The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1538 Skykissing wolf

’Don’t deserve!’

Those two words were like a huge invisible hammer that had crushed Darryl’s heart!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Darryl stumbled a few steps backward; his face was utterly pale. He was heartbroken and upset!

“Brother Darryl…”

“You brat…”

“Dude, don’t talk to your father like that, or I’ll beat you up.”

The Dixon brothers, Dax, and Chester were furious, especially Dax as he was a hot-tempered man. He almost jumped up. He glared at Ambrose. “How rude! I think you need a beating…”

“Shut up!” Ambrose looked at him flatly. “This is our family’s business; what right do you have to interrupt?”


Dax was livid, but he was also speechless.

That was right; it was Darryl’s family matters. However, he was Darryl’s brother! That meant Darryl’s son was also his son! The kid was too rude; it was infuriating!

At that moment, Dax had been severely injured, so he could not move. Otherwise, he would have given Ambrose a good slap!


At that moment, the crowd looked at them with a conflicted expression. Then, they started to discuss among themselves.

“The son does not acknowledge his own father…”

“This is getting more and more interesting…”

“F*ck me, how many women does Darryl have? He has a son, yet he never knew about it?”

The crowd continued to comment on that. Monica was embarrassed and furious at the same time.

It was supposed to be a happy reunion, yet it had become that. They had become the butt of the joke in the Nine Mainland’s world of cultivators.

It was too embarrassing.

Lord Kenny chuckled and stroked Ambrose’s head. “It seems like I did not waste my love on you. Are you really willing to stay by my side?”

Lord Kenny looked at Darryl when he said that.

‘So what if you are the World Universe’s hero? Your son does not want you to be his father!’

“Hmm!” Ambrose nodded without any hesitation!

Even though he was Darryl’s biological son, he had no feelings toward the older man. He thought it would be better to stay by Lord Kenny’s side.

“Great! That’s great!”

Lord Kenny was happy to hear his answer. He smiled at Monica. “My dear, Ambrose has decided to stay; why don’t you stay as well?”

“I won’t stay here.” Monica shook her head.

Then, Monica looked at Ambrose. “You really don’t want to follow me to the World Universe?”

Monica was distraught; her tears started to fall again.

Ambrose did not reply; his silence was the only answer he gave his mother. However, his eyes had hints of reluctance.

Ambrose wanted to be with Monica. However, he was utterly against Darryl.

“My dear!”

Lord Kenny sighed. He looked at Monica with sparkles in his eyes. “You’re not willing to stay here, and it’s all because of Darryl, right?”

“Yes.” Monica did not even need to think about her answer. She would always be grateful to Lord Kenny for taking care of her, but she only had Darryl in her heart. That fact would never change. Lord Kenny was a great man, but Monica was not someone who would change her decision constantly.

Lord Kenny sighed. “If that’s the case, then I am willing to allow Darryl to stay here. How does that sound?” He walked toward her. He had a smile on his face, but his eyes revealed a subtle coldness in them.

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