The Ultimate Husband Chapter 19 Skykissing wolf

As Yvonne was about to continue the conversation with Darryl, Grandmother Lyndon smiled and walked toward Lily while holding a wine glass.

Everyone stopped eating when they saw the old lady walking over.

“Lilybud, Granny wants to ask you something,” the old lady spoke slowly.

“Ask away, Granny,” Lily said.

Grandmother Lyndon nodded. “Lilybud, since it’s Granny’s birthday today, can you promise me to go and negotiate with Platinum Corporation? We’ll stand to earn a lot if they assign us the task of managing Giselle’s styling. Can you agree to that?”


Lily did not know what to think, but she secretly peeked at Darryl.

Her earlier efforts in securing the cooperation with Platinum Corporation was credited to William, which had upset her tremendously.

Darryl had instructed her not to agree to Grandmother Lyndon’s request.

Sure enough, she saw Darryl shaking his head.

Lily gritted her teeth. If she were to listen to the loser, she would have to reject the old lady in front of so many people…

“Yes, Mom.” Samantha stood up all of a sudden. “Leave this to Lilybud. She’ll live up to your expectations!”

“Good!” The old woman smiled.

At that moment, no one expected Darryl, who had been sitting quietly by the side, to stand up suddenly.

“Not a chance.”

His cold words sounded extremely harsh!

“Lily was the one who first negotiated the contract, but her efforts had been robbed by William,” Darryl said coldly. “My wife only comes to mind now that Platinum Corporation doesn’t recognize William, right?”

“You… What did you say?” The old lady pointed at Darryl and was extremely furious.

Members of the Lyndon family looked at Darryl as if they were looking at a mentally deranged individual.

Had he gone mad? Did he have any idea where he stood in the Lyndon family? He was nothing more than a live-in son-in-law! Even the Lyndon family’s dog had a better life than him!

“I’ve tolerated you for a long time!” William finally could not take it anymore and jumped out all of a sudden. “What the hell are you doing? Who are you to call the shots for Lily? Are you here to cause trouble during Granny’s birthday? You dress like crap, gave Granny a sh*tty fan, and now you’re trying to interfere with our family matters? I’ll f*cking kill you!”

William struck a fierce punch almost immediately after finishing his words!

He seemed to have put in all his strength in the punch! William was deeply cherished by Grandmother Lyndon and had been pampered since young. Such an upbringing had spoiled him rotten to have a huge temper. When he was in school, he was always fighting and was the school’s number one bully. Although he is now an adult and delved into the business world, he was still renowned as someone who could hold out his own and know many of the big bosses in society.

“Darryl is toast. He’s going to leave here on a stretcher.”

“Serves him right! No one’s gonna stop him from getting beaten up.”

Murmurs were heard and everyone tried hard not to laugh as they eagerly watched the excitement unfold.

That punch could kill a bear.

Darryl’s pupils contracted sharply. Rather than shirking at the oncoming punch, he remained motionless!

“Quick, run!” Lily did not expect herself to advise that loser.

She felt uncomfortable to see him being beaten up after living together for three years…

“Trying to fight even though that’s all you got?” Darryl said coldly.

‘William’s fighting style was like a street gangster. The punch might be packed full of power, but he could dream on if he thought that he could hurt me with it.’

Darryl smirked slightly. The Darby family’s children were required to keep themselves fit since young. Darryl had studied Wing Chun at the age of seven. Li Shan, who was a 23rd generation practitioner of Wing Chun, had taught Darryl for an entire year.

Although he dared not claim that he could fight against ten people, dealing with two or three ordinary brutes was not a problem!


Darryl raised his arm to block, but William’s fist struck directly past it! In that split second, however, William suddenly howled out loud!


Feeling as though he had just struck an iron plate, he thought that he had broken his arm and was left without any energy. He dropped to the ground and started rolling about in pain.


Everyone’s mind went blank! None of them saw how William fell!

Did Darryl, a person who had done only housework for three long years, have that kind of skill? Who would have known?!

“Just you wait, Darryl. Just you f*cking wait!” William shouted in despair. He took out his cellphone, dialed a number, and shouted into it, “Bro, bring two cars of people here. Now, now! Bring your men!”

After ending the call, William gritted his teeth, stood up, and pointed at Darryl. “Don’t you dare run away, wait right here! I’ll kill you today!”

