The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2280 Skykissing wolf

Middle Terra was a continent similar to the Great East, and it was going through an era of technological development. As such, many information technology companies from World Universe had ventured into Middle Terra, but in terms of network communications, they were still relying mainly on letters.

‘A handwritten letter from Master Rama?’ Darryl mumbled to himself as he opened the letter to read it. He could not cry or laugh at that instant.

In the letter, Rama sounded frustrated.

Middle Terra’s strongest power was the Dokko family. All the other communities viewed the Dokko family as their leader. As such, when Rama arrived at Middle Terra, he went to visit the Dokko family to persuade them to send their people to the Chaotic Mountain Range. However, the Dokko family felt that the rumors about the Raksasa Tribe from the Wild Deserted Secret Region were fake and not real. Hence, they rejected Rama’s request.

The fact was, the Temple of Enchanted Retreat had been hidden in the Chaotic Mountain Range for over a thousand years. Many people had never heard of it. The Dokko family had not heard of it, and they did not know Rama either, so naturally, they would not believe him.

Rama could only ask for Darryl’s help, hoping that he could make a trip to Middle Terra to help persuade the Dokko family. No matter what, Darryl’s reputation was well known across all nine continents. If the words came from him, the Dokko family might believe him.

Seeing Darryl smiling bitterly, Yvette, Dax, and the rest gathered over to look at the letter.

Everyone was furious at that instant.


Dax slammed the table as he shouted, “Sh*t, this Dokko family is so selfish. The danger that threatens the nine continents is near, yet they say it is fake? If it was fake, would the North Moana Continent have agreed to stop fighting us?”

As he spoke, many people nodded in agreement.

Darryl smiled bitterly as he stood up to look around. “Fine! It looks like I need to make a trip to Middle Terra.”

Darryl was not in the mood to travel to Middle Terra as they still have not located Debra, Ambrose, and Eira.

However, he had no choice, and the safety of the nine continents was everyone’s responsibility. Besides, the elite Buddhist monk, Rama, had sent him an invitation letter. It would not be nice for him to reject.

“Darryl, I’ll go with you!” Dax shouted immediately.

As he spoke, Chester, Yvette, and the others stood up too.

“I’ll go with you too!”

“I want to go too!”

When he saw that, Darryl felt warm in his heart. However, he shook his head and said, “I will go alone. All of you should get ready to head to the Chaotic Mountain Range! I suspect something must have gone wrong.”

Darryl said seriously, “The situation at the Chaotic Mountain Range is the most important thing!”

When they heard that, everyone did not insist on joining him and agreed to Darryl’s plan.

Darryl had arrived at the outskirts of Mid City when he suddenly furrowed his brows. He sensed an aura coming not far from the sky. He looked up unconsciously and saw an alluring figure flying quickly in the sky.

A long, light blue dress blew in the light wind from afar as it revealed an exquisite figure. The beautiful face also released an elegant aura.

It was Gonggong!

When he saw Gonggong, Darryl was on full alert in an instant. He could not help but take a cold breath.

‘Sh*t, why is this woman here suddenly? Is Yang Jian planning on breaking his promise? Has he decided to continue the fight?’

As Darryl was thinking, Gonggong landed gracefully and walked towards him.

“Darryl, what a coincidence? I was just heading to the Carter Mansion to look for you. I didn’t expect to bump into you on the way there,” she said gently.

When she said that, Gonggong’s tone sounded calm and peaceful. Her exquisite face did not show any sign of vengeance at all.

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