The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1895 Skykissing wolf

Darryl smiled faintly and looked at Tina mockingly. “Interesting! You guys dared to do that to me but dared not admit your mistakes. I guess that’s the only thing that the Ryukin Gold Altar disciples can do. You guys are supposed to call me Daddy anyway.”


Tina’s face flushed, but she could not find the words to refute him.

After all, no one would have the confidence to do that after they did something terrible.

Then, Tina thought of an idea, and she sneered at Darryl. “Darren, you kept saying that I was the one who got you to the mountain and then sent you off the cliff. Do you have any evidence? Or a witness?”

All eyes were on Darryl again.


Darryl was stunned; his brows furrowed as he shook his head and said, “No, there were only two of us.”

At that time, there was no one else at the back of the mountain.

Tina chuckled.

Then, she laughed contemptuously. “Darren, in that case, how can they believe you?”

Tina’s mouth curled cunningly. “It looks like you are deliberately trying to provoke a dispute between the Ryukin Gold Altar and the Celestial Wood Altar. You’re waiting for an internal fight to break out. You’re so sinister. You are not worthy of being a Holy Saint Sect disciple.”


Darryl had been furious when he heard that, but suddenly, he smiled.

‘Tina is really even—she made the situation worse at a critical period.’


Tina looked aggrieved as she spoke to Alan. “Darren is making things up and slandering our reputation. Please help us clear our names, Master.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t spare this kid,” Alan said coldly as he nodded.

Alan glared at Darryl and shouted, “Boy, if you have no evidence, then don’t slander a good person’s name as you wish. I will have to teach you a lesson on behalf of my master.”

Alan strode toward Darryl. He did not know the truth, but he believed Tina. He thought that Darryl wanted to cause them trouble.

The man had a strong personality, and he was very protective of his disciples. In addition to that, he resented Darryl. How could he let go of such a good opportunity?

Darryl looked indifferent when Alan approached him; he did not panic at all.

Diana dashed forward and stood in front of Darryl.

Then, she looked at Alan and said coldly, “Thank you, Altar Master. It doesn’t matter if Darren told the truth or not, he is my disciple, and it is not your responsibility to teach him anything.”

Alan’s eyes flashed coldly as he sneered. “Diana, this kid can’t produce any evidence for what he had said. He has slandered us. It is obvious that you’re protecting your disciples.”

“And so what if I am?”

Alan chuckled. “Very well. In that case, then we shall see what’s going to happen.”

Suddenly, the atmosphere tensed! The two altar masters stood in front of each other, and their auras caused the surrounding air to distort; those who were there could not catch their breath! The two altars would fight because they disagreed with each other!


The silent Chang Er whispered, “You must be mistaken. He is the Elysium Gate’s Sect Master—Darryl—from the World Universe continent. How did he become Darren?”


In an instant, all the eyes focused on Darryl.

‘Is he Darryl?’

Diana, Alan and all the other Holy Saint Sect disciples were stupefied.

Even though the Holy Saint Sect rarely participated in disputes in the world of cultivators, they had heard about what had happened after the enchanted barrier disappeared from the nine continents. They knew about the famous Elysium Gate’s Sect Master—Darryl.

They did not expect Darren, who claimed to be a fisherman and was a little dumb, was the famous Darryl from the nine continents.


Darryl scratched his head as he looked at Chang Er speechlessly. She was a nuisance. Why did she reveal his identity? Could she not have watched the fight quietly from the side?

However, it did not matter—his identity had been exposed.


Diana’ trembled—she watched Darryl closely. Then, she commented, “Are you Darryl, the Elysium Gate’s Sect Master?”

Diana was surprised and delighted when she asked Darryl that question!

Perhaps that was why she thought her disciple was clever and that he knew everything—he was the most famous man in all of the nine continents!

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