The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1512 Skykissing wolf

“No…” Yvette trembled and furiously shook her head as tears kept falling. She then yelled at the New World Emperor, “Darryl can’t die! He isn’t dead!”


The New World Emperor did not pity her one bit and coldly said, “I take my words seriously. Darryl is truly dead since I’ve announced it in front of all the Nine Mainland’s cultivators, so put away all your fantasies!”

He then pointed at Matteo and the others in front. “Today, you have to pick one among the five of them!”

It was full of authority and without any room for doubts when he said the last sentence!

He held such a huge event that attracted many cultivators from the Nine Mainland For his daughter’s happiness. It would be an embarrassment for the New World Royals were she to not pick anyone in the end—they would be the butt of the joke throughout the Nine Mainland.

She had to pick one among the five of them as the Prince Consort no matter what!


Yvette bit her lip hard as she swept a glance across Matteo, Kilenc, and the others. She did not open her mouth for a long time with tears still in her eyes. It was pitiful.

Matteo and the others stood up straight at that moment in hopes of being selected by the Princess.

Matteo was especially extremely happy upon finding out of Darryl’s death which instantly lightened the pain of his injuries a little.

‘Yvette, don’t pick blindly!’ Darryl was extremely anxious and sweating profusely.

‘I’m not dead. I’m right in front of you.’

However, Yvette was extremely sad at that moment and did not even notice Darryl’s eyes.

A long time later!

Yvette finally sighed and pointed at the contestant that came in third place in the literary competition. “I pick him!”

In truth, Darryl had taken up Yvette’s entire heart and she did not want to pick anyone, but in her current situation had not given her any choice at all.

However, Yvette did not blindly pick just anyone.

The contestant that came in third at the literary competition was called Jonah Daniels. Although his skills were not as good as Luca Moonlight or Kilenc Dokko, he came from the World Universe.

Yvette had made up her mind that if she had to pick a Prince Consort, she would pick someone who came from the same mainland as Darryl since he was no longer around anymore. They will then live in Donghai City in the future.


The crowd was once again in an uproar upon seeing Yvette picking Jonah Daniels.

“What is with the Princess? For her to pick Jonah Daniels over the other four?”

Jonah Daniels was slightly knowledgeable but just mediocre in other areas. He was only at a Martial Marquis level as a cultivator. How could he bring her happiness?

“Princess Yvette!”

Darryl panicked at that moment and could not help but take a step forward. He looked at Yvette and said, “Princess, do you remember Moonlight Lake?”

Darryl was really anxious at that moment.

He knew Yvette had blindly picked someone because of him. ‘Even if you’re giving up on yourself, you should not pick blindly!’

However, he did not simply say anything even though he was anxious and only spoke of Moonlight Lake to remind Yvette.

Yvette had promised to meet up with him at Moonlight Lake after all! Darryl’s eyes were full of hope and urgency as he said those words.

‘Moonlight Lake?’

Yvette was suddenly stunned upon hearing those words and shuddered upon suddenly remembering something.

‘Moonlight Lake… Moonlight Lake, Luca Moonlight! Yes! Luca Moonlight sounds similar to Moonlight Lake! C-could he be Darryl? He disguised himself to partake in the martial arts marriage tournament?’

Yvette was instantly surprised and delighted as her heart almost popped out. She had a million thoughts running in her mind while looking at Darryl and was speechless!

‘Is Luca Moonlight…Darryl?’

Yvette was trembling as her moist eyes almost blurred her sight and looked at Luca Moonlight before her! Regardless of height or body shape, it was exactly similar to Darryl’s.

Luca Moonlight is Darryl!

Yvette was getting jelly legs as tears fell out at that moment. She was sure that Luca Moonlight was Darryl! Only Darryl’s eyes could show such deep love for her!

‘Yes, Luca Moonlight is Darryl! Darryl isn’t dead! He changed his name and partook in the martial arts marriage tournament!’

Yvette bit her lip hard while her heart was beating fast. She wanted to stand up and walk toward Darryl and have a closer look to check whether it was really him. However, she changed her mind when she just stood up with a tensed body.

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