The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2288 Skykissing wolf

“Move! Move!” Jonas shouted.

Jonas’s horse carriage arrived in front of Darryl in a blink of an eye, but he seemed not to plan to budge at all.

At that time, Jonas still had not recognized Darryl!


Jonas slowed down immediately. However, he had been going too fast, and the carriage lost balance. It swerved horizontally to the side and crashed into the steps by the road. After a loud bang and vibration, Jonas and Tanya were in shock and almost fell off their carriage.

The horse carriage almost crashed, and one of the tires came off!

Many pedestrians saw the commotion and gathered around to see what was going on. Many of them pointed at Darryl.

“That’s the end for this guy!”

“That’s right. How dare he block Second Young Master Dokko’s carriage.”

“His life is in trouble.”

People discussed. No one felt pity for Darryl. Darryl, who was dressed just like an ordinary pedestrian, had dared to block a Dokko family horse carriage in everyone’s eyes. Wouldn’t that be asking for death?

“Sh*t, are you blind?!” Jonas jumped down from the carriage and was furious when he saw his carriage was wrecked.

He pointed at Darryl and started scolding him, “Do you want to die? Didn’t you see the horse carriage coming?”

As he was scolding, Jonas was checking out Darryl while squeezing brows discreetly.

‘Where have I seen this guy before?’ he wondered but could not remember at that moment.

“You’re the one driving the horse carriage recklessly on the road, but you are blaming others for not giving way. Where’s the logic in that?” Gonggong could not help but say when she saw Darryl was not speaking.

Her voice was not too loud but sounded firm and fair.

Honestly, Gonggong’s ulterior objective was to assassinate Darryl. As such, logically, she would definitely not defend Darryl. However, when she saw Jonas was a bully, she could not help it.

Once Gonggong spoke, she attracted everyone’s gaze instantly. Her long dress was flying, and her figure was flaming hot. She was so beautiful; she was just like a fairy from heaven. She would be the center of attention everywhere she went.

However, very soon, everyone gathered their thoughts and looked at Darryl, feeling envious but doubtful.

‘This poor man looks so ordinary, but he has such a beautiful woman following him around. What luck he has!’

Even Jonas was attracted to Gonggong. He retrieved his vision after taking a few more looks at her. He then pointed at Darryl. “Young man, I will not waste time with you. My horse carriage is wrecked because of you. What shall we do now?”

Darryl laughed lightly but did not reply. He felt amused.

When he first met Jonas at the Green Dragon City Gate, he already felt that Jonas was one of those rich, bully playboys. With them being at the Dokko family’s territory, Jonas behaved more arrogantly.

Just at that moment, Tanya got down from the horse carriage, looking a little upset. “Jonas Dokko! I told you to drive the horse carriage carefully, but you have to be so reckless. You are lucky you didn’t hit anyone. Stop bullying the people here!”

At that moment, Tanya wore a long, white dress with a pair of stilettos. Her exquisite demeanor was not as cold as compared to Gonggong, but she looked smarter.

Tanya’s appearance excited everyone.

Not many men could hide their excitement, and everyone stared straight at Tanya.

She was the eldest Young Miss from the Snyder family. She was gorgeous, and anyone would feel extremely lucky to be able to marry her.

“Teacher?” Darryl said stunned as a beautiful lady came out of the carriage

‘Isn’t this woman my high school class teacher Lana Thomas?!’ he thought.

He suddenly recalled Giselle mentioning that his class teacher wanted to venture into the entertainment industry. He had agreed at that point in time and had left it to Pearl to make all the arrangements.

It looked like Lana was there for the interview.

“Cousin sister?” When he saw Tanya stepping out of the carriage, Jonas squeezed a smile and tried to impress her. “Why are you here? This guy blocked our way, so I’m just telling him off. I’m not doing anything to him. Let me arrange for another horse carriage.”

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