The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1559 Skykissing wolf

The Empress frowned as she called out to her daughter. Yvette had not even had the chance to leave with Darryl. “I’ll be alone if you go with him. Who will be here to take care of me? You should stay here with me!”

The Empress glared at Darryl contemptuously when she said that.

‘Just because you’re a Prince Consort now, you think that you have my blessing? You’re a b*stard who doesn’t deserve my daughter!’

“Mother Empress!”

Yvette stomped her feet angrily as she protested anxiously. “There is no one on this island, so there is no danger.”

The Empress did not say anything, but she did not look like she would compromise.


Darryl smiled bitterly. “Yvette, why don’t you stay with the Empress? I can catch the fish on my own!”

Darryl winked at Yvette to tell her not to be worried. Then, he walked out of the cave.

When he arrived at the beach, Darryl used the Heavenly Halberd to catch a few fish; he used the weapon to stab them.

As he returned to the cave, he saw that Yvette had thoughtfully set up the fire. When he reached them, she even offered help to cook the fish.

Yvette was a princess, and she had never cooked anything before that, but she did well. She had assisted Darryl with the cooking.

Darryl always brought a lot of seasonings with him when he travelled. However, he only started doing that after he had Jewel as his maid.

Darryl and Yvette chatted and laughed as they cooked; they were like a sweet old couple.

The atmosphere was so relaxed and pleasant, but the Empress was not happy after she saw them together.

She was very dissatisfied with Darryl. She could not bear it when she saw her daughter so intimate with that man. The more she looked at them, the more upset she felt.

“Your Majesty!”

Finally, after they had cooked the fish, Darryl pierced it with a branch and handed it to the Empress. He smiled and said, “Do tell me what you think of my cooking.”

While Yvette had prepared the fish, it was Darryl who had cooked them.

The Empress did not immediately take the offering. She stared at the grilled fish skewer in disgust. “It is so unhygienic to skewer them with branches. Do you want to make me sick?”


Darryl felt dispirited.

Yvette was also dumbfounded. She took a hairpin from her head and sterilized it with the fire. Then, she put a fish through it and handed it to her mother. She smiled and said, “Here, Mother Empress, this should be alright.”

‘I can’t believe that she is sticking to the rules at this time.’

The Empress did not say anything else. She took the grilled fish and began to eat in small bites.

It seemed like the Empress was Yvette’s mother, indeed. Even though they were at a campfire, she still observed her etiquette as she ate the fish. She had managed to maintain her decent and graceful posture.

Darryl sighed discreetly when he saw that. Then, he smiled and started to enjoy the meal with Yvette.

Yvette took a bite. Then, her eyes morphed into a crescent moon’s shape as she beamed and applauded. “It smells so good! It’s so delicious!”

Darryl laughed. He was in a great mood when he heard Yvette’s praise for him.

Jewel was the one who had taught him to cook.

When he thought of the young lady, he was reminded of Zoran, Dax and the others. He felt so uncomfortable.

‘I managed to escape, but I still don’t know what had happened to them.’

“Mother Empress!”

Yvette smiled at the Empress. “Mother Empress, how is Darryl’s cooking?”

She looked expectantly at her mother and hoped to fish a compliment.

Her man had made the grilled fish, so she had hoped that her mother would approve his cooking.

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