The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1529 Skykissing wolf

“A bunch of disorganized, undisciplined mob!”

The New World Emperor’s expressions darkened as he snarled.

Even though Fuyao Palace had more than ten thousand people with them, they were all women. The Emperor was not worried about them at all.




Right at that moment, everyone heard cries from somewhere far away again. Then, they saw more than ten thousand figures flying toward them from afar—they looked majestic.

Zoran Carter and Susan Creek led that group!


Everyone was immediately stunned again.

Darryl had more backup?

Like Little Fairy, Debra and the others thought that Darryl had died. When they rushed there and noticed that Darryl was still alive, they were all delighted!


Debra took a step forward and rushed toward Darryl. She hugged him; she could not hide the joy in her heart. She choked as she said, “Darryl, you b*stard! I thought you were dead! Do you know how sad I was?”

Darryl hugged her tightly as he smiled happily!

She knew her man would not die so easily!

After all, he was a majestic hero!


Yvonne and Monica rushed toward him too. They buried themselves in Darryl’s arms; they were unspeakably excited.

They also thought that Darryl had died!

They could not control their emotions when they realized Darryl was still alive, even though the battle had weakened him. They hugged him tightly!


The onlookers burst into an uproar!

“F*ck! Darryl has so many women?”

“They are all as gorgeous as fairies; it’s too enviable!”

“If I could have only one of them, my life is worth living!”

The men looked at Darryl in envy. They could not hide their jealousy.

It did not matter who—Debra, or Yvonne, or Monica, or Little Fairy—each one of them was a goddess. Wherever they went, they would be the center of everyone’s attention.

It was a shocking scene; there were so many women by Darryl’s side, and they were all concerned with his condition.

Which men would not envy that?


Dax and Chester were in high spirits when they saw that Fuyao Palace and the Carter family were there to help too.

The tables had turned, slowly but surely. They went from a disadvantage to equal footing with their enemies.

The battle continued for a long time.

They only stopped fighting when darkness fell.

Everyone—Darryl, Dax, Chester, Leonardo, and the other cultivators—were all exhausted. They had no strength to continue the battle.


“My fellow brothers. Stop!” Darryl slumped on the ground to take a deep breath. He glared at the New World Emperor. “Let’s stop. If you promise never to invade the World Universe and let Yvette go with me, then I will not kill you. Our grudge will be settled…”

Darryl was calm when he said that.

Darryl did not want to continue with the battle. The fight was a massive loss for the New World Royals, and he had lost many Elysium Gate disciples as well.

Furthermore, even though the New World Emperor was a despicable man, he was Yvette’s father.

If he were to kill him, how would he face Yvette?

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