The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1525 Skykissing wolf

However, Debra was furious when she heard that Darryl had died at the New World Royal Palace.


Zoran snapped back to his senses. He gritted his teeth and yelled, “Gather everyone immediately. We’ll head to the New World Royal Palace to avenge Darryl.”


At Zoran’s command, the disciple wiped his tears and ran out.

The news of Darryl’s death immediately spread throughout the entire World Universe.

In half a day, the Eternal Life Palace Sect, Fuyao Palace, and other sects had received news about it as well.

The Eternal Life Palace Sect and the Fuyao Palace immediately gathered all their disciples and quickly headed toward the New World as well!

There was only one intention, and that was to avenge Darryl!

Meanwhile, at the Nine Suns Altar in the New World Palace!

The battle was at its peak; the smell of blood continued to reign in the air!

“Argh!” The sounds of deaths and miserable wails continued to echo! The entire Nine Suns Altar had formed a river of blood!

The battle got more intense! One would say it got more tragic!

Even though Darryl did not hold his powers back, and Andy Curtis and the Dixon brothers supported him, the situation did not look good as he continued to fight against the New World Royals!

After all, they were at the New World Royal City. Under the New World Emperor’s command, the soldiers, city guards, royal palace guards and hired cultivators continued to arrive. Darryl could not fight all of them at once!

In that messy battle, Darryl could only instruct his disciples to form a simple formation. However, the attacks were too fierce, so the formation did not last long before their enemies broke through it. Unfortunately, better formations needed a long time to prepare.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the blink of an eye, under an intense battle, thousands of Elysium Gate elite disciples were injured; some were even killed! They could not fight against the New World Royals and were constantly forced back. Finally, they were backed into a corner at the altar.

‘F*ck! Is this my destiny? Am I going to die here today?”

As he looked at his surroundings, most of his brothers were either dead or heavily injured. Darryl was extremely anxious; his eyes reddened. He looked at Andy and the Dixon brothers with tears in his eyes and yelled, “My fellow brothers, I am so sorry! Let’s still be brothers in our next life!”

“Brother Darryl, I do not regret dying with you in this fight!” Andy yelled. He had no strength left, yet it did not diminish his spirit to fight back against their enemies.

“Brother Darryl, we will not lose!

“Yes! The Elysium Gate will never die! We will not rest in battle!”

The Dixon brothers also yelled with all their might.

The four of them were also exhausted. At that moment, they were forced to hold on.

Zephyr clutched a ten-meter-tall Nine Dragons Justice flag in his hand. Its pole was erected right in front of him. The golden flag had been dyed red with blood, but it flapped proudly in the cold wind.

Elysium Gate would never fall!

They would never rest in battle!

Those words were the Elysium Gate’s soul—it was their principle in the world of cultivators. Some would even say it was their faith. Even if they were bled dry, it would never shake their faith.


Many onlookers, be it the ordinary folks or the cultivators from the Nine Mainlands, were all emotional.

Was that the Elysium Gate that Darryl had founded? Such a hot-blooded and intense fight, and with such high battle spirits too! It was undoubtedly worth witnessing!

It was shocking—way too shocking!

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