The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1555 Skykissing wolf

The Empress relaxed after she took a deep breath. Then, she got irritated when she saw the boat had been shattered into pieces of planks. She stared at Darryl fiercely and said, “This is all your fault! Would we be so miserable if you didn’t have to go to Ice Fire Island? Do you know what you have done?”

They had been separated from Stella and the four Scope brothers, and their boat was a wreck. How could they get to Ice Fire Island?

The Empress was afraid that they might die in that vast sea.

That woman still had not realized that she could no longer be that aloof.


Darryl felt helpless with that accusation. He said dryly, “Well, I can’t stop the rain, can I?”

How could she blame him for things that were beyond his control?

“Mother Empress!”

Yvette was also dumbfounded at her mother’s behavior. She said, “How can you blame that on Darryl? Besides, I was the one who proposed we go to Ice Fire Island.”

She winked at Darryl, a sign for him not to continue with the argument.

“Now that you have him, you only care about him.” The Empress did not say anything else, but her gaze was locked onto Darryl.

“Darryl! Mother Empress!”

Suddenly, Yvette discovered something on the horizon; she exclaimed happily, “Look over there! It’s a small island.”

Darryl and the Empress followed her gaze hurriedly; sure enough, they saw an island a few kilometers away.


How fortunate of them!

Darryl felt overjoyed after a moment of shock; he turned to Yvette and shouted, “Quick! Let’s swim to that small island!”

Darryl took the lead and started to swim toward that island.

Yvette responded happily; she dragged the Empress with her as they trailed behind Darryl.

After a while, Yvette started to feel a little exhausted, and her face was pale. Her limbs were sore and limp. She felt like the last drop of energy had been drained from her body.

She had supported the Empress in the cabin during the storm, so she was tired. Then, she even had to swim as she dragged the Empress with her. It had taken a toll on her strength.


The Empress realized that Yvette’s speed had slowed, so she asked, “What’s the matter? Are you okay?” She was concerned with her daughter.

After the death of the New World Emperor, Yvette was her closest family, so she did not want anything bad to happen to her.

“I’m fine, Mother Empress!” Yvette forced a weak smile on her face; she pretended that everything was well. However, her speed had gradually slowed, and cold sweat had beaded on her beautiful face. She also seemed as if she would pass out soon; she looked pitiful.


Darryl quickly swam toward her when he realized that something was not right. He said, “Let me take the Empress! Don’t tire yourself out!”

Darryl was in distress as his heart ached for Yvette.

The woman had shown signs of exhaustion; it was apparent she could no longer swim with the Empress in tow.

Yvette nodded and was about to let go of the Empress so that Darryl could take her with him as he swam toward the island.

However, as soon as Darryl approached the Empress, she screamed and refused to be touched. “How dare you? You are not allowed to come near me!”

She was a dignified Empress; how could she let Darryl swim with her? Even if he was her son-in-law, it was still inappropriate.

Darryl’s outstretched hand suddenly froze; he was very speechless.

He could not believe it. The Empress almost drowned, and yet she still had so many rules.

Darryl complained discreetly; he was deeply attracted by her body.

The Empress looked sexy and charming. After a soak in the sea, the wet clothing on her body had revealed her alluring curves. Darryl could not take her eyes away from her.

“Your Majesty!”

After he had stared at her for a few seconds, Darryl reacted with a smile. He said, “You will need to stop with these rules. The most important thing right now is to save your life. Can’t you see that Yvette is exhausted? We’re still a few kilometers away from the small island. If you continue to let her take you, she will definitely not last until we arrive there.”

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