The crowd was quiet. Everyone knew that William was a man of grudges. Things would not end well for Darryl after he had provoked William.

William was not attempting to scare Darryl when he made that call!

Despite that, the crowd was mentally prepared to watch things unfold. The entertainment value would only increase if the situation escalated! No one could care less about that live-in son-in-law!

However, Darryl ignored William completely. He merely looked at the old lady and said, “Granny, don’t you think it’s unfair to Lilybud? All the credit that should have gone to her was given to William, and Lilybud only crossed your mind now that Platinum Corporation will only acknowledge her contributions. Lily won’t accept this task. Please look for someone else if you want to continue negotiating with Platinum Corporation!”

“You… You… What did you say!” Grandmother Lyndon pointed at Darryl. “What are you? How dare you make decisions for Lilybud? What right do you have?”

“I’m her husband.”

Darryl spoke coldly, prompting rumblings from all around!

At that moment, Lily was visibly trembling!

Shell-shocked, everyone looked at Darryl with a complicated expression.

How could a loser who lived by the Lyndon family’s grace say such a thing?!

“You’re her husband?” Grandmother Lyndon burst out laughing. “Okay, let’s ask Lilybud whether she recognizes you as her husband? If she does, I won’t be her grandmother in the future! If she doesn’t, then you’d best be getting the hell out of here!”

Everyone’s gaze turned to Lily the instant Grandmother Lyndon said that!

It was a simple and straightforward this-or-that question: one was Grandmother Lyndon, and the other was her nominal husband.

Lily clenched her fists tightly and could not say a single word as if her throat had been blocked.


Under everyone’s eager gazes, Samantha stood up and slapped Darryl’s face hard without warning!

The slap was so sudden that Darryl staggered and nearly fell to the ground. His cheek glowed red.

“Granny is right. Who do you think you are?” Samantha pointed at Darryl and yelled. “You’re just the Lyndon family’s dog. Who gave you the right to make such a ruckus? You say that you’re Lilybud’s husband, right? Then let me ask you this: what else do you have except for a marriage certificate? You’ve never even held Lilybud’s hand in the past three years, have you? You think too highly of yourself! How dare you point fingers here! Get out!”


The people around tried their best not to laugh. Things were getting exciting.

In the past, Darryl would have just apologized.

Everyone looked at him, but what they saw was a little grin forming at the corner of Darryl’s mouth.

He glared intensely at Samantha with a rather terrifying look!

Lily looked at Darryl incredulously. In their three years of marriage, she never foresaw that the always-weak Darryl would one day come to be like a stranger to her.

Darryl smiled and looked at Samantha. “I’ve been married to your daughter for three years. During this period, I’ve worked hard even if I never achieved anything. Did I ever complain in the entire three years? Well then, if you don’t even remember the good things that I did, so be it!”

Darryl clenched his fists tightly and his voice echoed throughout the crowd. “Perhaps it was my doing that Lilybud and yourself have been looked down upon by others! With this slap of yours, we’re both even now. You’ve always wanted me to leave, right? Alright then, I shall leave.”

Darryl shot back coldly. He got up and left as soon as he was done talking!

The crowd was shocked!

No one thought that the loser would say such a thing!

Nobody stopped him either since everyone in the Lyndon family wanted him to leave.

However, William jumped out just as Darryl approached the door and began pointing at him, yelling, “You’re just gonna f*cking leave like that? We haven’t settled our scores yet! You can go alright, but you’ll have to go on a stretcher!”

The sentence concluded with a couple of black vans halting to a stop at the entrance to the villa.

The car doors opened, and more than twenty strong men got down holding baseball bats and steel pipes in their hands.

“Mister Harry!” William shouted as he walked over quickly and called out to the leader.

The man nodded, holding a machete in his hand. “Who bullied you?”

“It was this idiot, Mister Harry. Hit him and make him kneel!” William shouted.

Darryl happened to make eye contact with that person and barely stopped short of chuckling out loud.

Harry? Harry Crocker?

The ‘Bro’ that William called was indeed Samson’s godson Harry, who had seen first-hand what happened at Moonlit River Bar.

The crowd stirred in excitement and everyone was standing. No one expected William’s connections to be so far-ranging that he could even invite Harry there!

Harry was notoriously ruthless and the odds were against Darryl!

“Darryl, get out!”

Lily had lost all reason by then. She stood up and shouted to warn Darryl.

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