The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2263 Skykissing wolf


Darryl sighed, and he was in anguish.

As the Elysium Gate Sect Master, Westrington Emperor, and the warrior of the World Universe, Darryl was always proud of all his titles. However, when he found out about the great deeds of Bodhidharma, he felt he was nothing compared to him.

Finally, Yang Jian gathered his thoughts and could not help but say to Rama, “Perhaps what you said is true. The Raksasa Tribe is indeed in the Wild Deserted Secret Region, and they have developed and become stronger for the past few thousand years. No matter how strong they have become, it will be too difficult for someone to cross over the Chaotic Mountain Range–”

Rama interrupted before waiting for Yang Jian to finish speaking.

“Your Majesty!” Rama smiled bitterly and shook his head. “You’re right. The Raksasa Tribe at that time really did not have the ability to cross over the Chaotic Mountain Range. However, with them getting stronger, they have the ability to do so now!”

Rama’s face turned dark as he continued to speak, “I already told you; lately our Temple of Enchanted Retreat has repeatedly detected strong devilish energy boiling on the other side of the Chaotic Mountain Range. If I’m right, the Raksasa Tribe has already possessed the ability to cross over the Chaotic Mountain Range, or, they may even have the ability to demolish the Chaotic Mountain Range completely.”

When they heard that, Yang Jian, Gonggong, Divine Farmer, and the others could not help but take a cold breath.

‘Demolished Chaotic Mountain Range completely? That required a scary level of energy!’ they thought.

At the same time, the Empress, Quincy, Yvette, and the Seven Fairies could not help but tremble. Although they still did not understand what happened, when they saw that even Yang Jian was impressed, they knew it was something serious.

At that time, Rama looked closely at Yang Jian; his voice was filled with anticipation as he said, “Your Majesty, you’re a great warrior. The safety of nine continents is way more important than your success in conquering the world. I hope you realize the importance of that and stop the battle right now.”

When he heard that, Yang Jian blinked and remained silent for over ten seconds, then, he ordered, “Everyone here my orders! Retreat!”

Yang Jian turned his head and ordered Gonggong, “Send some people to the Chaotic Mountain Range to investigate if this is true or false immediately. Report back when there is any update.”

When he said that, Yang Jian glared at Darryl coldly, his eyes filled with hatred!

Honestly, he was about to conquer the entire World Universe; Yang Jian really did not want to retreat like that.

However, he had no choice. Based on the situation that Rama had described, it was related to the safety of the nine continents. If the Raksasa Tribe really were to attack, the nine continents were already in bad shape due to his own attack and conquest. How would they be able to battle with the Raksasa Tribe army?

Most importantly, people from all the continents were there to support Darryl. Yang Jian launched the Eliminate Heaven and Earth Slash earlier, and he exhausted his internal energy almost completely. He could not continue fighting.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Gonggong replied and left immediately to make the arrangements.

At the same time, the North Moana grand army gathered together immediately under Yang Jian’s order and retreated down the valley.

When all the sects from all the continents saw the North Moana grand army retreat, the Westrington army and the South Cloud World grand army started chattering. The First Scope and his brothers were especially loud and could not help but shout, “The battle is over? Just like this?”

“I still haven’t had enough fun!”

“Honestly, was what the monk said true? Why do I feel that Yang Jian could not battle any longer so he sent a monk here to spread rumors?”

The four brothers’ statements attracted a number of people that nodded in agreement. They felt that while the Wild Deserted Secret Region and Raksasa Tribe sounded powerful, they might not even be real. It felt too unrealistic.

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