The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1532 Skykissing wolf

“Offend you?”

The corner of Lord Kenny Bred’s lips curled. He looked at the New World Emperor and flashed a smile at him. “Your Majesty, I only spoke the truth; how is that an offense? Well then, I’ll just have to show you what an offense looks like!”


Then, a strong aura erupted from Lord Kenny Bred before he sent an attack toward the New World Emperor. He had aimed for the man’s heart!

It looked like Lord Kenny was determined to kill him! He had spent so many years helping the Emperor with his conquest, and yet the man still wanted to kill him. The seed of grudge had long been planted in him! At that moment, he only wanted to kill the New World Emperor!

“No, don’t—”

Darryl’s expression changed as he yelled.

The New World Emperor was Yvette’s father. Darryl had never thought to kill him because Yvette would be upset if the Emperor had died. Darryl wanted to stop Lord Kenny, but he was so severely injured that he barely had any strength to stand up!

The crowd gasped.

What had happened?

Lord Kenny wanted to kill the New World Emperor?

Sloan and the other guards also gasped and yelled.

“Lord Kenny, how dare you!”


As they reprimanded him, Sloan and the others wanted to rush forward to protect the New World Emperor from the attack.

However, Lord Kenny had attained the Heaven Ascension level; he was too quick for them. Sloan and the others were still injured; they were still a step too slow!

The New World Emperor was furious and frightened. However, he was also injured due to the previous battle. He could not avoid it at all!


The attack hit the New World Emperor in his chest. He grunted, and like a broken kite, he immediately flew backward. He spurted a mouthful of blood and flew about a hundred meters backward. He crashed into a column in the main hall and then slumped to the ground.


The moment he landed on the ground, the Emperor spat out a mouthful of blood again. His eyes widened and glared at Lord Kenny, but he could not say anything as he was already dead!

The attack had used about eight or nine levels of Lord Kenny’s energy. He had utterly shattered the New World Emperor’s heart vein. Even the Gods would not be able to save him!

The crowd gasped and tensed when they saw that; they were bewildered.


Lord Kenny had killed the New World Emperor!


Darryl was also stunned. He looked at Lord Kenny in a daze; he was speechless!

‘Lord Kenny is too cruel! The New World Emperor was still his brother! How could he attack without any hesitation!’

“Your Majesty!”

Sloan and the other guards wailed out in misery as tears streamed down their faces!

“Father!” Yvette completely lost it; she yelled. In extreme misery, her visions darkened before she immediately passed out.

Darryl reacted quickly. He rushed toward her and hugged her in his arms.

At that moment, the whole place had fallen silent; one could even hear it clearly if a pin were to drop onto the ground!

Lord Kenny Bred had attacked the New World Emperor so suddenly and had killed him too. No one had expected that. Everyone looked at him in shock; they remained speechless for a long time.

Lord Kenny did not panic. He let out a breath as he smiled.

He glanced at the New World Emperor’s body casually and said, “As the emperor, you were headstrong and self-opinionated; you never think about your subjects. You should have abdicated a long time ago. Rest in peace, my brother.”

Then, Lord Kenny turned and looked toward the Heavenly Earth Altar; he bowed deeply and said, “To the New World Royals ancestors, I had no intention to fight for power or the want to be the emperor. However, my brother’s reign had been unethical and unpopular. So, have no choice but to take his place! Rest assured that as long as I am alive, the New World Royals will continue to prosper and flourish!”

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