The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1542 Skykissing wolf


Everyone was stunned when they saw Stella; their eyes were locked onto her as they went speechless, especially some of the men. They watched Stella without any remorse!

The beautiful women who were already there—the six Fuyao Palace Masters, Debra, and Yvonne—were as gorgeous as fairies. All of them had eye-catching looks!

They thought the new lady did not look worse than those ladies!


Florian stared at them blankly for a few seconds before his mind reacted. Then, he glared at Stella. “Who are you? How dare you break into the palace? Do you know where this is?”

Florian looked at Stella from head to toes as he gulped his saliva discreetly.


‘She’s so beautiful. What a stunner!’

Darryl furrowed his brows; he was puzzled to see Stella.

‘Who is this woman? She is here with the four Scope clowns. Is she also from the Ice Fire Island?’

When he first met Stella, she had looked extremely ugly because of the poison in her body. Darryl had not figured out that they were the same person when he saw Stella’s beautiful appearance.

“Are you Florian? You don’t have to know who I am!” Stella glanced at Florian contemptuously; she looked determined. “I’m here; there’s no way you can hurt my husband!”

After she said that, Stella flew toward Darryl and glanced at him affectionately. “Hubby, I am here! Don’t worry; I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

Stella had married Darryl in an abandoned manor only a few days before the battle. Even though her father had made a mess with her four senior brothers, Stell still regarded Darryl as her husband.


‘This beautiful lady is also Darryl’s wife?’

Suddenly, chaos broke out as men shot envious and angry stares at Darryl.

‘What the heck did Darryl do to deserve this?’

‘Why does it feel like all the beautiful women in the world have a relationship with him?’


Darryl was dumbfounded as he met Stella’s gaze with a blank look. A few seconds later, he suddenly recalled it; he was both surprised and delighted. “Stella?”

‘Oh, f*ck! Stella is so beautiful.’

Darryl’s mind buzzed as if he was in a dream.

Stella smiled at Darryl as she replied softly, “Yes, it is me, Husband.”

Stella felt excited; she was also touched that Darryl remembered her.

She had never expected that a heroic person like Darryl would remember her, especially when she had looked so hideous the first time they met.

Darryl took a deep breath before he nodded. “Thank you!”

“Why are you so polite to me?” Stella responded with a charming smile.

“Little Junior Sister!”

The Scope’s four brothers dashed toward Stella’s side.

“We’ve finally found Brother-in-law!”

“Junior Sister, now that you have found your man, let’s go. Don’t just spend your time in sweet whispers!”

“Yeah, look at how much blood he’s losing. He should get medical attention as soon as possible. And you guys should have babies, quickly!”

The four Scope brothers had grown up on Ice Fire Island. They were straightforward and spoke bluntly. They would say whatever crossed their mind without any consideration for how they might have sounded.


The crowd immediately went into a heated discussion. At the same time, they looked at Darryl and Stella with conflicted emotions in their eyes.

“F*ck, who the hell is this beautiful lady?”

“Baby? Has the two of them made it that far in their relationship?”

“Darryl must have an enviable life with so many beautiful ladies around him!”

Stella’s face reddened after she heard the comments around her. She felt ashamed, so she stomped her feet angrily and yelled at the Scope brothers. “Shut up! All of you!”

The four Scope brothers quickly held their tongues when they realized that Stella was furious. They looked guilty, like kids who had been caught red-handed in their mischief.

The four brothers were not afraid of anything in the world except for two people—their master, Eric Scope and their junior sister, Stella.

Darryl laughed; the scene amused him.

He thought that the four silly brothers were not afraid of heaven and earth. It turned out that they were fearful of their own little junior sister.

How interesting!

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