The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1526 Skykissing wolf

The onlookers were all emotional, and they also pitied the Elysium Gate. It was an admirable effort, but unfortunately, they had to go against the New World Emperor.

It was quite apparent that Elysium Gate could not hold on much longer.

It would be hard for Darryl to escape death!

“My fellow officials and soldiers! This is the end for Darryl and the Elysium Gate. Kill them! Kill them all! Leave no one alive! Not a single one alive. Not one!

“After this, we will invade the World Universe. By then, their treasures would be yours! Kill them for me!”

The New World Emperor engaged his energy field and yelled. His eyes were filled with manic.


The thousands of guards and cultivators roared; their aura was majestic as they rushed forward like a tsunami.

When they saw that, the Dixon brothers and Andy smiled tragically; their eyes were full of despair!


Darryl trembled and knelt on one knee. His face was full of blood and dirt. He gazed at Yvette, who was still blocked by the guards, with tears in his eyes. He had already done his best.

He had truly tried his best. ‘Yvette, I’m sorry that I’m such a useless man. I can’t take you away!’

Darryl let out a long breath and shut his eyes slowly. He was in total despair.


Yvette sobbed terribly. She continued to plead with the New World Emperor. “Father Emperor, I beg you, let Darryl and the others go! I promise you; I won’t go with him. I will forget him. I’ll marry whomever you wish. Just let him live!”

However, the New World Emperor had gone mad. He would not listen to anyone. He continued to yell, “Go! Kill them all! Kill them!”

The New World Emperor’s voice was utterly hoarse; his eyes flashed with endless fury and resentment!

Darryl had no respect for the New World Royals; he had caused trouble in the Royal City many times. He had to die!


The royal army and cultivators forced Darryl and the others into a corner. There was no way for them to escape.

“Darryl, hold on! I’m coming!”

At that moment, they heard a yell from somewhere far away. The voice thundered through the clouds.

Thousands of people rushed toward them majestically from afar! The leader held a giant axe in his hands, like a warlord!

It was Dax Sanders!

“Dax!” Darryl’s nose soured when he saw Dax led the Flower Mountain to them. He almost cried out.

“Darryl! I thought you f*cking died!” Dax laughed out loud, yet his eyes were wet.

Dax had been distraught throughout the journey; he thought Darryl had fallen into the moat and died. When he reached the New World and realized that Darryl was still alive, he was elated!

“Darryl, I am here too!”

At the same time, another voice rang out. Then, they saw more than ten thousand people strode toward them from the North-East side. Among the crowd, there was a huge flag with a single word—Wilson!

The leader was in a long, white robe, and he held a folded fan in his hands. He looked gentle and scholarly, with a smile on his face. However, his intellectual aura shocked the entire crowd!

It was the Eternal Life Palace Sect’s Sect Master, Chester Wilson!


The onlooker burst into exclaims.

“The Eternal Life Palace Sect! And the Flower Mountain!”

“They’re here to support Darryl…”

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