The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1530 Skykissing wolf

The New World Emperor burst out in laughter when he heard what Darryl had said. He looked at Darryl condescendingly. “That’s absurd. I am the emperor, well-respected by millions. If I want to conquer the World Universe and expand my empire, you don’t get to say anything about that.”

Then, the New World Emperor’s expression darkened. “You can continue dreaming about taking Yvette with you. If you think that you can kill me, do it already! There’s no need for all this nonsense!”

He was the emperor. Where was his dignity if Darryl’s mere words were to frighten him? There would be none left!

He knew that one of them must die that day; they could no longer go back.

‘F*ck! Why is he still being stubborn?’

Darryl’s face paled as fury rose.

He had tried to compromise, but the Emperor did not appreciate that gesture.

‘Do you think I’m afraid of you?’


The onlookers looked at each other with conflicted expressions on their faces.

“Are they trying to come to an agreement?”

“They are equally strong; they should not continue fighting. However, it doesn’t look like the emperor wants to compromise.”

“If that’s the case, please don’t tell me that they are going to rest for a while and then continue fighting?”

Everyone thought that it was a strange situation.

However, the situation got even more interesting as it developed.

Initially, everyone thought that the New World Royals would Darryl and his accomplices. However, they did not expect that Darryl would have so much support. The fight had reached a stalemate.

“Your Majesty!”

A slow and casual voice echoed from nearby.

Then, a person appeared from the crowd. He wore a black brocade robe, and his body emitted a strong aura—he looked extraordinary.

It was Lord Kenny Bred!

Many strong cultivators trailed behind him; they had cold expressions on their faces, and they also had a powerful aura. It seemed like they were all Martial Emperors!


The crowd gasped when they saw Lord Kenny Bred.

“Lord Kenny Bred?”

“Ten years ago, the New World Emperor told Lord Kenny Bred to kill Monica. However, Lord Kenny loved her deeply and could not bear to kill her, so he let her go discreetly. He had offended the Emperor, who commanded the guards to behead him on the streets. However, someone rescued him at the very last moment, and after that, no one knew about his whereabouts. I did not expect that he would appear again today…”

“Those men behind him looked very powerful. Are they his men?”

Everyone’s eyes were on Lord Kenny Bred; they were stunned. Some of them were worried for Darryl.

After all, Lord Kenny Bred was part of the New World royal family. If he were there to help the New World Emperor, then Darryl would be in trouble.

It also seemed like Darryl and his men were already exhausted; they could no longer continue to fight!

‘This is Lord Kenny Bred?’

Darryl tried to sense Lord Kenny’s powers discreetly; his expressions changed as he did that. He could not hide the shock in his heart.

Heaven Ascension level…

Lord Kenny Bred was at Heaven Ascension level!

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