The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1521 Skykissing wolf

At that moment, the earth’s spiritual aura was sucked dry—the force was so terrifying and blood-curdling!


The moment Darryl landed on the ground, the entire Nine Suns Altar was up in dust!

The Blood Battle Eight Directions was Lu Bu’s ultimate technique—back when he was alive!

The attack destroyed the entire Nine Suns Altar and turned it into ruins. There were also terrifying cracks where Darryl stood, and it had spread everywhere. Many of the buildings had collapsed.

Lava erupted from the cracks in the ground. Many of the royal guards and cultivators were affected; close to ten thousand people lay in blood pools.


Leonardo and the other Golden Dragon Guards also spat mouthfuls of blood. They had been kicked backward!

Chills ran down the spines of those people who had witnessed that. Their minds buzzed!

It was the Blood Battle Eight Directions!

Darryl had attacked with Lu Bu’s Blood Battle Eight Directions!

It was too horrifying!

The New World Emperor trembled—his face paled!

It took only one move to kill so many of his men! If he were to let Darryl leave there alive, that man would cause him much more trouble in the future!

Death—Darryl had to die!

“Kill him! Kill him! No matter what it takes! Kill Darryl!” The New World Emperor yelled manically; he was like a complete lunatic!

Then, many of the palace’s cultivators snapped back to their senses and rushed forward again!


Darryl clenched the Heavenly Halberd tightly in his hand and stood there arrogantly. He looked majestic, but his face was pale.

He had used most of his energy to cast the Blood Battle Eight Directions.

That was Lu Bu’s ultimate technique. It was extremely powerful, but only cultivators at the Heaven Ascension level and above could make full use of the method.

However, Darryl was only a Level Five Martial Emperor. He had used the technique forcefully, so it had taken a toll on him!


At that moment, Yvette wailed as She looked at Darryl with concern. “Are you alright? How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine!”

Darryl smiled and looked at Yvette, who was quite far away. He tried to comfort her. “Don’t worry; I will take you with me today!”

Then, he took a deep breath. He clutched onto the Heavenly Halberd tightly and rushed into the crowd again.

Time passed by the second; the battle got more intense.

Even though Darryl had pure energy to protect his body, plus the Heavenly Halberd in his hand, there were too many enemies around him. There were countless royal guards and also a constant stream of soldiers. He could not kill them all.

At first, Darryl could still take it, but he gradually started to tire.

At that moment, the man was covered in blood as he stood amid a pile of bodies.

There were just too many of them, and he could not kill them all! Darryl was also covered in injuries!

“Die, Darryl!”

Finally, Leonardo found an opening—he attacked Darryl’s chest from behind! He had aimed for his heart!


Darryl immediately trembled and spat a mouthful of blood!

“Brother Darryl!”

The Dixon brothers yelled out loud in unison; their eyes reddened!


Darryl roared like a lunatic. He did not care about his injuries. He turned around and returned the attack, which forced Leonardo backward!

However, at that moment, another Golden Dragon Guard quickly rushed toward them with a sword in his hand—he pierced Darryl violently!

Stab! Stab! Stab!

Darryl could not avoid the attack, and the sword pierced through his shoulders—fresh blood spurted!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

As he bore through the pain, Darryl clutched onto his wound and stumbled a few steps backward; then, he fell to the ground!

The New World Emperor laughed; he looked madly excited as he yelled, “Kill him! Kill him! Hack him into pieces!”

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