The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1870 Skykissing wolf

“Then, what is your suggestion?” Darryl ignored their mockery. He merely watched Chas.


Chas cracked a smile and said coldly, “I am a very fair person. You have two choices—either you pay now, and both of you can leave, or you can go, but you’d need to leave this charming lady behind.”

Chas pointed at Chang Er when he said the last sentence. He had a lecherous smile in his eyes.

Chas thought Darryl was a poor man who could not afford the helicopter. He thought he was kind enough to let him go if he would leave the beautiful woman behind.

“That won’t work.” Darryl refused his offer without any hesitation.

That guy was smart—he thought he could get his hands on Chang Er.

Chang Er, who stood at the side, also changed her expression abruptly. She was embarrassed, so she turned to Darryl and said, “Didn’t you say you can compensate them? So, hurry up and do that!”

‘These ordinary folks are really bold and daring. How could they compare me with a helicopter?’

‘And that Darryl! He obviously didn’t know how to fly a helicopter, yet he had to show off. Now, these people won’t let him go.’

“Don’t panic.” Darryl smiled. He lowered his voice as he comforted Chang Er. “I will take care of this matter.”

“You are the owner of this mall, right?” Darryl smiled. He looked at Chas and said, “I noticed that this auto show is a collaboration with the Windon Group. They brought these cars from the World Universe, right?”

Darryl looked solemn as he continued to say, “Since it is a collaboration, you should know Jade, the Windon Group’s president. You may give her a call and tell her that I’m Darryl. Please get her to come here now.”

Since Chas would not let him go, Darryl could not get in touch with Felix. He had no choice but to find a way to see Jade.

Plus, he had not seen her for many years since he left the last time.


Chas’s expression froze; he was stunned. He looked at Darryl with confusion.

‘He knows Jade?’

Darryl was right—Chas knew Jade. The supercars and helicopters were brought from the World Universe through Jade’s company.

However, Jade was a well-known businesswoman in Mistloren. Even though Chas had a prominent family’s support and cooperated with Jade in many business transactions, he rarely saw her.

‘Did he say that he knew Jade?’

‘Not only did he claim to know her, but he also asked for Jade to come here. Has he no shame? Who does he think he is?’

The crowd also looked at Darryl; they smiled with mockery in their eyes.


Chas reacted and sneered at Darryl. “I don’t have time to listen to you brag. Since you can’t pay and you won’t leave this beautiful woman behind, then don’t blame me!”

Chas wasted no time—he spoke to the staff around him. “Get the rest of the security guards and grab the two of them. I’ll deal with them later.”

Ring… Ring… Ring…

As soon as Chas gave the order, his phone rang.

Chas laughed when he saw the caller ID. He turned to Darryl and said, “What a coincidence! This call is from Jade. Let me ask if she knows you.”

Chas eyed Darryl contemptuously when he said that.

Chas was pretty sure that the miserable young man did not know Jade.

Chas answered the call, and then he turned on the speakerphone.

He wanted Darryl to listen so that he could embarrass the man.

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