The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1983 Skykissing wolf

“You’re just a bunch of ants; how dare you block me?” Donoghue coldly said, looking full of himself.

He scanned his surroundings and said, “Those of you that are still unhappy, I dare you to come at me.”

His voice was not loud, but it was intimidating.

The entire crowd was utterly silent. Nobody dared to let out a single breath.

The Westrington Army lowered their heads, and no one dared to look at Donoghue.

At that exact moment, a general walked out from the crowd and knelt in front of Donoghue in front of everyone.

“Your Majesty, I am your servant, Ricky Franco, at your service,” he said politely.

Ricky Franco was the Deputy Commander of the Black Rider Army. He was a wise man. After watching Donoghue kill Brad, he quickly pledged his loyalty to Donoghue to ensure his own safety.

The remaining army, more than 10 thousand of them, knelt and yelled in unison, “All hail Your Majesty!”

Although Donoghue’s tactic was dirty and vicious, he was powerful.


Upon seeing this scene, Megan and the other cultivators from the World Universe were baffled. They looked confused.

‘Donoghue became the emperor again…just like that? How is Westrington so casual about who becomes king?’ they thought.

Cultivators from each sect still did not know that it was in Westringston’s culture to have the most powerful person crowned as King. It was that simple.

Donoghue was satisfied at the scene of the soldiers bowing to him. He lifted his hands and signaled for the others to get up.

Then, he smiled and mocked Darryl, “Darryl, give up. No one is going to save you today. I’ll let you take a guess; do you think I’ll chop off your hands or legs first?”

Then, he gripped the Sky Breaking Axe and closed in on Darryl.

Darryl took a deep breath, feeling sullen. ‘Could this be fated?’

He was in despair as he scanned his surroundings, trying to locate Debra. She had been Donoghue this whole time. If Donoghue was here, then Debra must be nearby too.

He looked everywhere but could not find Debra. He did not know that she was currently still hiding in the dark. She had been shocked by Donoghue’s sudden attack on Darryl.

However, Debra trusted Donoghue. Her Junior Brother did not call her to come out, so she remained hidden.

At the same time, seeing how Donoghue was about to chop Darryl’s limbs off, Debra frowned. She felt that her Junior Brother was being a little too cruel.

However, she changed her thoughts. Darryl had harmed Donoghue quite severely in the past, so it was not too bad if Donoghue chopped off his arms and legs.

At that moment, Debra still did not know that the stories that Donoghue told her before were all fabricated. None of them were true.


Seeing Donoghue getting closer and closer toward Darryl, finally, Megan yelled, “Stop!”

Then, she instructed the cultivators of each sect, “Quick, protect Darryl. Stop Donoghue.”

Although she loathed Darryl, she never thought of killing him. How could she allow others to harm him?

Despite their orders, the cultivators just stood there, not moving at all. No one went forward to protect Darryl from Donoghue.

They were utterly shocked by Donoghue’s Sky Breaking Axe when they fought with him previously. They had witnessed the powers of the Sky Breaking Axe again, and they were terrified.

They would be risking their lives if they tried to protect Darryl. No one wanted to die.

“Bunch of useless trash.” Megan was livid. Megan was livid. She stomped her feet and glared at Donoghue. “Donoghue, as long as I’m here today, don’t you dare hurt Darryl.”

Then, she drew her long sword and flew toward Donoghue ethereally.

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