The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2267 Skykissing wolf

In front of them, there was an empty land filled with thorns. At that moment, there was a grand army of a million soldiers standing in an orderly fashion in front of them.

The soldiers were well built. They were over two meters tall, and they wore standardized soft leather armor, holding long black spears in their hands. As their skin had not been exposed to sunlight for the past few thousand years, their skin looked pale and green.

The person leading them was a man in black-colored armor.

He was in his forties, and his body looked huge and strong, just like a steel tower. His armor had a beast mark engraved on it, making him look strong but sinister. His body was also releasing a suffocating yet intimidating aura. His eyes especially were like a wild beast, making no one dare to look directly at him.

Besides that, over a hundred feet away, there were ten gigantic wild beasts. These wild beasts were covered with blood-red hair and were over 100 feet tall. Its blood-red eyes had matching giant fangs, making it look like a demon from hell.

When they saw that, Debra and Shentel’s bodies were shaking and they were incredibly terrified. At the same time, doubts filled their hearts too.

‘This…what is this place? Who are these people?’

Was I brought to hell?’

At that moment, Debra and Shentel still did not know that they had been brought to the Wild Deserted Secret Region. In front of them were indeed the grand army of the Raksasa Tribe.

Just at that moment, the man that abducted Debra and Shentel walked forward and said to the general in black armor respectfully, “Your Majesty, when I crossed over to the Chaotic Mountain Range earlier to investigate the situation there, I found these two women.”

The general in black armor was the current Raksasa King and also the greatest King in generations.

The Raksasa King nodded and looked at the man as he said, “What is the situation of the Chaotic Mountain Range?”

His tone was subtle, but his eyes were burning.

A few thousand years ago, the Raksasa Tribe could not overcome the huge dangers of the Chaotic Mountain Range. Only in the past ten years had the tribe become stronger and were able to cross over.

However, as they were separated from the civilization of the nine continents for thousands of years, the Raksasa King would not lead his army to cross over recklessly. Instead, he sent someone to secretly investigate the situation on the other side of the Chaotic Mountain Range.

“My King, there was only a temple on the other side of the Chaotic Mountain Range. There were no other people there. We do not need to worry,” the man replied respectfully.

When he heard that, the Raksasa King smiled and looked around at the grand army. He shouted loudly, feeling incredibly excited, “My tribe members, for the past few thousand years, we have been trapped in this Wild Deserted Secret Region. We suffered terribly. Today, we finally have the chance to return. Return to the nine continents, the beautiful and rich land, and get back everything that we lost.”

“Charge forward and get back all we have lost,” At that instant, the million grand armies replied unanimously, their voices shaking the sky.

At that moment, Raksasa waved his hand and asked everyone to be silent. He then ordered, “Alright, everyone please continue to help these beasts absorb energy in order for them to cut out a road on the Chaotic Mountain Range as soon as possible.”

The Raksasa King looked towards the ten giant wild beasts, his eyes shining with excitement.

The hundred-foot tall wild beasts were a type of wild beast in the Wild Deserted Secret Region named Gigantic Monster.

Gigantic Monsters had lived in the Wild Deserted Secret Region. When the Raksasa Tribe were banished to that region, hundreds and thousands of years later, they managed to tame the Gigantic Monsters to be obedient beasts. Besides, in the secret scripture of the Raksasa Tribe, the Gigantic Monster started from over ten feet tall until it evolved into the current over 100 feet tall.

The Raksasa King planned to drive the Gigantic Monsters to forge a road through the horrible environment in the Chaotic Mountain Range. Then, he would lead his army to enter the nine continents.
Honestly, there were many strong warriors among the Raksasa Tribe at that time. They could safely cross over to the Chaotic Mountain Range. However, many soldiers of the grand army still did not have that ability, so he needed to be extra cautious!

“Yes, my King!” a million soldiers replied unanimously and started to move into their formation around the ten huge Gigantic Monsters. They then activated their internal energy to attract the sky and ground’s power.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

At that moment, there was a strong energy rushing over from between the sky and the ground. The ten Gigantic Beasts raised their heads and roared as they started to absorb the energy from the sky and world in the air.

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