The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1663 Skykissing wolf

Megan’s eyes turned cold and malicious with that thought in mind and vaguely released murderous intent.

She had decided to take action against Darryl after getting hold of the treasure and leaving the Sky Fountain Sect.

She must pay back this man who used to be mean to her by at least ten folds.

Two beautiful figures appeared not far away right at this moment and slowly walked over while being led by a Sky Fountain Sect disciple!

Darryl was shocked and elated upon seeing them with his mood instantly turned for the better!

It was Queenie and Celine!

The two of them with one being youthful and pretty while the other gentle and wise stood out among the crowd. It was as though every man’s eyes were on them.

Queenie was wearing a yellow short dress on that day and looking youthful despite completely showing off her sexy and mature figure. Her almost S-shaped figure made many men’s eyes pop out.

On the other hand, Celine was in a purple long dress looking extremely demure and attractive.

The appearance of both made the surrounding atmosphere slightly livelier.

“The Honorable Pianist…”

“Yes, it’s the Honorable Pianist. Rumor has it that she’s an icy-cold beauty. It seems the rumors are true upon seeing her here today.”

Although Celine was not interested in fame or fortune, she has garnered a reputation for being beautiful after roaming the Nine Mainland for so many years with many cultivators recognizing her instantly.

Queenie and Celine had no expressions on their faces upon hearing the surrounding crowd’s discussions.

They have been roaming among the world of cultivators for so many years that they were long used to this.


Queenie immediately noticed at that moment as she quickly walked over with brightened eyes.

Queenie excitedly tugged Darryl’s hands upon arriving in front of him. “Darryl! Darryl, it’s really you!”

Previously, Queenie and Celine were wandering about another mainland at that time when news of Darryl waging a war against the New World Royals spread like wildfire throughout the Nine Mainland.

Queenie was extremely anxious when they heard of the news and begged Celine to quickly head over to the New World to lend a hand. However, they were still a step too late.

Queenie and Celine had been asking around about Darryl’s whereabouts for the past few days, but to no avail. They then immediately came over the day before upon seeing the strange phenomena at Middle Terra.

Queenie thought that Darryl might come to Middle Terra as well to see the strange phenomena which caused a huge incident. However, she had not expected she would really meet Darryl there.

At that moment, Celine walked over too before smiling at Darryl. “Darryl, it’s wonderful to see that you are fine!”

Although her tone was flat, it was filled with concern.

Darryl smiled and nodded.

Being able to see his cousin was a happy occasion.


The surrounding crowd erupted into a heated discussion with confused faces.

What was going on?

They thought that the Honorable Pianist was an arrogant loner and did not have many friends. How was she being so close to another man at that moment?

Many were looking at Darryl while discussing amongst themselves.

All of them were stunned in the next second.

“F*ck me. I-isn’t that the Elysium Gate Sect Master, Darryl Darby?”

“Is it him? Isn’t he being hunted by the New World Royals?”

“It really is…”

“Darryl is being hunted by the New World Royals, yet he dares to still come here. How bold!”

There was only Wesley and a few others by Darryl’s side, so all of them thought that Darryl was just a small sect master with no one bothered paying any attention to him. They only realized at that moment upon closer inspection that he was the famous Elysium Gate Sect Master, Darryl Darby—Indomitable Darby!

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