The Ultimate Husband Chapter 1984 Skykissing wolf

Darryl had mixed feelings about Megan standing up for him. He could see that Megan was actually anxious and that she was not faking it.

He thought that she loathed him and wished him dead. Why did she rush out to save him at such a crucial moment?

Darryl’s mind was in a mess; he could not understand her.

Standing not too far away, Lily was biting her lips. She saw Megan rush out to save her, and she looked at Megan in a strange way.

Megan might be vile and vicious, but she truly loved Darryl. As a woman herself, Lily was more perceptive to this. She could immediately see that Megan still had feelings for Darryl.

“Master Senior Sister, I’ll help you too,” Fanny yelled and charged at Donoghue too.

The surrounding Emei disciples did not hesitate anymore and followed suit. In an instant, long skirts were flying everywhere in the main hall. They looked ethereal as they surrounded Donoghue!

Fanny and the Emei disciples were afraid of Donoghue too. However, they had no choice. They had to help Megan in a situation like this. If something were to happen to Megan, the Emei Sect would not have a leader, and they would be done for.

“Great!” Donoghue sneered when he saw Megan and the Emei disciples were surrounding him. “I’ve long heard about the thousand-year-old Emei sect. I’m sure you guys are powerful, and I hope to witness it today. But, Megan, don’t blame me if you get hurt later.”


Then, a terrifying aura erupted from Donoghue’s body. Instantly, the surrounding air seemed to freeze!

His powers were so strong it made one panic!


Then, Donoghue cast the Sky Breaking Axe out once again, gripping it tightly in his hands.

Once the Sky Breaking Axe appeared, things became heated in Mount Emei. It was like the air was going to combust.

At that moment, the cultivators who retreated were worried for Emei. Under Megan’s leadership the past few years, the Emei Sect had grown quite a lot. They became the most powerful sect in the World Universe.

However, they might be no match for such a powerful person like Donoghue.

At that moment, Megan’s expressions darkened.

Then, she took a step forward and said, “My fellow disciples, listen up. Cast the Sword Formation.”

Upon her instructions, Fanny and the Emei disciples quickly engaged their bodies, all of them moving swiftly and ethereally. It was dazzling. They trapped Donoghue right in the middle.

Darryl was stunned by what was happening. His blood pumped in excitement.

‘Could this be Emei’s ultimate technique, the Mysterious Fairy Sword Formation?’

He could see that Fanny and the Emei disciples were not only in sync, but they were also graceful. Every step they took was extremely intricate and mysterious.

Donoghue was trapped in the middle. Even if he were strong, he would not be able to escape so quickly.

Legend has it that the Mysterious Fairy Sword Formation was Emei Sect’s ultimate formation. It has been passed down for thousands of years and was a myth among the world of cultivators. Few have ever got to witness it.

Darryl, himself, had only ever heard of this formation but had never witnessed it himself.

His guess was not wrong.

The formation that the Emei disciples cast was the Mysterious Fairy Sword Formation. The Emei Sect has not cast this Formation for a very long time. Even when the New World Army invaded the World Universe more than ten years ago, when Donghai City was on the brink of collapsing, Emei still held back and did not cast the formation.

It could be said that the Mysterious Fairy Sword Formation was Emei’s ultimate killing move. They would not easily cast this formation unless it was absolutely necessary.

However, at that moment, Megan did not care anymore. She did this to save Darryl!

With the Mysterious Fairy Sword Formation, Donoghue was temporarily trapped. Darryl noticed that the Emei disciples looked ethereal with their long swords shimmering so brightly in their hands it almost blocked out the entire sky. Donoghue gripped the Sky Breaking Ax tightly and exerted a terrifying force, yet he still could not break free.

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