The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2284 Skykissing wolf

His tone was gentle but firm.

After being attracted by Debra’s beauty, Amastan really wanted to make her his own. However, the Raksasa Tribe was banished a few thousand years ago, and every generation viewed the nine continents as their true enemy.

Besides, the Raksasa Tribe ancestors had warned their future generations that if they managed to cross over the Chaotic Mountain Range one day, they would kill all the people of the nine continents. They should not even be friends with them, let alone marry them.

Although Amastan was wild, he still respected his ancestors’ orders. He tried hard to put away his desire for Debra.

“I don’t know how!” Debra said coldly without hesitation.

The environment turned silent as all the Raksasa soldiers’ looked at Debra!

‘She…she said she didn’t know? It’s obvious she is just unwilling to show it to the second honorable son,’ they wondered.

In the Wild Deserted Secret Region, Amastan was the honorable second son of the King and was known as the warlord of the Raksasa Tribe. No one dared to reject him!

At that instant, Amastan’s facial expression changed. He felt humiliated when Debra rejected him in front of all his followers. His gaze was filled with rage as the atmosphere became tense. All the Raksasa soldiers around them dared not even take a deep breath.

Amastan chuckled coldly and said, “So sweet and weak, yet so stubborn.”

As he spoke, Amastan was about to grab Debra’s wrist. She dodged him, feeling shocked and furious. “Please show some respect here.”

When she said that, Debra was incredibly nervous. She had never faced such a situation before. Amastan was well known in the Raksasa Tribe, yet he had such a dirty mind, even with all his followers in front of him!

Seeing Debra avoid him, Amastan was not happy, and he attempted to grab her again!

Amastan used his internal energy this time, and Debra did not manage to avoid him. He grabbed her wrist tightly.

Then, a devilish smirk appeared on Amastan’s face. He inched closer and sniffed Debra’s body. He laughed coldly as he said, “Tsk, tsk. Women of the nine continents do smell good. I’m not sure if her body is more exquisite than the woman of our Raksasa Tribe.”

He looked around and shouted, “Everyone, do you want to look at her body?”

Due to the ancestors’ orders, Amastan did not plan to invade Debra. However, seeing her rejection, he became furious. He wanted to humiliate Debra in front of everyone.

Amastan had a plan. After he humiliated her, he would kill her immediately.

All the Raksasa soldiers started to cheer in agreement. At the same time, they laughed sinisterly as they looked at Debra.

“I want to see!”


At that moment, Debra’s body trembled in fear. At the same time, she felt shocked and furious.

‘I would rather die than let the Raksasa Tribe see my body,’ she thought.

Debra wanted to struggle under the humiliation and anger. However, Amastan had sealed her acupoint. He had the power of Heaven Ascension level; there was no way for her to free herself.

“Remove your filthy hand!” a voice shouted from behind them.

They turned to look and saw Shentel was awake. At that moment, she stared at Amastan in shock and anger. Her body was trembling.

Shentel had just fallen asleep when Amastan’s sudden appearance awakened her. Once she opened her eyes, she saw Debra was being held tightly by Amastan, and he was about to humiliate her.

Although they had not known each other for long, Shentel and Debra had been through a lot in the past few days. They had become close friends and already recognized each other as true sisters in their hearts. When she saw Debra was about to be humiliated, Shentel could not hold it anymore.

Shentel was also nervous when she saw Amastan. However, she had a very strong character and would rather die than let her sister be humiliated.

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