The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1519 Skykissing wolf


The New World Emperor’s expressions turned extremely ugly upon seeing this scene as he looked condescendingly at Andy Curtis before sneering, “Great, great! Who knew many of Darryl’s accomplices will appear today. I’ll fulfill your wishes since all of you want to die!”

The New World Emperor then barked, “Kill those having anything to do with the Elysium Gate without leaving even a single one left alive!”


More royal guards came rushing forward like tidal waves upon his command and did not seem to stop coming as thousands of guards that were responsible for guarding the Royal City also quickly came over at the same time and surrounded the Nine Suns Altar like an iron wall.

“Master Curtis!”

Darryl smiled bitterly upon seeing Andy joining the fight and felt touched. “You don’t have to…”

Andy’s face flushed as he unhappily replied loudly, “Darryl, are you looking down on me? I’ve long considered you as my brother at heart. I won’t regret it even if I die together here with you today!”


Darryl felt his blood stirring upon hearing his words before nodding and loudly saying, “It’s my bad, Brother Andy. Let’s have fun killing today! It’s best if we can overthrow those arrogant New World Royals! Haha!”

Darryl and Andy then looked at each other before laughing together!

“You want to overthrow the New World Royals with your weak powers? How bold of you!”

Leonardo sneered at that moment as his aura erupted at lightning speed before violently attacking Darryl.

Darryl did not bother to say anything and immediately met with his attack!


A loud sound could be heard as their two attacks clashed against each other and caused a strong aura force to ripple out toward the crowd!

Leonardo and Darryl grunted at the same time before both were forced back dozens of steps!

It was a hard attack, but no one had the upper hand!

However, Darryl did not panic at all with his calm expression showing a hint of condescendence as he had not even used his full energy in his previous attack!

However, Leonardo was extremely stunned at heart.

It was only a few days ago since he seriously injured Darryl, yet Darryl’s powers had increased to almost similar as his in just a mere few days.

It would be a huge problem in the future if he let Darryl who had such terrifying leveling speed to live on.

He has to kill Darryl today no matter what price he had to pay!

Leonardo said to the other three Golden Dragon Guards with that thought in mind, “Let’s get him together!”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The other three Golden Dragon Guards immediately rushed over alongside Leonardo who also moved swiftly and surrounded Darryl!

“Bring it on! Let’s see if you really have what it takes to kill me!” Darryl angrily roared.

He then lifted his hand as a ball of white flames emerged in mid-air before turning into a white flaming sea. The sea of flames headed toward Leonardo and the others in a blink of an eye!

In truth, Darryl was a little worried the moment he unleashed the White Lily Cold Flame.

He could not forget the last time Leonardo cast the Cold Marrow Fire Bead to block his White Lily Cold Flame when he fought against Leonardo.

His White Lily Cold Flame would be rendered useless if Leonardo were to use that again.

Darryl still had not realized at that moment he was tricked by Leonardo the last time.

Leonardo previously used the Ten Thousand Year Frost and not something called the Cold Marrow Fire Bead—a name he thought of at the last minute!

“White Lily Cold Flame…”

“Move, quickly move away…”

Leonardo and his cohorts were stunned upon seeing the White Lily Cold Flame as their expressions changed before immediately avoiding it.

The Ten Thousand Year Frost was something rare and precious. It was coincidental that Leonardo stumbled upon and had a piece of it. However, the spiritual aura in it was all used up after its last usage!

‘What’s going on?’

Darryl smiled upon seeing this scene and said, “Leonardo? Where’s your Cold Marrow Fire Bead? Has it lost its powers?”

Although Darryl did not know what Leonardo previously used, he could guess Leonardo must have lied to him in an attempt to intimidate him.

Otherwise, he would not have to so badly dodge Darryl’s enchanted flame!

“I’ve said it once! I’m taking Yvette away today and whoever stops me shall die!” Darryl’s maniacal roar caused the entire Royal City to fall into utter silence!

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