The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1518 Skykissing wolf

There were four figures right in front of those disciples who quickly flew over! It was the Dixon brothers—the Four Warlords!

A few days ago, Darryl had instructed the Dixon brothers to wait outside the Royal City for him when he decided to partake in the martial arts marriage tournament in case anything happens.

The Dixon brothers had been gathering around and hid for the past few days outside of the Royal City with thousands of Elysium Gate elite disciples in preparation for the unexpected and their safety despite knowing that Darryl had been advancing smoothly.

As they expected, Darryl’s identity had been exposed in the end during the finals as he started fighting against the New World Royals!

The Dixon brothers wasted no time and immediately led the thousands of elite disciples to quickly support Darryl upon receiving the news.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sounds of a unison march rang instantly and emotionally stirred up many people.

“Is this the Elysium Gate?”

“Such majestic aura that’s comparable to the New World Royal Army!”

The ordinary folks who watched from afar were especially baffled and looked on at Darryl in a daze in speechlessness!


Darryl laughed upon seeing this scene as an endless battle spirit pervading his body before hissing loudly, “Elysium Gate, listen up! Follow me and destroy this palace today!”


Thousands of disciples replied in unison upon his command as they grandly rushed forward and caused those present to tremble!

‘Damn it!’

The New World Emperor clenched his fist tightly as his fury constantly rose!

Darryl had long gathered his disciples! Although those disciples were nothing to be worried about, no one had been so daring, bold, and rude ever since the New World Royals ruled over the New World. The New World Royals were respected by all, yet the Elysium Gate dared to fight in their homeland!

Such a provocation of the New World Royals’ authority. Darryl and the Elysium Gate had to be destroyed.

“Kill! Kill all of Darryl and his accomplice and leave not a single one alive! Not a single one!” The New World Emperor barked manically with reddened eyes.

the thousands of Royal Guards came forward upon his command as both parties instantly started fighting and killing each other!

The sounds of tragic wails and weapons clanging kept ringing throughout the entire Nine Suns Altar!


The people who were watching from afar including the Nine Mainland’s cultivators secretly took a deep breath upon witnessing this situation with their complicated expressions.

Even Darryl’s men had arrived. It looked like the Elysium Gate and the New World Royals were going to have a bloodbath and would not stop until death.

However, the New World Royals had ruled this land for over a thousand years with deep roots after all. Would Darryl and his thousands of men be their match?

“Brother Darryl!”

Someone who seems awe-inspiring strode out among the crowd of onlookers just when many were still secretly pondering that fact.

It was the Elixir Sect Master, Andy Curtis!

Andy’s internal energy erupted at that moment with his white long spear at hand before yelling at Darryl, “Brother Darryl, I’ll assist you!”

Andy then scanned his surroundings and loudly yelled, “Elixir Sect, listen up! We’ll be supporting the Elysium Gate!”


A few hundred Elixir Sect disciples quickly rushed out and joined the Elysium Gate upon his command! Andy Curtis might not have partaken in the martial arts marriage tournament, but he was not going to miss out on such a huge event.

Although he only brought a few hundred men along with him, these men were the Elixir Sect’s elites!

In truth, Andy was initially extremely heartbroken when he received news of Darryl’s death as he respected Darryl the most in his heart!

Andy did not give it a second thought at that moment as he immediately stood up and offered help upon witnessing Darryl was not dead, but fighting against the New World Royals!


Everyone was baffled when they saw the Elixir Sect had joined in the fight as all of them turned to look at Darryl with a complicated expression.

‘How can Darryl be so charming that the Elixir Sect Master is helping him too?’

The Nine Mainland’s cultivators were extremely stunned with the course of events as the Elixir Sect was one of the Great East’s four largest sects!

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