darryl was extremely touched upon witnessing the exchange.


The New World Emperor harrumphed and immediately stood up at that moment. He glanced at the surroundings and slowly said, “Everyone, I want to especially announce something!”

The New World Emperor then let out a smile as though justice was served. “The World Universe’s Elysium Gate Sect Master, Darryl Darby was killed by my Golden Dragon Guards ten days ago and died at the bottom of the moat. Darryl Darby undermined my royal authority. It was not a pity he died!”

The New World Emperor looked at Yvette when he said the last sentence before returning to his dragon throne.


The audience was in an uproar upon hearing the Emperor’s words! Everyone could not hide their shock!

Darryl Darby was killed by the New World Royals and died at the bottom of the moat?

Many among the crowd were secretly heartbroken, especially the sects that were close to him. The Elixir Sect’s Andy Curtis and other World Universe’s small sects that were favored by the Elysium Gate could not believe what they were hearing.

Darryl Darby! The representative of his generation! He founded the Elysium Gate at a young age, punishing evil and bringing happiness to the martial arts world!

He defended the New World Army from invading 10 years ago, alongside the other sects. He was the entire World Universe’s hero. How could someone like him die just like that?

Many were heartbroken and could not believe what they were hearing. However, it was the New World Emperor who announced before all the Nine Mainland’s powerful cultivators, hence it could not be false.

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