The Ultimate Husband Chapter 2290 Skykissing wolf

The next second, Jonas thought he heard the greatest joke in the world. He could not help but laugh at Darryl. “Visiting the Dokko family? Excuse me, we, the Dokko family, do not have the habit of receiving refugees. Ha-ha!”

His words ridiculed Darryl.

‘The supreme Dokko family, the most influential family in Middle Terra, are not people someone like him can just visit when he wishes,’ Jonas thought.

Darryl furrowed his brows discreetly as his anger boiled in his heart.

Jonas was just too wild. Although the Dokka family were famous in Middle Terra, they were unknown across the nine continents. However, Jonas was still behaving so arrogantly.

Tanya was upset too. ‘My cousin is so rude. Darren helped me at the Green Dragon City Gate. How could Jonas keep teasing him? Although he might be a commoner, what he did at the Green Dragon City Gate was brave and manly.’

Tanya locked her brows. “Jonas, don’t follow me if you’re going to continue to behave like that.”

“Fine, fine! I’ll be quiet. I was just kidding, cousin. Please, don’t be angry.” Jonas shut his mouth.

Though he said that, he still looked at Darryl with eyes filled with contempt.

Darryl did not speak and just smiled coldly.

At that moment, Tanya’s face was filled with curiosity.

“Darren, why are you visiting the Dokko family?” she asked.

Although Darryl was really powerful, he was just an ordinary person. He would not be in any way related to a powerful family like the Dokko family.


Darryl took a deep breath as he looked around and replied seriously, “I shall just tell the truth. Master Rama requested me to ask the Dokko family to send some of their people to stand guard at the Chaotic Mountain Range. There is an emergency there and we cannot afford any delays. Also, my real name is not Darren. My real identity is Darryl Darby, Sect Master of Elysium Gate from World Universe.”

Honestly, Darryl did not wish to expose his identity in the middle of the street. However, the matter at the Chaotic Mountain Range could not be delayed any further. The Snyder and Dokko family had great relationships for generations. Tanya is the eldest Junior Miss of the Synder family, and she would definitely be able to meet Sir Dokko. As for a douchebag like Jonas, he was really hopeless.

After he spoke, the street was in complete silence. Everyone looked at Darryl and was not able to speak.

‘This…This guy is Darryl? The famous man across the nine continents?’

‘Is this for real?’

Tanya stared blankly at Darryl, stunned.

‘He’s Darryl? No wonder he’s so powerful, and there was a special aura releasing from his body,’ Tanya thought.

Jonas was also stunned and could not regain his thoughts.

Finally, after one minute, Jonas regained his thoughts and laughed at Darryl while pointing at him. “What did you just say? You’re Darryl, the Elysium Gate Sect Master, and Westrington’s Emperor? Young man, stop bluffing. A person like you can only qualify to be a disciple of the Elysium Gate. If you really are Darryl, then I’m North Moana’s Emperor, Yang Jian. Ha-ha!”

After he spoke, the rest of the people regained their thoughts and started laughing with him.

‘That’s right. This young man dressed so poorly. How could he be Darryl, the infamous Elysium Gate Sect Master?’

‘Besides, Darryl has just finished battling with the North Moana Continent. He must still be busy in the World Universe, settling the situation after the battle. How could he have come to Middle Terra on his own?’

Darryl laughed but did not speak when he saw they did not believe him.

As for Gonggong, she was furious. She glared at Jonas. “You…”

Finally, Tanya gathered her thoughts and looked at Darryl while still in shock. “You really are the Elysium Gate Sect Master, Darryl?”

Although everyone was doubting Darryl, Tanya believed him. ‘My friend would not lie to me.’

However, Tanya still found it unbelievable. No matter what, Darryl was too famous across the nine continents. She had always seen him as a hero and her idol. In her imagination, as Darryl was the Westrington Emperor and Elysium Gate Sect Master, he must be surrounded by people everywhere he went. He was just like a celebrity.

At that moment, Darryl was dressed so casually, and he only brought a woman with him. This was completely different from what Tanya had imagined.

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