The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1552 Skykissing wolf

Stella was dumbfounded; she asked with a straight face. “Tell me, did you do anything to irritate the Empress? Is that why she chased you away because she was angry?”

Stella knew her four senior brothers well. They were full of nonsense and would always mess up their tasks. Most people could not stand them, let alone the noble Empress.

The four brothers closed their mouths abruptly and scratched their heads uneasily after Stella interrogated them.

“Stop trying to piss me off! I told you to listen to the Empress!” Stella stomped her feet angrily. From their expressions, she knew that they must have done something wrong to incur the Empress’ wrath.

“It’s okay!”

Yvette smiled as she went to diffuse the situation. “It must have been trying for the four heroes to take care of my mother. It must have been hard on them, so please don’t scold them so harshly, Miss Stella.”

Even though the four brothers were silly, they had fascinating personalities. More importantly, they were Darryl’s friends.

The four brothers beamed as they nodded in agreement.

“We’re glad that the Princess knows our pain…”

“Yes, we have done our best to let go of our heroic identities to serve the Empress, but she is too difficult to please.”

“Since you are so kind and understanding, we shall allow you to be with our brother-in-law…”

The more the four brothers spoke, the further they went off-topic. Stella blushed and stomped her feet embarrassingly. “What nonsense is this? Her Royal Highness and Darryl have been together from the beginning.”

Yvette was also a little embarrassed, but she smiled and said, “Okay, shall we go and have a look?”

Yvette glanced at Darryl when she said that.

She knew that the Empress would not let the four brothers return to her boat since she had sent them away. In that case, Yvette would have to be there.

However, she did not want to go there by herself. She hoped that Darryl would move to the other boat with her, but she was too embarrassed to say it in front of Stella.

After all, Stella had been very kind to them throughout the journey.

Darryl understood what Yvette had wanted. He turned to Stella and said, “Yvette and I go and take a look. You and your brothers should rest here.”

He knew that the Empress was indeed a little hot-tempered. She looked down on others because of her royal status; even Darryl refused to get close to her.

However, Darryl had no choice. She was Yvette’s mother, so he should face the problem with her. He could not run away from it.


Stella nodded obediently and immediately invited her senior brothers into the cabin.

“Brother-in-law, come back soon!”

“Yes, Junior Sister will be here waiting for you.”

“Even though you and the Princess are in love, Junior Sister is also your woman. You should be fair and treat them equally…”

When First Scope entered the cabin, he did not forget to turn around and advise Darryl.

Stella’s delicate face blushed again as she stomped her feet angrily.

‘My dear senior brothers, can’t you talk a little less?’

Darryl laughed. It was a little awkward, but at the same time, he was amused.

Those four senior brothers were fascinating. Hence, Darryl responded very seriously. “Don’t worry; I will be back after we managed to coax the Empress.”

Then, Darryl and Yvette leapt and landed on the opposite deck.

As soon as he entered the cabin, he saw the Empress had a stony expression on her delicate face; she was furious.

Even though the Empress was angry and alone in the cabin without any palace maids with her, she could not hide her proper and dignified temperament.

The Empress’ golden phoenix robe flaunted her exquisite figure to the fullest. She looked both charming and noble at the same time.

Darryl was stunned when he saw the Empress; he sighed discreetly.


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