The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1812 Skykissing wolf

When he said that, Darryl was smiling, but he was extremely nervous in his heart. He was breaking out in a cold sweat.

Honestly, if it was anybody else, Darryl would never beg for forgiveness in such a manner. However, Yang Jian was different. He was someone that even Chang Er and Zhu Bajie feared.

“Stop with the rubbish. Get ready to die!” Yang Jian did not speak further and his expression did not change.


At that moment, Yang Jian raised his hand slowly, and the Tri-point Double-edged saber shot trong energy that covered the entire sky above the palace.

“Zeus Slash!” In the next second, Yang Jian lifted his hand, and a scary saber shadow exploded from the Tri-point Double-edged saber and charged at Darryl!

The saber shadow was 100 feet long, and was formed from Yang Jian’s battle technique.

The moment the saber shadow appeared, the temperature dropped over ten degrees. Darryl felt like he was dropped in an ice cave. He could feel the chill from the bottom of his feet to his head.

Darryl was stunned; this was his first time seeing Yang Jian using his technique. He had never imagined that Yang Jian’s technique was so intimidating!

In just a blink of an eye, Darryl’s sweat started to fall on his face.

He could not hide at all. The saber shadow was so insanely huge it was like a mountain had fallen on him. There was nowhere for him to hide!

At that time, all the North Moana soldiers observed the scene from afar, and they could also feel the terrifying aura. Their eyes were wide open, and they could not help but feel worried for Darryl.

“Grandmaster Erlang used his technique. That guy is dead for sure.”

“He deserves it. He dared to impersonate Emperor Hou Yi; isn’t that asking for death?”

At that moment, everyone was confident that Darryl would definitely not survive with Yang Jian using his technique, Darryl would definitely not survive, and Chester…we shall meet in the next life,’ he thought.

Just at the most critical moment, Darryl remembered something suddenly. He became alert and quickly opened the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda. He called for a figure in the pagoda.

“Hurry, block him for me,” Darryl shouted excitedly once the figure appeared at that instant.

A big muscular man with exposed veins and was as powerful as Yang Jian appeared. The person’s body was covered in veins, looking intimidating.

It was Yang Jian’s Senior Brother, Bradley!

“Se-senior Brother?!” At that moment, Yang Jian was sweating profusely, and his hands were trembling!

Bradley smiled and looked at Yang Jian. “Ha-ha! Yang Jian, a thousand years ago, I told you not to call me your Senior Brother! A thousand years ago, you got my wife drunk and raped her. From then on, you were no longer my Junior Brother!”

Bradley was almost screaming when he said that.

That was right. A thousand years ago, Yang Jian had got Bradley’s wife drunk and r*ped her!

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