The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2270 Skykissing wolf

These warriors were not weak at all. If they were prepared and gathered their efforts, they might have been able to put up a decent fight against Donoghue. However, the incident happened too suddenly, and no one was able to react to Donoghue’s sudden change in behavior. More importantly, they were in the middle of the ocean; even if everyone wanted to join forces, it would be too late.


In the middle of the sea, the ships that were joined together with iron chains continued to sink or break apart. People cried in pain from Donoghue’s explosion, and people were falling as well.

At that moment, thousands of boats a few miles away were slowly sailing in their direction.

Those boat troops were arranged tidily. Leading them was a huge ship with a black flag flying over ten feet tall. There was a white shark logo on the flag with the words ‘Blood Shark’ printed on it. It was flying grandly when blown by the sea breeze.

They were the Blood Shark Pirates.

A muscular man was seated on the deck of the huge ship. It was the leader, Hidden Dragon. Behind him were the sexy Blood Sherlock Four Sisters.

The Blood Sherlock Four Sisters wore bright, colorful long dresses, showing off their exquisite bodies perfectly. The four sisters’ figures were the most beautiful in the world. No ordinary man could resist them when they saw them because of the wildness of their beauty.

A day ago, the Blood Shark Pirates had just robbed Donghai City and were on their way back. The long dresses that the Blood Sherlock Four Sisters were wearing were ones that they stole from Donghai City.

On the other side of the deck, a dozen pirates guarded a young man and lady.

It was Ambrose Darby and Eira Hansen.

When the Blood Shark Pirates were pillaging Donghai City, Ambrose and Eira tried to escape, but they were found by Hidden Dragon just in time. He succeeded in stopping them.

At that moment, Hidden Dragon was furious. He wanted to kill the siblings immediately. However, when he saw Ambrose looked talented and smart, he thought it would be a waste just to kill him. In the end, he decided to bring Ambrose and his sister onto the deck to let them witness with their own eyes how the Blood Sharks raided Donghai City. He wanted to use that to scare the siblings so that they would give up their plan to run away.

After Blood Shark raided Donghai City, they carried countless treasures and prepared to return to their resting place at sea. However, they had coincidentally bumped into the situation where the warriors from all sects ambushed Donoghue.

At that moment, Hidden Dragon, the many pirates on the lower deck, and Ambrose’s siblings were all stunned when they saw what was happening in front of their eyes!

They saw countless pieces of sailboats floating in the ocean. Among the broken pieces, over 10,000 cultivators were screaming as their blood dyed the sea red. At the same time, a bald monk was in the sky in the middle of the sea. He was holding a two-foot-long ax as he floated calmly in the sky.

It was Donoghue!

In mid-air, the giant ax that Donoghue was holding was as bright as the shining sun; its brightness shone everywhere!

Seeing that, Hidden Dragon’s eyes were filled with heat and brightness. He was incredibly amazed in his heart!

‘Such immense power! What kind of weapon is the monk holding? Is that a grand weapon?’ he thought.

Although Hidden Dragon was the leader of the Blood Shark Pirates and the King of the Sea, he had rarely set foot on the nine continents in the past ten years. As such, he did not know about the appearance of the grand weapon that had shocked the nine continents. Naturally, he could not recognize the Sky Breaking Axe.


The rest of the pirates around him would not know as well, but all of them were stunned when they felt the power of the Sky Breaking Axe. They were in disbelief.

However, Ambrose, who was being kept on the deck, stared closely at Donoghue as his body trembled. He was shocked and curious beyond description.

‘The Sky Breaking Axe? Who is this monk? Isn’t the Sky Breaking Axe in Donoghue’s hands? Why is it with the monk?’ he wondered.

At that moment, Ambrose still did not realize that the monk was indeed Donoghue.

Eira, who was beside him, was also incredibly shocked, and her body was trembling.


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