The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1531 Skykissing wolf

Darryl immediately went on his guard, even though Lord Kenny had taken care of Monica for a few years, and she had always said that he was a good person.

The man was still part of the New World Royals. If he were there to help the New World Emperor, Darryl did not know what he would do about that.

Monica, who stood at the side, trembled as she stared at Lord Kenny. She had not seen him for many years; it seemed like he had matured and looked even more manly. He had also reached the Heaven Ascension level. Every action he took was full of a powerful aura.

Monica’s eyes were a little wet. Lord Kenny had spent quite a few years with her, respected her well, and cared for her unconditionally. He had even risked his life quite a few times for her! Not only that, Lord Kenny treated her son with kindness as well; he saw Ambrose as his own son.

The man had touched Monica many times!

They had been apart for ten years. When Monica saw Lord Kenny, she could not help but shuddered.

Lord Kenny had not seen Monica yet. At that moment, he had his hands behind him. He smiled as he strolled toward the New World Emperor—calm and collected.

When he was in front of him, Lord Kenny smiled at the New World Emperor ambiguously. “You’re a New World Royal; how can you let a few sects beat you up so badly? It doesn’t look like you’re doing well as the Emperor; perhaps I can help you?”

Lord Kenny smiled, but his eyes were icy.

The Emperor almost executed Lord Kenny ten years ago. After his rescue, he roamed the world to gain more experiences. He had been in a few exciting incidents, which caused his powers to increase. He had also made a lot of friends in the world of cultivators.

Lord Kenny only practiced his cultivation for the past ten years; he did not crave any power. However, he had wanted to go back to the New World Royal City to look at the city again. After all, that was his hometown.

Two weeks ago, he found out that the New World Emperor wanted to hold a martial arts marriage tournament for Yvette, so he quickly brought his men and went there to have a look.

However, he realized that there was still a notice for his arrest on the city’s notice board.

At that moment, the long-suppressed grudge and resentment burst out at once.

He had been loyal to the Emperor for all those years. He had worked hard and established a great deal of credit. However, the New World Emperor did not let him go, even though it was only a tiny mistake.

It had been ten years, and they still did not take down the wanted notice for him.

Lord Kenny Bred was furious. When he saw Darryl and the New World Royals fought against one another, he decided to hold back and wait for the right moment to show himself. When he realized that both sides had suffered severe injuries, he walked toward them without any hesitation.

“You’re not dead?!”

The New World Emperor stared at Lord Kenny—stunned and angry. “Lord Kenny Bred, you made a grave mistake when you lied to me. You were guilty then; how dare you return now?”

The Emperor endured his injuries as he continued to say, “You have been kicked out of the family, and you are now a criminal. Our matters do not concern you!”

The New World Emperor was an incredibly proud man. Even though the situation did not look good for them, he did not want a criminal to help them turn things around.

Lord Kenny laughed out loud as his eyes flashed with resentment. “Criminal? You tried to get me to kill the woman I loved; you do not deserve the throne! I have loved Monica Vaughn my entire life, and yet you tried to get me to kill her? How could I do it? You may be the Emperor, but that doesn’t mean you can take someone else’s life without any reason at all. I refused, and I let her go. So, that makes me a criminal?”

Lord Kenny Bred’s voice was hoarse; he looked like a lunatic.

Even though ten years had passed, Lord Kenny still could not let the past go, especially when he was forced to part with Monica. It was a lifelong pain for him.

“How bold!”

The New World Emperor was furious. He pointed at Lord Kenny Bred; his voice trembled as he said, “How dare you talk to me like that! You have deceived and offended me! You defied me! Men, take him down! Take him…”

The Emperor was so angry that he looked like a mad man.

He was the emperor—a position high above everyone else. Everyone had to respect him! Lord Kenny was nothing but a fugitive, yet he pointed fingers at him. How horrible of him!

“Take him down! Take him down! Take that traitor down!” The New World Emperor yelled as his face paled.

However, his people—Sloan, Leonardo, and others—were utterly exhausted at that moment. How would they have the energy to deal with Lord Kenny Bred?

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