The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2278 Skykissing wolf

Ambrose was really happy when he saw Eira had agreed.

The next second, Ambrose looked at Hidden Dragon. “Mister Hidden Dragon, my sister and I have decided to stay with your Blood Shark Pirates to help you capture the monk. I hope you will not reject us?”

Hidden Dragon laughed as he nodded his head and said, “How could I reject you, Little Brother? You helped me just now. From now on, you are our valuable guest!”

At that moment, Hidden Dragon was extremely excited. Earlier, he had witnessed Ambrose’s real power. With his help, they could definitely capture the monk and he would obtain the Sky Breaking Axe. It was the best news ever when Ambrose volunteered to stay. Feeling excited, Hidden Dragon sent Ambrose and his sister to rest in the cabin.

At the same time, he ordered Blood Sherlock Four Sisters and the others, “Expand the search territory. Find the stupid monk, and report back once you have any news.”

“Yes!” Blood Sherlock Four Sisters replied and left to prepare immediately.

Meanwhile, in the North Moana royal palace, Yang Jian was seated on the dragon seat wearing a golden, yellow dragon robe.

His handsome face looked calm and peaceful. After resting for over two days, Yang Jian had fully recovered, but he was not happy at all. His mood was dark and down.

Failing to conquer the World Universe, coupled with the danger from Chaotic Mountain Range, made Yang Jian feel incredibly frustrated.

In Yang Jian’s heart, destroying all the other continents, expanding his conquest was his ultimate goal. However, the safety of the nine continents was more important. Once the Raksasa Tribe succeeded in crossing over the Chaotic Mountain Range, the end results would be terrible beyond imagination.

He would lose the opportunity to conquer the rest of the continents if that happened.

Most importantly, Darryl had a great reputation on all of these continents. Otherwise, there would not be so many people who came to his support in Mid City earlier. If the Raksasa Tribe really were to attack them, Darryl would join forces with all the continents. His reputation would be even greater. By then, he would become the warrior of the nine continents.

‘If that happens, it’ll be even more difficult for me to conquer the other continents.’ Yang Jian’s head started to ache at the thought.

Beside Yang Jian, Zhang Jue was sitting in a corner in silence with his eyebrows furrowed. Ministers stood in order on both sides of Yang Jian. They were unsettled as they felt Yang Jian’s frustration and dared not even breathe too loud.

“Your Majesty!”

Just at that moment, a slim figure walked into the main hall. She was wearing a long, light blue dress, looking beautiful like a fairy. She exuded an elegant aura.

The woman was Gonggong.

When she reached Yang Jian, she said respectfully, “Our scouts have returned with some news. There were some strange sightings on the other side of the Chaotic Mountain Range. However, it was not as serious as what Rama had described.”

Gonggong spoke diligently, “Your Majesty, I feel that Rama over-exaggerated. The Raksasa Tribe have been trapped for thousands of years; even if they became stronger, they would not be able to cross over the Chaotic Mountain Range.”

Yang Jian nodded silently and did not speak.

Seeing Yang Jian was upset, Gonggong thought of something and continued to speak, “Your Majesty, do we really have to work with Darryl and the other continents to form an army when we head to the Chaotic Mountain Range? What if…If there’s no movement at the Chaotic Mountain Range for the next two years, do we have to wait for two years too?”

Gonggong was stubborn. The North Moana grand army was strong, but they were defeated many times in the World Universe. Moreover, they had to work with the other continents because of the issue at the Chaotic Mountain Range.

When she thought of Darryl, Gonggong could not hide the anger on her face. At Mid City, she was confident she would win and was given orders to persuade Darryl to surrender, but she ended up being cheated by him.

Gonggong was arrogant, so she would not be able to eat or sleep well if she could not get her revenge.
Most importantly, due to her failure to get Darryl to surrender, Yang Jian had different thoughts about her. As such, in Gonggong’s heart, she kept looking for an opportunity to redeem herself.

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