The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1952 Skykissing wolf

Donoghue smiled and did not speak further as he entered the royal city with Debra.

At that moment, there were four entrances to the Westrington royal city, and all of them were heavily guarded.

Donoghue had lived in Westrington for many years, and he was extremely familiar with the royal city. He avoided all the guard checks at the entrance easily.

Once they entered the royal city, he had deliberately found an inn which was located in a more secluded place and ordered the owner to prepare two rooms.

During the time they spent together over the past few days, Donoghue had been such a gentleman. He was so smart and had impressed Debra.

With Donoghue’s power, he could violate Debra at any time, but he did not.

Donoghue had a plan. It would be more meaningful for him to win Debra’s heart completely instead of just winning over her body.

He knew that Debra and Darryl had a great relationship. If he wanted to win Debra’s heart, Darryl would definitely be devastated. Nothing would make a man feel worse than losing their loved one to another man.

Once they entered the inn, Debra looked at the busy streets in front of her and was amazed. “Junior Brother, this royal city is huge. There’s so much happening.”

Donoghue smiled lightly. “The royal city’s view at night is even prettier. You’ll see it when night falls.”

Then, he said patiently, “Senior Sister, we have traveled a long journey today, and we are both exhausted. Let’s take a rest first. When night falls, I will take action. When I regain my throne successfully, I will conquer the royal city’s beauty with you.”

When he spoke, Donoghue could not hide the anticipation in his eyes.

He wanted to charge into the palace and kill Darryl immediately to regain his throne, but he held himself back from being too impulsive.

Darryl had been right before. The Sky Breaking Axe would show its actual power at night. Donoghue was a cautious person, and he would not take risks.

Debra replied, “Yes, Junior Brother. I wish you success in advance. Don’t worry; I’ll work with you with your plan later.”

As they spoke, they entered the inn and went back to their respective rooms to rest.

A man with a complex expression from the street not far away observed the inn just as Donoghue and Debra entered. Then, he immediately left and headed in the direction of the palace.

The man was Fred Hayes, the Deputy General of the city’s royal guards.

Fred was responsible that day to patrol around the royal city. He thought everything would be the same as usual, and nothing special would happen. He never expected to see Donoghue.

‘How daring is Donoghue? His Majesty had set the traps and orders to capture him and he still dared to return,’ Fred thought as he walked faster.

If this were their usual fugitive, Fred would not have stopped himself from taking action, but Donoghue was different. The power he had when he held the Sky Breaking Axe was just too scary. Fred knew the situation, and so he did not act impulsively.

At that moment, Darryl lazed on the dragon chair, reading a palace scripture in the main hall of the palace.

He originally wanted to bring Susan Creek back to the World Universe, but Donoghue was still loose. He could barely eat and rest well, and he really could not leave with a settled heart.

Darryl had decided that as soon as he captured Donoghue, he would bring him back to the Carter family and kill Donghue himself in front of his godfather’s grave. Doing that will help his godfather rest in peace in heaven.

Just at that moment, Fred ran in, sweating profusely, and shouted, “Your Majesty, I have something urgent to report!”

Darryl squeezed his brows and said lazily, “Fred, you are the general of the royal palace guards. Why aren’t you patrolling today? What do you want to report? You are panicking, and this doesn’t look appropriate.”

Fred wiped his sweat as he said quickly, “Your Majesty, please don’t be angry. I do have something urgent to report. When I was patrolling, I saw Donoghue.”

‘What?’ Darryl thought, shocked.

He immediately stood up and looked tightly at Fred. “Are you sure that’s who you saw?”

Darryl had given multiple orders to capture Donoghue. Rightfully, under such circumstances, Donoghue should be running for his life instead. How would he dare to return?

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