The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1546 Skykissing wolf

‘What? She’s not a friend?’

The Scope brothers were stunned when they heard that. They darted their confused gazes between the Empress and Darryl before they scratched their heads and yelled at the Empress.

“I thought so! This woman is so fierce, how can our brother-in-law’s friend? Look, you saved the wrong person…”

“Why are you looking at me? I wasn’t the one who picked her, it’s Third Brother!”

“She was crying so hard, so we thought that Lord Kenny had bullied her and that she must be our brother-in-law’s friend…”

“What do we do now? Send her back?”

The four brothers turned around and were about to send the Empress back to the altar.

“Hold on, hold on…”

Darryl stopped them when he realized what they wanted to do. He smiled and said, “You guys have worked hard to save her; there’s no need to send her back there!”


Darryl was perplexed; those brothers differed significantly from an ordinary person. They would want to send her back even after they spend so much effort in saving her. How could they go back there when the New World Royal City was in turmoil?

Darryl looked at the Empress again as he mumbled a complaint under his breath.

Even though she was not a friend, she was still Yvette’s mother. Since the previous Emperor was dead, she might suffer in Lord Kenny’s hands.


The Empress stared at Darryl bitterly and growled, “You shameless prick! Let go of Yvette. Otherwise, I will destroy Elysium Gate!”

When Darryl had pretended to be Luca Moonlight for the martial arts marriage tournament, he had stunned the crowd when he won two tournaments, and he showed great talents.

However, he was also the reason that the New World Royals suffered an unprecedented catastrophe!

Lord Kenny would not have appeared so suddenly if the New World Emperor and Darryl did not get into such a brutal fight. Even though Darryl did not kill the Emperor, he had caused his death, no matter how indirectly.

‘Did she say she’s going to destroy the Elysium Gate?’

Darryl was angry and amused. He looked at the Empress and asked, “Now that Lord Kenny has become the Emperor, you are no longer the Empress. You have no power; how would you destroy the Elysium Gate?”

Then, Darryl took a deep breath. “I know that you hate me, but I want to tell you that the relationship between Yvette and me is going strong, and I hope that you can give us your blessing. I believe that you’ll be safer if you’re with us. I don’t have to tell you your possible outcome if you were to return to the Royal City.


The Empress flushed as she glared at Darryl coldly; she was utterly speechless for a while!

Darryl was right.

The Emperor was dead, and Lord Kenny had risen to power. She would definitely be tortured if she were to go back to the Royal City.

Furthermore, an Empress with no rights and power could not do anything, not even to a powerless citizen, more so to the Elysium Gate.

It was a hard truth to accept.

She disapproved of Yvette’s relationship with Darryl as well.

The Empress looked at Darryl and said firmly, “You don’t need to worry about Yvette and me. You’re not in the position to worry about us. As long as I live, you will never marry Yvette.”

She could let the other issues slide, but she would never forget that Darryl had caused the Emperor’s death. She would take that hatred to her grave.

F*ck it!

‘Why is the Empress so stubborn?’

Darryl was speechless momentarily.

“Your Majesty!”

Stella, who had stayed silent, spoke softly, “You’re aware of the current situation—Lord Kenny has become the Emperor. He would want to eradicate the previous Emperor’s strengths and influences. You and Princess Yvette are the former Emperor’s closest family, so he would never let you go. Stay with us, and let us take care of—”

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