The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1560 Skykissing wolf

“Mediocre. I wouldn’t eat it if we have the imperial kitchen here,” the Empress responded faintly with a straight face. “Such rustic cooking with ingredients from the mountain and the ocean—it is not good for presentation, but perhaps only suitable to fill one’s stomach.”

She knew that Yvette wanted to fish compliments for Darryl.

However, the harder Yvette tried, the more the Empress had resisted Darryl, especially when she thought about the Emperor’s death.


Yvette felt dejected when she heard that. However, she also winked at Darryl to tell him that he should not take her mother’s words to heart.

Darryl did not mind it. He merely smiled and continued his meal with Yvette.

After that, Yvette said softly, “We have been traveling all day, Darryl. Let’s rest early.”

“Very well.”

Then, Darryl went out to find some hay, and Yvette laid them into three small beds.

Darryl took the time to restore his internal energy. After that, Darryl was about to lie down on the hay to sleep.

“Hey, who told you that you could sleep here?”

The Empress’s cold voice echoed throughout the cave. “Why are you sleeping here? Where do I sleep then? You really don’t know the rules at all!”

The Empress glared at Darryl unhappily.

“Mother Empress!”

Yvette stomped her feet anxiously. “There is only one cave here. If he doesn’t sleep here, where else would he go? Besides, he is still injured. Please let him sleep here, Mother Empress. Don’t worry; he will not disturb you.”


The Empress shook her head; she insisted firmly. “How can a man sleep in the same place as the Empress? Also, even if you do love each other, you are not married yet. So, don’t cross that line. The two of us can sleep here, Yvette, and he can look for another place to sleep. If you don’t agree, then don’t call me Mother Empress in the future.”

Darryl was shocked to hear that; he was furious.

‘So what if you’re a dignified Empress? You’re fleeing for your life, and haven’t I been taking care of your food and shelter?’

‘Now that we have had food and drink and also a place to stay, you want me to go? What kind of logic is this?’

‘Do you really think that you are still in the magnificent palace?’

The more Darryl thought about it, the more upset he felt. He was tired of the Empress’ behavior, but he would have to rein in his anger for Yvette’s sake.

“Mother Empress!”

Yvette almost cried, but when she realized that she would not be able to negotiate with her mother, she turned to look at Darryl helplessly. Then, she said bitterly, “Would you mind finding another place to sleep, Darryl?”

Yvette’s heart almost broke when she said that.

She had wanted to sleep with Darryl.

However, it did not seem like they could make that work; the Empress had forbidden that.

“That’s alright!”

Darryl nodded and looked at Yvette with a smile. “I have thick skin; I don’t mind sleeping outside. You can rest in here with the Empress!”


Just as he talked, Darryl sensed a wave of spiritual power from the jungle.

The spiritual power came in gentle waves. Even though Darryl’s internal energy had not recovered entirely, he was a level five Martial Emperor. He was almost at the Heaven Ascension level, so he could feel the power immediately.

On the other hand, Yvette and the Empress did not notice it at all.

‘What kind of a beast is this? It’s active at night,’ Darryl thought to himself.

Then, he smiled at the Empress and said, “Your Majesty, if that is the case, then I will leave. I hope that you won’t regret this decision!”

There was a bonfire at the cave entrance; perhaps that was what had drawn the enchanted beast near.

The Empress’s beautiful face reddened when she sensed Darryl’s sharp gaze on her. She yelled, “You’re getting more and more unruly. Why would I regret sending you outside?”

She did not get the meaning behind Darryl’s words. He meant to tell her that there might be an enchanted beast out there, and it might trespass into the cave.

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