The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1673 Skykissing wolf

Master Ralph was a senior cultivator who was extremely reputable in the Middle Terra world of cultivators to Darryl, so Darryl had not expected Master Ralph to suddenly meddle in this.

Not only did he grab Queenie, but he also jabbed her acupoints as well.


Master Ralph smiled, looked at Darryl, and said calmly, “Master Darby, don’t be anxious. Please listen to me. The Holy Beast Kylin and my Sky Fountain Sect have a deep connection with each other.

Even though it went berserk and died, its Heavenly Flame Core and Goddess Tears should belong to us—the Sky Fountain Sect.”

Master Ralph then swept a glance at Queenie and continued, “I need her to stay here in Sky Fountain Sect regardless of the circumstances since this girl has coincidentally swallowed the Heavenly Flame Core and obtained the Goddess Tears.”

Master Ralph’s expressions were determined and unquestionable when he said his last sentence. However, he was extremely helpless at heart.

In truth, it was indeed inappropriate as a senior figure in the world of cultivators to suddenly attack a young girl. However, he had no other choice as their holy beast had tragically died on top of killing many of their disciples along the way and heavily injuring the Sky Fountain Sect.

How could he face the ancestors of the Sky Fountain Sect if Master Ralph were to let Darryl bring Queenie away?



Darryl and Celine almost concurrently said at that moment with an extremely determined tone which left no room for discussion.

They knew Queenie would be stuffed alive into the elixir cauldron if she was left in the hands of the Sky Fountain Sect based on her situation at that moment!


The surrounding cultivators were in a heated discussion as well at the same time.

“Master Ralph is an old snake. What right does he have to claim the two treasures as his sect’s when we joined forces to get rid of the kylin?”

“Yes, what an old snake. He’s being unreasonable.”

Among the discussions, only Megan stood there quietly. At that moment, she took a step forward and said, “You’re called Master Ralph right? You look morally righteous. The words you said were dignified as well, but your final purpose is just to extract the elixir out of this young lady right?”

Megan then scanned her surroundings and loudly said, “It’s true that the fiery kylin belonged to the Sky Fountain Sect. However, all of you from the Sky Fountain Sect could barely contain the situation just now when it went berserk. I’m afraid the Sky Fountain Sect would have long been wiped out were it not for the help of fellow cultivators here.

“In addition, you said at that time the Sky Fountain will reward us generously as long as we helped. What? You’re reneging on your words now that the danger has passed? I think all of us here should have a share of it even if we are extracting the elixir out of this young lady, right?”

Megan’s words were well-reasoned and resounding!

Megan was smiling at that moment but was extremely unhappy at that moment as she did not get either one of those treasures after coming ambitiously all the way from the North Moana Continent.


Master Ralph’s face flushed at that moment before became unspeakably awkward and rendered speechless.


Megan’s words caused a ripple effect as the surrounding crowd came to their senses at that moment and started chiming in.

“Yes, all of us worked hard in dealing with the fiery kylin. Master Ralph, you’re being unreasonable.”

“Yes, we have to do it together even if we are extracting the elixir out of the young lady. We cannot let the Sky Fountain Sect have it all to themselves!”


Everyone instantly yelled and became agitated!

“Everyone, everyone…”

Master Ralph was sweating profusely at that moment and waved his hands. “Everyone, calm down. Why don’t all of you come out with a suggestion of how we should deal with this girl? The Sky Fountain Sect will agree to it as long as it’s not too excessive!”


Everyone furrowed their brows in contemplation upon hearing that and discussed among themselves in hushed tones.

Megan waved her hands at Watson and gently instructed him right at that moment.

Watson nodded his head profusely and quickly walked out before loudly saying, “Why don’t we pick a representative among us and have a tournament since Master Ralph has already said so? This little girl will be at the disposal of whoever wins in the end? How about that?”

Watson looked around with great satisfaction as he said that.

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