The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1515 Skykissing wolf

Darryl could barely react in time when the mask was already torn off!

The New World Emperor gritted his teeth upon seeing the familiar face before him. “Darryl Darby. Prince Consort of the South Cloud World. Elysium Gate Sect Master. The Indomitable Darby! It’s you! You’re not dead yet! How dare you take part in my daughter’s martial arts marriage tournament?!”

The New World Emperor felt utterly humiliated! He had just announced Darryl had fallen into the moat and died. However, Darryl was standing right in front of him again in a blink of an eye! He had disguised himself as Luca Moonlight to take part in the martial arts marriage tournament. Who knew he would win both the martial arts and the literary competition!

It was humiliating! Utmost humiliation! Extreme embarrassment!

“Darryl Darby, I’ll kill you today!” The New World Emperor roared with reddened eyes full of murderous intent!

The entire crowd was silent as he said that!

The faces of the royal members and the surrounding audience concurrently changed to show a complicated expression!

‘Damn it!’ Yvette shuddered by the side in extremely anxiousness.

Her tears kept falling. She should have been extremely happy getting to see Darryl once again as she could not control her love for him. However, her father and Darryl were about to go against each other. Yvette could not be happy at all and was so anxious that she stomped her feet.

“Y-You’re Darryl?” Matteo was the first to come to his senses right at that moment and glared grudgingly at Darryl before gritting his teeth and said, “So, you’re been tricking me all along!”

Fury rose in Matteo’s heart at that moment!

‘No wonder he could smoothly pass every stage. He could even easily restrain my Purple Cloud Enchanted Flame in the finals! Turns out Luca Moonlight is Darryl Darby…’

Matteo could never forget how Darryl almost made him a cripple. He could never forget how the Incandescent Sect was destroyed right before his eyes.

He was coming to take Princess Yvette at that moment who was supposed to belong to him!

Matteo was instantly livid due to both new and old grudges as his internal energy erupted with a terrifying murderous aura!

“Darryl, don’t think about leaving here alive!”

The New World Emperor smiled maliciously upon feeling Matteo’s fury toward Darryl and loudly said, “Master Hanson and my fellow cultivators. Those who manage to kill Darryl today will be the Prince Consort!”

“Father! You…” Yvette was extremely anxious upon seeing this situation!

He should not use her life’s happiness as a reward even if her father loathed Darryl!

“Darryl, die!” Matteo did not hesitate at that moment as he yelled out loud and immediately rushed over!

On the other hand, the other Nine Mainland’s cultivators looked at each other with none planning to act rashly without careful consideration.

They knew that Darryl’s position in the World Universe was very high and going against him meant going against the entire World Universe.

In addition, he was also the South Cloud World’s Prince Consort!

The New World Emperor pointed at Darryl at that moment and said angrily, “What are all of you still standing there for? Take him down! Chop him into pieces! I want him chopped into pieces!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The Royal Guards then unsheathed their sabers and rushed toward Darryl like tidal waves!

The New World Empress also stood up from her throne and instructed, “Block the Princess, do not let her go near Darryl!”

“Father… Mother…” Yvette was anxious yet furious. She wanted to rush over and stood before Darryl to shield him but was one step too late. Her path was blocked.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The entire palace’s royal guards kept coming through and instantly brought the entire competition square into an utter mess. Many of the Royal City folks ran amok in panic from fear of being injured, yet they still wanted to watch the situation.

However, the contestants and cultivators of the other Nine Mainland all retreated and continued to watch on from afar.


Darryl roared as internal energy exploded from him which forced Matteo—the first to rush up to him—to take a few steps back.

Darryl yelled with reddened eyes in the next second upon seeing himself being surrounded by the palace’s powerful cultivators, “Everyone, f*cking move!”

His voice was almost hoarse as he yelled!

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